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Alessandro Del Torro, Cody Cummings, Ryan B and Tyler Morgan

How many variations on a theme can Cody Cummings and his team come up with? The guy who won’t suck a cock or fuck a guy’s ass can only, therefore, be on the receiving end of a good cock sucking. Having seen him being blown numerous times, at least there is a bit of variety here as we get a foursome. Bizarrely, it has Cody joining forces with Alessandro Del Torro to offer BJ lessons to Ryan B and Tyler Morgan. We say bizarrely because if there’s one guy out there who knows fuck all about sucking dick, it has to be Cody!

Cody Cummings and Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa is a kid with a very impressive cock, one we’ve enjoyed watching in porno many times. So it seems a bit of a crime that it’s left unattended in this Cody Cummings session – other than when Santiago is stroking himself. Cody of course would never dream of taking a cock in his mouth – it’s left to young Santiago to deliver the oral treatment here.

Cody Cummings and Kayden Bennet

It’s Kayden Bennet’s turn to take Cody Cummings’ big cock deep down his throat. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, Cody takes Kayden’s hand and places it on his dick beneath his sweatpants so the lad can appreciate the girth and stroke him hard. Only then, when he’s ready, does Kayden get the chance to suck on that impressive prick, while he jacks his uncut dick, and help our straight man unload.

Cody Cummings and Colt Rivers

It’s the turn of Colt Rivers to do the worship thang – with hung Cody Cummings. Yes, Cody lies back and lets today’s sex partner go to work on his ample cock, licking and sucking, slurping on his balls. Cody at least shows some appreciation by taking Colt’s dick between his feet and working it gently. Colt responds with some foot worship of his own but, still, it’s mainly a one-way show.

Blake Stone, Cody Cummings and Tyler Morgan

Cody Cummings continues his comeback with a three way, which is at least a slight departure from the normal updates at his site. These usually go in the rota of Cody solo, Cody with a man, Cody with a girl. You will, of course, only see Cody fuck when he’s with the girl. This show is no different other than the fact he has two boys to work on his elegant cock – Tyler Morgan and Blake Stone. These youngsters seem to enjoy the job in hand, and delivering a bit of foot worship too.

Cody Cummings and Daniel Ross

In this latest Cody Cummings episode, we get the big man out and about on the road and needing a guy to suck him off. So using his contacts, he puts in a call and gets Daniel Ross to come round and service his cock. And thus begins a typical Cody session, in which he stuffs his dick down his partner’s throat but seems to forget that sex is a two-way thing. Oh well, at least Daniel can look back on the fact that Cody’s dick is pretty perfect.

Cody Cummings and Preston Burgess

If you’ve been watching any of Cody Cummings’s scenes of late – and we know that some of you are fans – you may have spotted that a lot of his scene partners of late have been pretty boyish. And Preston Burgess is no different. He ends up, of course, being just another cock-sucker – there to help Cody drain his balls. But if Cody turns you on, you’ll appreciate it and Preston’s efforts.

Cody Cummings and Jay Cloud

So Cody Cummings is in jail, perhaps serving a sentence for not sucking the cocks of his co-stars, and finds that he has a new neighbor in the reasonably handsome shape of Jay Cloud. When morning lockdown comes to an end, the pair get together and make the most of the porno stash they’ve got to hand. Soon Jay is slurping on Cody’s stiffy, while Cody leans back on his bunk and slowly thrusts his dick into the lad’s mouth. He bends Jay over and pumps him from behind – but that’s not what it seems. There’s no penetration here guys!

Anderson Lovell and Cody Cummings

The world according to gay porn – rule number 24. Any guy who goes for a massage will end up sucking on a handsome prick. And rule number 11 – if Cody Cummings is filming the scene, he won’t be sucking on a prick, handsome or not. So here’s boyish Anderson Lovell, the latest in a long line of lads to give Cody a blowjob and help him on his way to a messy climax, but getting precious little in return!

Cody Cummings and Luke Allen

Cody Cummings welcomes newbie Luke Allen to his bed, slowly stripping the youngster and caressing his naked body. Luke is clearly very keen to get at Cody’s big tool so Cody straddles his face and starts fucking Luke’s mouth. Luke is rock hard as he gags on Cody’s penis and he does his level best to deep-throat it. Eventually, Cody blasts his load all over Luke’s lips…

Cody Cummings and Joey Hard

We don’t see Cody Cummings kissing men that often but these days he’s more relaxed about it. Take this scene with Joey Hard, in which Cody explores the youngster’s naked body with his mouth and tongue. Still nothing more, though, as it’s Joey who then drops to his knees to suck off the big guy’s big cock. They lie together, writhing around, with Cody pretending to fuck Joey until Cody shoots his load and Joey cums on his buddy’s sweaty body.

Cody Cummings and Lucas Knight

Cody Cummings is fondling his cock through his briefs on the bed – but he’s being watched by Lucas Knight, who strips down and joins him. He kisses Cody’s body, moving down to the bulge and then releases that swelling dick. He takes it in his mouth and Cody begins thrusting into his throat. As he sucks away, he gets a butt plug and shoves it up his ass. Cody watches – and then blows his load in his mate’s face.

Cody Cummings and Donny Wright

Here we go with Cody Cummings again, this time with Donny Wright playing a fan of the straight guy – a fan who’ll do anything for a massage. Cody agrees to it as long as no sex is involved but Donny can be very persuasive when he’s got his clothes off and the masseur is nude too. Soon, Donny’s throbbing cock is on show and he asks Cody to stroke it. Shock horror, Cody does indeed take another man’s cock in his hands – and helps wank Donny to a happy conclusion.

Brandon Lewis, Cody Cummings and Tyler Torro

Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis meet up in the gym and the competition to see who has the biggest muscles begins. But when Brandon makes it clear that he loves Cody’s chest, the action moves up a gear. Soon he has Cody’s fat cock in his mouth, sucking away keenly. And then, on all fours with the weight bench for support, he lets Tyler bury his cock in his manhole… See the new threesome at Cody Cummings’ site

Cody Cummings and Connor Maguire

In this new scene we find Cody Cummings slowly lowering his jeans to expose his member in a public toilet and he knows Connor Maguire is salivating as he peeps through a gloryhole. Soon Connor’s own dick is firm, and he’s stroking it as Cody moves closer to the hole. The boner is pushed through so Connor can do with it as he wishes, wrapping his lips around the swollen head and taking it deep in his throat. He wanks his tool as he continues to suck before helping both of them to a climax…

Anthony Romero and Cody Cummings

Look at this new Cody Cummings scene and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Anthony Romero was being fucked by the superstar but things are not as they seem… This is pure fantasy and Cody – who’s yet to suck dick on film – is certainly not screwing a manhole. Sure, Anthony sucks Cody’s big dick and they roll around together naked but that’s about as far as it goes – at least for now. Maybe one day we will see Cody going all the way but for now you’ll just have to make do with fakery…

Brody Wilder, Cody Cummings and Parker London

Threesomes are becoming a bit of a regular thing at Cody Cummings’ website, which is just as well cos it does at least give us a break from seeing the predictable show of someone sucking Mr Cummings’ big dick. Of course this scene, which also stars Brody Wilder and Parker London, doesn’t give us anything other than Cody being orally serviced but we do get to see young and beautiful Brody fucking Parker’s ass… Visit Cody Cummings for more

Cody Cummings, Ty Roderick and Trey Turner

The main focus of this Cody Cummings threesome is Ty Roderick and Trey Turner. Trey’s beautiful brown cock looks awesome as Ty sucks away on it, watched by Cody as he wanks away in the corner of the room. Keen to have his dick sucked, he moves in on the boys and Trey dives in. Then Ty decides he wants a fuck so he lines up Trey’s hole and drives in while Cody fills Trey’s mouth. Watch lots more at Cody Cummings website

Cody Cummings and Reed Royce

Cody Cummings finds himself in the gym putting those muscles through their paces but it’s not long before he gets distracted by sexy jock Reed Royce. Reed’s a guy who loves a big cock so when Cody gives him the look, he knows his luck is in. With Cody lying back, Reed takes it down his throat and sucks like a superstar. Yes, it’s another oral scene from Cody after his Christmas outing – in which he got very fresh indeed with Brandon Lewis and showed that maybe it won’t be long before he’s actually sucking a dick himself.

Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis

Well, is Cody Cummings close to finally doing something hardcore with one of his scene partners? We’re more than used to seeing him lying back with his eyes closed as some guy sucks his cock but this week he’s actually getting passionate with another guy – Brandon Lewis. OK, Cody may not go all the way but we’ve never seen him so into another man as he is here… Visit Cody’s site for the full scene