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Logan Cruise and Marcus Ruhl

JB_TheGaragePart4_0447 JB_TheGaragePart4_0623 JB_TheGaragePart4_0675

Down in the garage, Marcus Ruhl has his camera running. And the focus of his attention is masculine Logan Cruise, who’s posing in his briefs. Fast forward and they’re both naked, Marcus with his lips wrapped around Logan’s dick. Fast forward again and Logan is getting his ass banged raw. See more at Juicy Boys

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Marcus Ruhl and Lucas Knight

JB_TheGaragePart3_2801 JB_TheGaragePart3_2986 JB_TheGaragePart3_3074

We know that Lucas Knight has a lot of cock – a lot of meat to get hard. But still, we do wish he’d be stiffer when it comes to some of his porno shows. Certainly if we were faced with being fucked senseless by Marcus Ruhl, our dicks would be bursting at the seams and the cum would be flying everywhere! Still, this is one of the more recent Juicy Boys movies that sees Marcus doing it bareback.

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Marcus Ruhl and Roman Todd

JB_TheGaragePart1_0790 JB_TheGaragePart1_0543 JB_TheGaragePart1_0488

It’s been a while since we saw Marcus Ruhl getting his clothes off and doing the fuck thing on film. But here he is now, the latest big name at the revamped Juicy Boys, doing it raw with younger Roman Todd. Marcus doesn’t look quite as ripped as he once did and, sadly, is sporting his shaved rather than hairy look. But it’s good to see him being fucked even so!

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JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl

fast_screencaps_155 fast_screencaps_165 fast_screencaps_181

A star-studded clash now as JR Bronson meets Marcus Ruhl in a fine bout of man sex. And it’s obvious from the outset that JR is hungry for his man, passionately making out before releasing Marcus’s firm uncut cock, and dropping down to suck the fat head and throbbing shaft. Marcus grips the back of JR’s head, fucking his face. The breathless sucker comes up for air, giving Marcus the chance to suck him back. Later, JR bends over the workbench to get his arsehole eaten – the perfect prep for his buddy’s cock. Click through to Titan for a free preview and more

Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran

Hot House Entertainment certainly delivers porno variety. One week it’s smooth jocks, the next hot hunks like these two – Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran. This first released scene from the new movie Control Room has Duran as a man who has a problem with authority, sentenced to the room of the title. There, Ruhl teaches him to respect a man in uniform. Of course, the lessons would be considered unconventional in polite society – there’s a hole load of face fucking, plenty of rimming and then a generously hard fuck. It’s the sort of punishment most of us would appreciate…

Christian Wilde and Marcus Ruhl

Down in the dungeon, Christian Wilde is ready to show bodybuilder Marcus Ruhl what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a tough dom. Locked in chains, Christian gives his man a BJ before getting down to business – flogging him and beating him. Marcus, though, is thoroughly turned on and relishes having his master’s big dick to blow. On his stomach, Marcus feels the sting of the crop before Christian plunges his cock into his bottom’s arse. Hot wax and hot cum treatment follows… Click through to Bound Gods for free pix, clips and the full movie

Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad and Marcus Ruhl

Marcus Ruhl has always been a keen bottom but being locked up and surrounded by other male prisoners and gruff guards just makes him want cock even more. He begs to suck off Officer Jimmy Durano but when he refuses, Landon Conrad steps forward to offer up his dick instead. When Durano returns from his rounds to find Ruhl with several inches of meat down his throat, he realises the error of his ways and gets in on the action. Soon, Ruhl is slap bang in the middle of a sweaty spit-roast. See more of the threeway from the movie Hard Time at Hot House Entertainment

JD Phoenix and Marcus Ruhl

Here’s something you don’t see too often – sexy young JD Phoenix on top. But that’s what we’ve got in Dominic Ford’s horny Meatrack series, with Marcus Ruhl doing his familiar bottom routine. The boys get naked and make out in the hot tub, JD giving Marcus’s hairy arsehole a good eating out before swapping his tongue for his hard dick.

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Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Landon Stone, Marcus Ruhl and Vance Crawford

Landon Stone will do anything to sell a sex toy at one of his regular house parties – the sign of the ultimate salesman. When the toys come out to be inspected by Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Marcus Ruhl and Vance Crawford, Landon offers up his holes for some testing. And his horny customers are not ones to turn down an opportunity like that. Landon hungrily devours their hard cocks before things switch to a steamy screw – and at one point, Landon’s being double-fucked by one of his toys and a real cock. Watch this awesome orgy on video at Men.com

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Valentin Petrov and Marcus Ruhl

3D gay porn site Dominic Ford brings us another in their Meatrack series, featuring muscle stud Marcus Ruhl and European dude Valentin Petrov – a guy with a huge uncut prick. In this episode, Valentine discovers Marcus doing some bench presses in the outdoor gym at his Fire Island Pines house. And it’s a sight that quickly has Valentin’s monster member throbbing. Marcus responds, inviting him in for a horny suck and fuck session.

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Tommy Defendi, Marcus Ruhl and Spencer Fox

Men.com bring us this horny threeway entitled Contempt of Court, which does what it says on the tin… Spencer Fox is the dude ruled to be in contempt, and he quickly realizes that he’s on his way to losing his case. So he makes a last minute plea with the plaintiff, played by Tommy Defendi, and his lawyer Marcus Ruhl. It’s amazing what deal they come up with – Spencer can leave satisfied if he surrenders to their big dicks and a spit roast. Well, this is gay porn after all…

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Marcus Ruhl and Race Cooper

You gotta hand it to Marcus Ruhl – he’s been earning his keep lately. Today is the third new scene of his we’ve featured in as many days – this one with legendary black stallion Race Cooper. It’s a military-themed episode, as befits one taken from the recent movie Militia – now screening online at Raging Stallion. If you’ve been watching Marcus lately, and not just in his most recent of scenes, you’ll not be surprised to learn that he’s the one who ends up getting his arse fucked.

Angelo and Marcus Ruhl

Stand by all you lovers of muscle for here’s Angelo and Marcus Ruhl (cropping up twice in as many days) in a scene for Falcon Studios. Who wouldn’t want to be caught in between these two hunks for an hour or two eh? As it is, we must contend ourselves with watching their love making, with Marcus giving shaven-headed Angelo a truly excellent BJ, with Angelo eating out his friend’s beefy ass, and then Angelo fucking his stud with his monster cock. Yes, we really did enjoy this scene!

Angel Rock and Marcus Ruhl

Built porn stars Marcus Ruhl and Angel Rock play lovers in their new steamy sex scene, now screening at Hot House Entertainment. We meet Angel in the shower, persuading his deliciously muscular boyfriend to join him for a soaking. Not surprisingly, their dicks are soon rock hard, making ideal sucking material. Marcus shows off his excellent deep-throating skills then gets on the bathroom floor and takes Angel’s delicious Cuban dick up his ass.

Marcus Ruhl and Alan Ladd

2-1 3 7

Leather Master Alan Ladd enters the dungeon to find a captive bodybuilder in the handsome form of Marcus Ruhl. And he can’t resist going up to him, freeing his uncut boner and giving him a fine BJ. Marcus pays for the pleasure with a flogging before getting to return the blowjob. When Alan’s had enough of his sub’s mouth, he subjects Marcus to electrodes and an electric butt plug before fucking him into kingdom come… Enjoy a free trailer and then see the full movie at Bound Gods

Marcus Ruhl, Duncan Black and Jack King

Latin hunk Marcus Ruhl has been working hard in the gym but then finds himself distracted in the locker room – because his delicious ex-boyfriend Jack King is there. No wonder Marcus’ cock is rock hard. The thing is, he hasn’t noticed Jack’s new squeeze, Duncan Black. Duncan doesn’t mind the snub and in fact gets to work on Marcus and in turn instigates a throbbingly hot threesome, which is screening now at Men.com

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Marcus Ruhl and Paddy O’Brian

Paddy O’Brian is enjoying his camping trip in the woods, especially when he’s alone and can pull out his prick for a quick wank. That’s what he’s doing when fellow camper Marcus Ruhl spots him and decides to help himself to a mouth of Paddy’s handsome cock. He deep-throats the Englishman before dropping his pants and lowering his puckered asshole on to that stiff dick, treating himself to a great, hard fuck. Enjoy lots more action at Raging Stallion Studios

Marcus Ruhl and Zeb Atlas

It’s all about what turns you on. Zeb Atlas and his giant muscles make some of you as hard as rock – unfortunately the same cannot be said for your author. By the look of it, his scene partner Marcus Ruhl looks to be having a good time… He’s enticed stripper Zeb down from the stage for a little one-on-one action, and is soon finding himself bent over and being fucked by this giant of a man. Watch more of their scene at Raging Stallion

Landon Conrad and Marcus Ruhl

If you believed the purveyors of gay porn, our hospitals are full of men – surgeons and patients – who spend every waking hour fucking each other. We’ve never yet been penetrated by our doctor – and we wouldn’t want to be either. We say this as a preamble to this new scene from Men.com, which features handsome studs Marcus Ruhl and Landon Conrad getting naked. And Marcus getting his ass fucked.

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Jessy Ares and Marcus Ruhl

Two hairy stallions – Marcus Ruhl and Jessy Ares – and one mat. Just sex. It’s an awesome clash. Jessy jumps on a table and wraps both hands around Marcus’s neck, immobilizing it for a speedy face-fuck. Marcus lifts Jessy off the ground and sucks his balls, before putting him down and ramming his throat. Jessy dives into eat his mate’s ass and then rams his cock deep into Marcus’s dripping hole. It’s aggressive, exhausting stuff and the scene is screening in full at Raging Stallion

Topher DiMaggio and Marcus Ruhl

We’re not exactly sure what Topher DiMaggio does to deliver great cumshots but whatever he does, he’s put in a real effort for this scene with Marcus Ruhl. We guarantee that at the conclusion, when Topher pulls his cock out of his partner’s tight ass, he lets loose so much spunk that we thought Marcus would drown. If you love seeing a constant stream of jizz pumping from a nicely swollen cockhead, this is one for you. Marcus ends up drenched in the stuff when you add his load into the mix! Catch up with the movie at Cocksure Men

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Robert Van Damme and Marcus Ruhl

Fancy muscled men? If so, this battle between Robert Van Damme and Marcus Ruhl will be worth a watch. Who’s gonna cum out on top do you reckon? Well, Marcus starts by getting on his knees to suck Robert’s rapidly swelling cock and then both get a kick out of rubbing their cocks and foreskins together. After that, Robert primes Marcus’s hole and lets him climb aboard his dick. Marcus takes every pump and bump and then takes the big guy’s cum in his mouth… Watch the full show at Cocksure Men

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