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Phenix Saint and Isaac Hardy

Isaac Hardy is hard at work and stressed but Phenix Saint needs some ass and, as a colleague, he’s hoping Isaac will surrender to him. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that that’s how this scene plays out, despite Isaac’s efforts to push him away. The sight of Phenix’s hard cock just inches from his face eventually persuades him to relent and soon he’s taking all those inches in his mouth and up his arse. But will they get caught by the boss? Find out at Men Over 30

Brett Bradley and Isaac Hardy

Handsome Isaac Hardy is having problems with his car – and ends up with a nice big cock to play with… Yes, it appears that the solution to his problems is hung mechanic Brett Bradley. Together and alone in the garage, the men strip and Isaac marvels at the size of his partner’s boner. He takes it in his mouth and then bends over the engine so Brett can use his extra-large tool on his asshole. And who wouldn’t want to do that? Enjoy more of the show at Extra Big Dicks

Isaac Hardy and Scott Harbor

Scott Harbor is having trouble with his science studies so he turns to teacher Isaac Hardy for some advice. And it soon becomes clear why Scott can’t concentrate – he’s too busy fantasising about sex with Mr Hardy. We don’t blame him either… Scott dreams about teacher pulling out his cock and making him suck him off, and about being bent over the desk and fucked senseless by his rock-hard mentor. But is it fantasy or is it reality? Click through to Circle Jerk Boys to find out

Asher Hawk and Isaac Hardy

The scene is called Massage Humpers, which leaves little to the imagination. Therefore, we’re not gonna be giving out prizes for those who guess first what Asher Hawk and Isaac Hardy are getting up to. Yes, it’s that old porn staple – the boys giving each other a massage, getting each other hard-ons and then fucking their brains out. In this instance it’s bearded Isaac who’s giving Asher’s butt the best of workouts. Click for a free video clip and more from Man Royale

Isaac Hardy and Kip Johnson

Morning wood – it’s what Isaac Hardy and Kip Johnson are sporting when they slump down in front of the TV. And with nothing worth watching, there’s only one thing left to do – and that’s fuck. They kiss and stroke each other and then Isaac sits down on Kip’s raw dick, filling his tight hole. Later, they swap so Isaac can eat Kip’s hot ass and then bareback his wet hole. He breeds his lover before Kip cums all over Isaac’s face. Catch more of their fuck at Cocksure Men

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Isaac Hardy and Jaimie Del Rey

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It looks like Isaac Hardy has found himself a willing sex partner in Jaimie Del Rey – a boy who’ll do anything to ensure his bearded buddy gets his rocks off. Isaac has a mighty fine cock and Jaimie makes sure every inch gets the attention it deserves, smothering it with kisses and sucks. And when Isaac is really rock hard, he gets the boy to take it up his ass – and Jaimie goes for a ride and gets fucked on his back and on all fours. Lucky Jaimie… Catch a free video clip and lots more action at Thick and Big

Isaac Hardy’s bar orgy

Did go-go boy Isaac Hardy know what he was in for when he went to work at the bar? Who knows, but either way he ends up getting more than enough cock in his mouth and ass to last a lifetime thanks to the horny patrons. During the evening he finds himself locked in a stockade, on his knees with dicks to suck and feet to worship, and edged relentlessly. He gets flogged and his nipples abused, before he sucks more cock and takes a good, hard fuck. Connor Maguire takes the lead as top before Isaac ends up drenched in sperm. Get free pix, free clips and lots more action at Bound in Public

Isaac Hardy and Robbie Pierce

Bearded Isaac Hardy is a good friend in a crisis. Robbie Pierce, for example, needs a guy with a car to help him with some shopping. Isaac offers him a ride but expects payment in return – and it takes the form of a very different ride. Robbie ends up being game, always happy to suck on a man’s throbbing cock. Then he braces himself and takes both a hard fucking and a messy cum facial. Treat yourself to more of this scene at Extra Big Dicks

Isaac Hardy gets fucked in public

Go-go dancer Isaac Hardy is giving the guys in the bar a good show, but when he starts throwing their tips back at them, the crowd take their revenge. They fight him to the ground, tie his hands and rip off his shorts. They pull out their cocks and fuck his face, before bending him over and using and abusing his fuck-hole. The action continues with another round of oral and another fuck session before the gang unleash their loads all over an exhausted Isaac. Download free pix and clips along with the full movie at Bound in Public

Cameron Kincade and Isaac Hardy

Isaac Hardy and Cameron Kincade have been working hard to move Cameron’s gear to his new place and his pal suggests they take a break, perhaps to catch up on some sleep. But Cameron has other ideas – a much more interesting way to spend their time. Fortunately, Isaac is up for the fuck that Cameron suggests and soon has his cock down his friend’s throat. Cameron delivers an expert BJ and then, after Isaac’s returned the favor, he bends over to take a pounding he’s been longing for all day. Watch more of their sex session in this new scene at Men Over 30

Alexander Greene and Isaac Hardy

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Porn regular Alexander Greene gets together with Isaac Hardy, pulls out his impressive cock and has Isaac on his knees before you can say ‘suck my dick’. Isaac eagerly slobbers over every inch before Alexander shows his talent as a cock-sucker, then gets himself into position so Isaac can climb aboard his throbbing member. Isaac clearly enjoys having his hole filled with such a monster uncut dick but Alexander wants to bottom as well – a treat for us flip-flop fuck fans! Watch a free trailer and lots more action at Circle Jerk Boys