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Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi and Tyler Morgan

Rocco Reed and Tommy Defendi are work colleagues who are keen to show office newbies the fringe benefits of working with them. So when young Tyler Morgan arrives for his first day, he gets a warm and over-friendly welcome from the two studly guys. Any suspicions Tyler has that these two have ulterior motives are confirmed in the lunch room, when Rocco and Tommy move in on him, stiff cocks at the ready, aimed at Tyler’s tight holeā€¦ See the movie in all its glory at Men.com

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Jake Steel, John Magnum, Phenix Saint, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Tommy Defendi and Robbie Rivers

Men.com bring us this six-man gang bang called The Key Party, and it features a collection of big names – Jake Steel, John Magnum, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi. Judging by the guys involved, several of whom have retired from the industry, this was also filmed a while back. Still, we’re not complaining! The plot? The guys throw their keys into a bowl and then choose a bunch to determine who’s gonna be fucking who. Simple…

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Rocco Reed, Chris Bines and Andrew Stark

Sales supremo Andrew Stark invites junior rep Chris Bines to join him on a sales call to one of his favorite clients – Rocco Reed. And it doesn’t take Chris long to work out why Reed is such a key stop in Andrew’s schedule. As Chris watches, Andrew starts making out with Rocco, freeing his hard cock and getting him into some horny oral action. With all three guys naked, Rocco ends up getting fucked and feeding on dick. See more of one of Rocco’s last gay porn scenes at Men.com

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Jack King and Rocco Reed

Make the most of Rocco Reed because, if you didn’t know already, the big straight porn star who crossed over to do gay stuff has quit doing it with guys in front of the camera. Here he plays a man obsessed with Jack King’s fine ass, who can’t resist giving it a slap when he walks by. Jack’s not impressed and decides to take action. And that inevitably results in Rocco on his back with a cock up his arse (again). See the movie of their fuck and more of Rocco at Men.com

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Rocco Reed’s orgy fantasy

RoccosFantasyJO (4) RoccosFantasyJO (7) RoccosFantasyJO (18)

Less than a year since former straight porn star Rocco Reed first appeared in a hardcore gay sex scene on Men.com, he’s really getting into his stride. After being fucked by the likes of Landon Conrad, Topher DiMaggio, Tommy Defendi and Andrew Stark, he now explores his greatest gay fantasy – being fucked in the mouth and ass by four awesomely hung black porn stars. This jail cell scene features the talents of Lawson Kane, Castro Supreme, Paulo Thiago and Brett Johnson. Great stuff!

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Brandon Lewis and Rocco Reed

MakeupSexDMH (8) MakeupSexDMH (10) MakeupSexDMH (11)

There’s nothing like a lad who’s seeking forgiveness from his jilted boyfriend – essentially, he’ll do anything to win back his heart. So it is with Brandon Lewis, who goes crawling back to the apartment of his boyfriend Rocco Reed in the hope he will have him back. Poor Rocco is in two minds. He knows he shouldn’t have him back but, on the other hand, his cock is raging… Watch the video of their fuck at Men.com

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Rocco Reed and Johnny Rapid boned in orgy

Rocco Reed continues his gay porn adventures after switching from the straight variety – and the more he films, the more cock hungry he becomes! In this new session from Men.com’s Jizz Orgy division, he gets on the phone to fuck buddy Charlie Harding and soon finds himself in a gang bang with Tony Paradise, Jack King and the totally gorgeous Johnny Rapid. And both Johnny and Rocco end up being fucked. Yum!

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Rocco Reed and Jake Wilder

Rocco Reed plays a deeply closeted guy who has the hots for office colleague Jake Wilder in this new scene screening at Men.com. Fortunately for him, Jake is as up for a fuck as he is and agrees to a secret sex session away from prying eyes. Soon Rocco is getting his tight ass fucked.

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Topher Di Maggio and Rocco Reed

Handsome nurse Topher Di Maggio is so fuckin’ hot that he has most of his patients swooning. And then there are others, like Rocco Reed, who fake an injury just to get into hospital and Topher’s pants. Fortunately, Topher appreciates all the attention, loves having his cock sucked and giving his patients a good ass fucking… Watch their movie now at Men.com

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Rocco Reed and John Magnum

Men.com made a lot of fuss about veteran straight porn star Rocco Reed when he started filming for them a few months back, including the teasing revelation that he might actually get fucked. Well here’s one of those occasions – a flip-flop scene in which John Magnum fills his asshole with dick and then takes Rocco’s up his. Called The Political Convention, Magnum plays the politico and Rocco his hotel room service stud.

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Rocco Reed, Andrew Stark and Tommy Defendi

Rocco Reed and Andrew Stark are about to have a day to remember in the office. HR has put in a call to announce that they have a new assistant – Tommy Defendi. And he’s smokin’ hot. Neither of them want to waste the chance to make him welcome, so they pull out their cocks and shove them down Tommy’s throat. Soon the fucking begins, and both Tommy and Andrew end up bottoming. Hot stuff – the movie is showing now at Men.com

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