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Johnny Torque and Paul Canon

Young Paul Canon plays a lad who’s in for a surprise today – for his man, Johnny Torque, is home unannounced from serving his country. And what better way to celebrate than with a good fuck – after Paul’s revealed that he’s been earning some money on the side while Johnny was away by flashing his cock in webcam shows. If Johnny is jealous, he doesn’t really show it as he bends Paul over and fucks his ass… View more at Nextdoor Buddies

Johnny Torque and Drake Tyler

It’s that moment we all dread – when the secret you’ve been keeping all those years is finally revealed. For young Drake Tyler it happens when he’s in the gym with Johnny Torque, when Johnny is strutting around with just a jock strap on. In Drake’s bag he discovers a dildo – and a pretty monstrous one at that. Drake tries to explain it all away but it’s obvious that Johnny is gonna take advantage of the situation – and Drake soon finds himself on the receiving end of his pal’s hard cock. See more at Nextdoor Buddies

Johnny Torque and Marc Russo

Frat House Cream is the new, original series from Naked Sword and this episode is called Peep Show. In it, frat boy Hunter Page is stuck at home at the K.O.K. house — but he’s got the feeling he’s not alone. And sure enough, he isn’t. There’s horny Marc Russo on a webcam, showing off his latest conquest – porn star Johnny Torque. Rudy and Johnny go on to give the housebound Hunter a live sex show. However, Hunter gets a feeling not all is well… Catch a free preview of their fuck and lots more at Naked Sword

Johnny Torque and Slate Steele

Johnny Torque is doing what he needs to do in the bathroom stall when he hears someone approaching. It’s Slate Steele, who is soon spying through a handy gloryhole and watching as Johnny’s cock stiffens. Appreciative of the attention, Johnny shoves his dick through the hole so Slate can give him a BJ. After getting a fine deep-throating, Johnny gets down on his knees to service Slate’s boner, then pushes him to the ground to pound his tight ass. Click through to Nextdoor Buddies for more of the Johnny-Slate scene

Bobby Hart and Johnny Torque

Bobby Hart is an attractive young man, with the added extra of packing a very big cock. Johnny Torque has a pretty impressive tool too and, in the locker room, Bobby gets to experience it first hand. When Johnny frees his swollen dick, Bobby’s down on it in a flash, showing what an expert at deep-throating he can be. Then he goes in for a sweaty ride on that cock, as you’ll see in the full scene at Hot House Entertainment

Johnny Torque and Lucas Knight

In this new update from the team at Nextdoor Buddies, we find Lucas Knight lying on his bed and thinking of a long hot summer of fun and hot sex. He longs to recapture what he felt during those careless, long hot days and warm nights. So he sends a text to Johnny Torque, asking whether he fancies one final fling. Johnny doesn’t need inviting twice – he’s soon on the bed with Lucas and fucking his ass.

James Ryder and Johnny Torque

Johnny Torque is swapping punches with James Ryder down at the gym, but soon they’re swapping blowjobs instead. We don’t blame Johnny for going down on James so keenly – the lad has a mighty fine cock that’s one of the best in the business! Johnny follows up by face-fucking James, which only makes the latter more and more keen to get his ass fucked. James bends over, grabs the boxing bag and gets what he wanted… Enjoy more of the action at Hot House Entertainment

Johnny Torque and Adam Ridge

The world according to gay porn – rule number 37… If you take your car in for a service, the chances are you’ll end up with a cock in your mouth and then one up your ass. Unless, of course, the other guy wants to be screwed instead. Rule 37 gets played out in this new Nextdoor Buddies scene with Johnny Torque and Adam Ridge, when Adam ends up bent over the engine with Johnny’s dick pounding him hard.

Vinny Castillo and Johnny Torque

Time for a change at Nextdoor Buddies and that’s because Vinny Castillo isn’t the type of guy we normally see in front of the cameras at the studio. Bearded, nicely muscled and with fit and furry arms and legs, he makes a fine contrast when paired with lean and smooth regular Johnny Torque. Johnny gets things going when he emerges from the shower and drops to his knees to suck off his pal. Vinny really pounds the back of his throat too before both guys shoot their loads. But they’re not done. More cock-sucking follows before we get another set of cumshots.

Johnny Torque and Joey Hard – 25% off twinks

It’s Joey Hard’s lucky day. Not only has he had a great day of quad-biking with his buddy Johnny Torque, he’s also got see to Johnny naked in the shower afterwards. Joey rubs his cock through his pants and Johnny, realizing what’s going on, makes his move. Joey goes down on his pal’s throbbing dick, sucking every inch until he’s ready to get fucked. He opens his hole nice and wide for Johnny’s pounding and ends covered in spunk. We’re offering 25% OFF memberships with Nextdoor Twink until October 31 using promo code ‘alsoffer’ – and that will get you cut-price gay lads fucking

Marcus Mojo and Johnny Torque

Sexy blond Marcus Mojo loves to spend an hour or two going through applications from potential models with his handsome buddy Johnny Torque. But all that flesh on show in the pictures gets them both hard and Marcus suggests that Johnny strips down and show him his cock. Marcus is clearly impressed with what he sees, giving his pal a memorable blowjob before lying back on the desk so Johnny can fuck his tender young hole…

Austin Wilde, Johnny Torque and Connor Maguire

Austin Wilde puts his awesome cock to good use in this new threesome set in the gym and featuring Johnny Torque and Connor Maguire. Austin warms things up by chowing down on Johnny’s tight ass while Johnny fills Connor’s mouth with his handsome dick. Then Austin slams his enormous boner into Connor’s ass while Johnny is at the other end, fucking the lad’s throat. Johnny also gets his turn to fuck manhole before Austin ends up covered in everyone’s cum. See more pix of the scene here and visit Austin Wilde’s site for the video

Johnny Torque and Morgan Shades

Morgan Shades has had the hots for his neighbor Johnny Torque for a long time but has never come on to him. Until now. When Johnny invites him round to see his new games room, Morgan gets his chance when his pal tells him he’s fucked everywhere except on the new leather couch. Morgan suggests, in a moment of bravery, that they break it in. And before he knows it, Morgan’s on his back getting plowed and getting a face full of Johnny’s cum. See the full video now at Nextdoor Twinks

Anthony Price and Johnny Torque

The guys at Nextdoor Twinks give us an episode now that ‘s filmed in one of our favorite places – a public john. And it features two delicious bucks – Anthony Price and Johnny Torque. It’s Johnny who takes charge, stripping Anthony naked and then getting him to his knees for a BJ. When he can’t resist any more, he bends Anthony over and slams his stiff cock into his hole. They then sit down on the toilet so Anthony can ride that dick until Johnny’s ready to cum in his face…

Johnny Torque, Reed Royce and Austin Wilde

It’s a good thing Reed Royce likes cock cos he has two to play with when he turns up for a fuck with Austin Wilde. That’s because Johnny Torque is there too, ready to service the slutty bottom. Austin, though, wants his share of dick too and gets to suck on both his buddies before Reed positions himself center stage for a sweaty spit roast. Austin and Johnny take turns on fuck duty. Join in the action now at Austin Wilde’s site

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Johnny Torque and Noah Brooks

Johnny Torque is hardly a twink or, therefore, a natural player at Nextdoor Twink but at least his scene partner Noah Brooks fits the bill! Home visiting his family for Christmas, Johnny finds himself opening presents with stepbrother Noah – and what should they find but a Fleshjack and condoms! Of course, one thing leads to another and they put their finds through their paces with Johnny filling Noah’s hole with his Christmas boner. Enjoy the show in full at Nextdoor Twink

Johnny Torque and Jackson Klein

We struggle to put Johnny Torque down as a twink but sexy Jackson Klein fits the bill and therefore qualifies for this show at Nextdoor Twink. Their games begin with a tug-of-war – and the loser has to suck cock. Not surprisingly, Jackson ends up losing and on the receiving end of Johnny’s long dick. See a free video of their scene

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Andrew Jakk and Johnny Torque

Drop your pants and get stroking as Falcon bring us another scene from their collaboration with Nextdoor Studios, this one featuring Johnny Torque and Andrew Jakk. The action kicks off when blond Andrew spies Johnny tugging on his dick – too much to resist, he’s soon on his knees servicing the brunette. Johnny then tugs down Andrew’s shorts so he can give a BJ in return – before bending his boy over and pounding his tight asshole. Watch the video of the boys at Falcon Studios

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Samuel O’Toole and Johnny Torque

Samuel O’Toole and Johnny Torque are not known as bottoms so expect an oral special when the boys meet up by the pool under the summer sun – after playing around with water guns. We’re not complaining too much cos Johnny has a handsome dick – even if it is outgunned by Samuel’s thick beast… Enjoy the show at Samuel O’Toole’s site

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Cody Cummings and Johnny Torque

It’s another standard Cody Cummings episode with the hung stud doing duty as one of of a pair of undercover cops. Johnny Torque is his partner and, as with any surveillance duties, things can get rather dull. To pass the time, they eat, they drink, they read the paper. And then Johnny does the decent thing and offers to suck off his pal’s hard cock and take a load of cum in the face. Good lad… Watch lots more of the action at Cody Cummings’ site

Johnny Torque and Cameron Foster

So we have more porn set in a gym today. It must be at least five minutes since we saw that happening… Still, at least Cameron Foster and Johnny Torque look pretty good as they hit the punchbag, lift the dumbbells and move to the free weights. It gets better when Cameron drops to his knees to service his bud’s long, hard cock. And it gets better still when Cameron’s juicy young hole gets drilled by Johnny’s tool… Enjoy a free preview of their fuck here and see the full video at Hot House Entertainment

Johnny Torque and Shane Frost

Golden Gate Season 3 Episode 4
Enjoy this latest episode in the gay sex soap Golden Gate that’s screening currently at Naked Sword. Officially episode 4 of season 3, this features Shane Frost and Johnny Torque, with Frost playing a stressed out businessman in need of some proper relaxation. So he heads off for a yoga class with instructor Johnny, except that there’s little yoga on this mat as Johnny takes advantage of Shane’s willing asshole. Watch the episode and lots more from Golden Gate at Naked Sword

Johnny Torque and Tyler Ford

Johnny Torque continues his conquest of every gay porn studio going by turning up at Hot House for a role in the movie Score! Game 2. In his scene, he gives Tyler Ford the star treatment by stripping down his teammate and giving him a blowjob to remember. Tyler also lets Johnny finger his ass, making it clear that he’s more than willing to get fucked. Johnny mounts Tyler and shoves his long, hard cock inside – and by the end young Tyler’s chest and face is covered in spunk. Get more free pix of their scene here and visit Hot House now for the video

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Marcus Mojo with Johnny Torque and Tyler Torro

Marcus Mojo should’ve learned his lesson by now. You don’t go out for a night of wild partying and expect to get away with it… and sure enough he finds himself chained up and at the mercy of Johnny Torque (top left). But Johnny ain’t all bad, as he shows when he sucks Marcus off and then gives him a memorable fuck. Our other new scene with Marcus this week (top right) shows him doing it with Tyler Torro – and getting fucked again!

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Rod Daily with Mason Star and Johnny Torque

Rod Daily has been a busy fucker lately. As well as doing live shows on his website, the Rodster has been filming two hot new scenes. The first has him locked in a dungeon with demon Johnny Torque, handcuffed and at his mercy. The pair swap blowjobs before Johnny decides to release Rod – on condition that he can fuck his ass. Our other scene has Rod paired with gorgeous Mason Star, who finds Rod naked in the shower and up for a good time.

Visit Rod’s website for the full scenes but get some of the free highlights of his Johnny Torque fuck and his session with Mason Star

Jamie Aero and Logan Tyler, Johnny Torque and Jake White

Two updates from the guys at Nextdoor Twinks this week. The first (pictured left) has Johnny Torque, who’s invented a strange punishment game for the pool table that he persuades Jake White to play. Jake only agrees cos he fancies Johnny – and sure enough, he soon ends up being fucked. The second scene has Jamie Aero, who tempts Logan Tyler to the gym with one goal in mind – a steamy screw. He gets it too…

See free video highlights of Jamie Aero with Logan Tyler and Johnny Torque with Jake White – and visit Nextdoor Twinks for more

Joey Hard and Johnny Torque

Joey Hard clearly didn’t think long about his porn name but when you get paired with a hornbag like Johnny Torque, it’s easy to see how ‘Hard’ hits the spot. Shooting pool, young Joey gets mighty aroused being around his handsome challenger so when Johnny makes it plain he’s game, Joey doesn’t hesitate to suck Johnny’s long dick. And he’s more than happy too to let his bud fuck his tight, smooth hole… Click on thru to Nextdoor Buddies for more action