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Looking back: Parker Perry, Tom Wolfe and Aybars

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Our regular dip into the gay porn archives takes us to 2011 and this Raging Stallion movie titled Cowboys. And this session becomes a threesome after Tom Wolfe rides up to find Parker Perry and Aybars getting down and dirty – more specifically with Parker on his knees servicing his man’s boner. Tom steps forward to give Parker another dick to suck on before the cocksucker gets his ass fucked – first by Tom, then by Aybars while Tom sits on his face. Great stuff in the great outdoors!

Aybars and Donato Reyes

What a stunning pair Aybars and Donato Reyes make in this storming scene at Raging Stallion. As they make out on a balcony that looks out over the sunny Mediterranean Sea, we just yearn to be there with them! Aybars kneels to suck his buddy’s dick, to eat out his hairy arsehole. Now slick with spit, Aybars rubs his boner along the crack and then dips his dick in. Donato’s sphincter grips his lover’s cock tightly, milking it and getting them both worked up to a messy, creamy climax.

Aybars and Leo Forte

Whip him into shape…
Ranch-hand Leo Forte is busy practicing his skills with the whip when Aybars arrives on the scene – and plants a kiss on his lips. It may have come as a surprise to Leo but he doesn’t hold back, soon tugging his pal’s hard Turkish cock free and swallowing it. One hot and heavy blowjob later, Aybars gets his man into position and thrusts his angry cock into his hole. Hot… See more of Aybars and Leo at Hairy Boyz

Aybars and Trent Locke

Pale and tanned…
Both Aybars and Trent Locke sport plenty of body hair but what a contrast elsewhere – Trent’s pale skin versus Aybars’ dark Turkish tan. They look great together, and even better when they’re rutting away. Trent is, perhaps not surprisingly, the bottom and after getting a vigorous rim job, bends over to take his partner’s handsomely hard cock up that hole. Catch the movie in full at Hairy Boyz

Aybars and Leo Forte

Whip it out…
More from Raging Stallion’s amazing cowboys now and today we join Leo Forte as he gets into practicing his prowess with the whip. That is until exotic Aybars arrives on the scene and decides he wants Leo’s ass. Leo doesn’t put up much of a fight when his new buddy lands a kiss on him, or when he tugs out his cock for a suck. And to prove just how willing he is to make an impression, Leo gets on his back, legs in the air, so Aybars can fuck him hard. Watch the action unfold at Raging Stallion’s Rear Stable

Aybars, Tom Wolfe and Parker Perry

Cowboy threesome…
Cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars have their duties to perform out on the ranch but Aybars is as horny as hell and needs his fat cut cock sucking. Perry is happy to oblige and is happily slurping away when big guy Tom Wolfe appears on horseback. Keen to get off too, Tom joins their tailgating session and Parker soon has two cocks in his mouth. Then he gets to be piggy in the middle as Tom fucks his ass and Aybars feeds his throat with dick.  Watch the three cowboys fucking at Rear Stable

Aybars and Logan McCree

Afternoon fuck…
Out at the vineyard, inked German stud Logan McCree and long-haired Aybars are getting it on. As the afternoon sun fades, they strip down and get into some serious cock worship before adjourning so that Aybars can prep his buddy’s asshole for a hard-driving man fuck. This horny scene really does deliver up truly amazing sex – from great deep-throating to athletic and energetic screwing. Watch the show in full over at Hairy Boyz

Breno Lopez and Aybars

Bearded stud Aybars has made his name as a performer with Raging Stallion but here he is in a new scene filmed for German porn site Cazzo. Suited and booted, he drives into his company’s underground garage but finds warehouse worker Breno’s car is blocking his way. One thing leads to another – as it does in porn – and soon Aybars is relishing the thought of having his butt invaded by Breno’s hard cock. Watch the video now at Cazzo

Aybars and Dominik Rider

Dominik gets some…
It’s rare to find Dominik Rider in a scene that doesn’t involve a bareback fuck but here he is getting screwed complete with rubber by middle eastern stud Aybars. Rider’s looking pretty hot with his funky mohawk but some things never change and that’s his love of sucking cock and bottoming. Meanwhile, Aybars is looking incredibly horny with his newly short hair too. Great stuff – and there’s lots more of it at Hard Friction now

Aybars and Logan McCree

Aybars outdoors…
Here’s one of those porn scenes that leaves you panting for relief – it’s just 100% horn from beginning to end! Inked Logan McCree and shaggy-haired Aybars get it on in the evening sunshine with Logan making a quick move on his bud’s big dick. He sucks him for all he’s worth before they move indoors for a blinding fuck. Logan looks stunning as he rides Aybars, his own uncut dick thick and hard as his ass takes the punishment. Get more of this awesome scene now at Rear Stable

DO, Aybars and David

Long hair, long dicks…
Some guys get a real kick out of men with long hair – and if that’s you, you’re gonna love the delicious DO getting it on with the even shaggier Aybars in this new threesome at Rear Stable. It begins with the two of them making out in the great outdoors but the temperature rises when David appears on the scene and starts sucking them off. Then Aybars and DO get David where they want him – so they can fuck his ass and mouth in a horny spit roast. Catch up with the full threesome at Rear Stable

Steve Cruz and Aybars

Arabian action…
Bearded beauties Steve Cruz and Aybars make a dream pair when they meet up at Hairy Boyz. In their Arabian-themed sex session, the furry fuckers quickly get into the sex – groping and sucking on their stiff cut cocks. Anyone who knows Mr Cruz will know that he’s the one who’s gonna end up bottoming and sure enough Aybars treats his asshole to a great rimming and then a blinding fuck. And Steve’s gorgeous cock stays nice n hard throughout… Watch the full Steve Cruz/Aybars fuck now at Hairy Boyz