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Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber

Beefy Dirk Caber wants Ty Roderick more than anything, but in this story Dirk is clear that if they get into bed with each other, his wife cannot find out. A few reassurances later and the action gets underway. Ty takes Dirk by his neck tie and pulls him in, closer. They kiss and discover each others hot spots. When they’re ready, Ty climbs on top of the older man and slowly slides his cock into his hairy arsehole, fucking him slowly at first but building intensity until they’re ready to cum… View more at Icon Male

Ty Roderick, Ian Levine, Manuel Rokko and Mike De Marko

This Channel 1 prison proves to be a den of sex for twinky Ian Levine. There he is worshipping Ty Roderick‘s feet while he and his cellmate Manuel Rokko stroke their cocks hard. Eventually Ian devours Ty’s boner, appreciating every inch of that fine man meat. Manuel joins them before Ty bends Ian over the toilet and starts fucking his ass. Ian’s spit roast is enlivened further when Mike De Marko starts watching the action. Then Ty switches, fucking Manuel’s hole. Yes, pay attention – you may lose track of who’s doing what to who if you’re not careful.

Johnny Rapid, Jaxton Wheeler, Jake Jammer, Johnny Forza and Ty Roderick

We relish an orgy. And we relish an orgy even more when sexy young lad Johnny Rapid is the center of attention. This boy just seems to have an insatiable appetite for sex and can’t get enough cock in his mouth and ass. We can understand that when you have scene partners of the quality of Jaxton Wheeler, Jake Jammer, Johnny Forza and Ty Roderick. It seems they all get a turn at giving Johnny a darn good fucking! Wanna see the video? Click through to Men.com

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Ty Roderick and Jake Bass

Cocky Boys are currently running a series called Men, Boys & Toys, and in this episode we have Ty Roderick and sexy youngster Jake Bass trying out a fleshjack, a shock-therapy anal probe, and a gyrating, twirling dildo. Ty starts by loosening Jake up with the dildo, but you can see that he can’t wait to swap it for his throbbing cock. They take turns playing with each other’s holes and the anal probe, which Ty seems to particularly relish. Now fully wound up, he’s ready to get to work on Jake’s ass – and delivers such a great pounding that Jake cums twice. There’s a free video preview and more at Cocky Boys

Ty Roderick and Max Ryder

Sometimes a gay sex scene has us truly excited, and this one with Ty Roderick and Max Ryder does it! Two of the great names at Cocky Boys, these two amazing performers put on a fine show. Ty is all man – hairy, hung and brunette. Max is all coy – blond, youthful but ready to do anything to please the big guy. Ty takes advantage, hammering the boy in just about every position available. See a free trailer and sign up for more at Cocky Boys

Travis Freeman and Ty Roderick

Settle back and enjoy the sight of a handsome, furry-chested man getting the attention he deserves from boyish Travis Freeman. In the warmth of summer, with the sun’s rays on their naked flesh, Travis gives the big guy a long and slow blowjob, salivating over his big curved cock. He tastes the precum from Ty’s knob, which only makes him want the fucking he so badly needs. Ty knows what the boy wants so he lies back and lets Travis lower his tight boyhole down onto his boner… See a free video preview of their fuck and lots more at Thick and Big

Ty Roderick and Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk is pretty new to the goings on at Cocky Boys and he’s landed himself a real handful in the handsome form of Ty Roderick here. Ty found Asher waiting in the woods, close by a lake, and knew immediately that he had to have him. A quick glance, a grab of the crotch and the connection was made. Amid the trees, the guys sucked each other off. Then Ty told Asher that he was gonna get fucked, which is just what Asher wanted to hear. Watch a free trailer of the action and lots more at Cocky Boys

Ty Roderick, Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter

Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter looked pretty amazing when they met up for a fuck at Cocky Boys not too long ago but they can always go one better – by adding another hottie to their sex games. So along comes Ty Roderick to make things into a steamy threesome high up in Manhattan. We sure wouldn’t have minded spotting these guys sucking and fucking through the big windows of the apartment… Either way, Levi was pretty tired after taking both cocks, but it was Ty who seemed to really be getting off at the end as he came on Levi’s chest with Hayden watching. Click for a free trailer and loads more threesome action

Wesley Brooks and Ty Roderick

So young Wesley Brooks has been working out – and he thinks he’s overdone it. His muscles are feeling tight and he needs a good masseur, and he finds one in the handsome form of Ty Roderick. Ty knows how to work his magic on a young lad, and how to turn a guy on with those hands. Sure enough, he soon has Wesley feeding on his hard dick and on his back taking it up his tender young asshole. See the action unfold in a free gallery and in the full movie at Man Royale

Ty Roderick and Max Carter

Sexy blond Max Carter may have an innocent look on his face that fools some, but it doesn’t fool everyone. Ty Roderick, meanwhile, has an ‘I’m-about-to-fuck-your-brains-out’ look that we’ve seen a few times from him in gay porn. Max wanted to be with a man who can take charge and break him in, and here he gets his way as Ty takes him every which way, giving him a fuck to remember. Watch the show in a free video and more at Cocky Boys

Ty Roderick and JD Phoenix

IMG_5823 IMG_5647 IMG_5869

No introductions necessary… Ty Roderick and JD Phoenix know what they want and want each other can deliver. Masculine and aggressive when it comes to sex, you just have to put them together to see the sparks fly. As in most scenes he films, Ty is the one in command and happily lets JD feed away on his prick. Ty gets a good chance to eat out his buddy’s hole before penetrating him. Look out for the great filming – with lots of mirrors giving us some fine angles of their fuck. See some free pix and clips plus the full movie at Cocky Boys

Justin Chase and Ty Roderick

Poor Justin Chase. His car’s broken down and he hasn’t got a clue about how to fix it. But every cloud has a silver (and sexual) lining and Justin soon finds that hunky Ty Roderick is willing to lend him a hand. It turns out, though, that he expects payment – a payment that involves fucking Justin’s willing hole. Lucky Justin – because we think that Ty has rarely looked better – loving the hairy chest! See a free video clip and more at Damn That’s Big

Tyler Morgan and Ty Roderick

Boyish Tyler Morgan discovers that cleaning the pool certainly has its benefits in this new scene. And if we knew we were gonna be fucked by handsome Ty Roderick, we’d jack in our jobs and get down to his place for a good pool-cleaning session too. Tyler proves to be the perfect bottom, polishing his buddy’s prize dick with his mouth before being fucked in plenty of hot positions… Watch a free video and see more at Man Royale

Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick

Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick – as hot as fuck, gagging for sex, cruising. They touch and discover. They use their lips and tongues on exposed flesh, leaving their cocks for last. There is serious deep-throating, a flip-flop fuck and swollen balls bursting with spunk. Ty gets covered in that hot jizz and Jake goes in for a taste… Yes, this is the sort of man sex we just can’t resist time after time. Watch more of this new scene now at Raging Stallion

Dario Beck and Ty Roderick

High up on a ladder, Ty Roderick looks pretty amazing, his butt and groin looking as hot and hell in his jeans. No wonder Dario Beck can’t control himself… Soon the studs are making out and Dario is getting his wish – a hefty mouthful of Ty’s rock-hard dick. Ty eats out Dario’s hole and then pumps his dick into his buddy’s arse, making the precum ooze from Dario’s prick. And look out for Dario’s hands-free cumshot… Watch a free preview video and lots more at Titan Men

Jecht Parker and Ty Roderick

Out on the patio, sexy Ty Roderick and bearded beauty Jecht Parker have time to kill before the big party. And what do horny boys do then? Fuck, of course. Jecht, who we think is a real stunner of a guy, is the first to get to his knees for a sloppy blow job. Ty returns the favor before bending over his willing bottom and sliding his cock in deep. Jecht then gets on his back, jacking his dick while being fucked and spraying his own load over himself. See a free trailer and lots more of the movie at Titan Men

Adam Herst and Ty Roderick

Beefy hunks Adam Herst and Ty Roderick look smokin’ hot naked, with their erections standing proud and begging for attention. So good that we wouldn’t mind them using their dicks on us… Not that that’s happening. Instead, Adam gives Ty a blowjob to remember, bends over so Ty can eat his ass and then surrenders his hairy arsehole for a great and furious fuck. Enjoy the show on video at Cocksure Men – and celebrate Ty’s new look (more hair if you didn’t notice).

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Jecht Parker and Ty Roderick

It doesn’t take long for Ty Roderick and bearded Jecht Parker to get the patio ready for their party so with time to kill they look to entertain each other in the sunshine – naked. Ty’s big curved cock soon proves too tempting for Jecht, who wraps his lips around it and gives a blowjob to remember. Ty gives as good as he gets before bending Jecht over and plowing the bottom’s arsehole until both unload their spunk… Watch some highlights for free and catch the full movie at Titan Men

Troy Daniels’ orgy ordeal

We’ve titled this post ‘Troy Daniels‘ orgy ordeal’ but in truth we don’t think this was an ordeal at all for the handsome young gay porn star. In fact, it’s fair to say he can’t get enough of his co-stars Fabio Stallone, Jimmy Durano, Josh West, Trenton Ducati and Ty Roderick. He certainly gets his exercise, sucking on dick after dick, eating ass and having his asshole pounded. It’s a scene from the Hot House movie Pack Attack: Troy Daniels – one of the studio’s regular orgy outings.

Ty Roderick and Bryce Star

Ty and Bryce are Insatiable…
Young, bearded and hung, Ty Roderick and Bryce Star are perfectly matched. Although we have to say that Bryce is a man who really knows how to really give it good to his partner. Take the blowjob he gives Ty – if he’d been blowing us we would’ve shot at least two loads down his throat. But Ty holds on ready to give Bryce a fine ass-fucking. Wank along to the action at Hard Friction

Troy Daniels gang fucked – 25% off Hot House

We’re offering 25% OFF memberships with Hot House Entertainment until October 31 using promo code ‘alsoffer’ – and that will get you $29.95 memberships for $21.95. On the way, get some great orgy action from the Pack Attack series. In the seventh in the series it’s Troy Daniels who’s up for a good time. The action begins when a crate arrives at the warehouse and Fabio Stallone, Jimmy Durano, Josh West, Trenton Ducati and Ty Roderick move in to open it. Inside is Troy. And before he knows it, their cocks are out and shoved down his throat while others probe his soon-to-be-used arsehole…

Dean Flynn and Ty Roderick – 25% off memberships

We’re offering 25% OFF memberships with Hot House Entertainment until October 31 using promo code ‘alsoffer’ – and that will get you $29.95 memberships for $21.95. Get scenes like this, with a spot of blackmail when Ty Roderick works out that Dr Dean Flynn could lose his license if word got out about his sexual malpractice. Rather than reporting him, he gets the doc to satisfy his own sexual desires instead. That involves taking as much of Dean’s cock down his throat as possible and then bending over to get the fuck of his life, making him cum in his own face as a result.

Edin Sol, Evan Mercy and Ty Roderick

Nurse Evan Mercy is working with intern Edin Sol to show him the works down at the surgery and the tour includes showing him the drawer full of goodies that the doc has removed from his patients’ assholes – a jar of pickles, a sweet potato and a handful of metal butt plugs. But when Edin doesn’t seem clear on exactly what happens in the exam room, Evan shows him… launching into some horny ass play. Supervisor Ty Roderick comes in and takes over, working his fingers up Sol’s ass while Mercy fucks Sol’s face. Roderick strips naked and shoves his cock into Sol’s hole before Roderick decides it’s time for some double penetration… See lots more from the scene at Hot House Entertainment

Brady Jensen and Ty Roderick

Stalker Episode 4: The Face-Off
It’s the climax to the sex soap The Stalker now, with model Brady Jensen finally confronting the man who’s been sending menacing letters and tormenting him with calls. The stranger reveals himself as someone from Brady’s past -an ex-lover in the shape of Ty Roderick, and he’s broken into Brady’s apartment. Brady doesn’t take things lying down – they fight but that quickly turns into a fuck before Brady chucks Ty naked onto the street. But is Brady’s nightmare now over? Visit Naked Sword for all the fine episodes from The Stalker

Trevor Knight and Ty Roderick

Trevor Knight is looking leaner and meaner than he has done for a while in this new fuck session with Ty Roderick. One of the longest-serving of gay porn stars still filming, he’s also letting his chest hair grow… The boys play lovers who’ve just woken from an early morning nap and with boners that need servicing. Trevor is first to blow his buddy, followed promptly by Ty. Then Trevor gives his man a wet rim job before piercing his asshole with his extra-large cock. Watch the video now at Cocksure Men

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Trenton Ducati and Ty Roderick

If you’ve got a successful franchise, why not add to it? That’s certainly what Hot House Entertainment clearly feels about Trunks, which now reaches number 7. The DVD, which features swimwear as the theme, is clearly a vehicle for the talented muscle stud Trenton Ducati. He has a scene with Trent Atkins and then there’s this one with Ty Roderick, who gives his poolside buddy a rubdown with oil before servicing his cock and surrendering his butt…

Ty Roderick and Jake Cruise

Ty Roderick is a handsome guy and on a sunny day it didn’t take long to convince him that his scene with Jake Cruise should be shot outdoors. Ty has a really hot, thick and curved cock and Jake treats it to a major sucking, getting him good and hard. He certainly looks incredible stark naked next to the older man and he shoots a great load that Jake just can’t resist tasting… See the video of their oral session at Jake Cruise

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