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Vito Gallo, Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras – DP

There are ways to close a business deal, and then there are other ways. Angelo Marconi has a clear idea of how he wants to seal the deal he’s doing with Rafael Carreras and Vito Gallo. He’s travelled to New York with Rafael to meet Vito but it’s not long before we’re treated to a steamy threesome featuring some huge cocks, lots of muscle and plenty of foreskin. Rafael and Vito are both tops but it soon becomes clear that Angelo’s asshole can accommodate them both at the same time – a hot double fuck ensues in this awesome scene at Lucas Entertainment

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Tony Bishop and Rafael Carreras

Angelo Marconi and Alex Marte

Angelo Marconi and Brock Avery

Things are heating up in the locker room showers, and it’s not surprising when you consider that Angelo Marconi and Brock Avery are hot as fuck and stark naked. No intros needed – Brock dives right in as he explores Angelo’s body, eating his ass, sucking his dick and worshiping his pits. He’s one lucky fucker! And he soon gets to fuck Angelo’s asshole too in this new scene screening at Cocksure Men.

Angelo Marconi and Jessy Ares

It’s pure man, pure muscle, sweat and steam when Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi clash in this Raging Stallion sex scene. Jessy is leading the charge. Highlights? Jessy drilling Angelo‚Äôs hole with two fingers – and Angelo adding two fingers of his own to the party. Muscle bottom Angelo getting fucked ruthlessly by beefy Jessy and his juicy uncut boner. And Angelo being drenched by his spunk and Jessy’s. Great stuff.

Angelo Marconi and Gavin Waters

Time for a feast of foreskin now as we get to see beefy Gavin Waters stripping down and showing off his juicy uncut cock at 3D gay porn site Dominic Ford. Gavin is as strapping these days as his scene partner Angelo Marconi, who’s always up for some skin-sucking duties. And it ends with Gavin burying that hooded cock of his in Angelo’s butt.

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Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone

High Performance Men brings together two powerhouses of manhood – Angelo Marconi and Fabio Stallone for a gripping warehouse fuck now. And as ever, Angelo proves that he’s one of the best cock sluts around. This guy just loves turning his partner on, whether he’s sucking cock, rimming ass or doing his hungry bottom act. Fabio’s giant uncut cock doesn’t put him off either. In fact, the bigger the better for Angelo.

Andrew Blue and Angelo Marconi

Angelo Marconi has been fucked this way and that during his gay porn career and now he finds out what it’s like to be pounded by Andrew Blue and his dick. The setting is truly hackneyed – delivery man and horny customer. But it’s not the plot we watch porn for and soon we’re treated to Angelo doing his bottom muscle stud routine. The guy sure knows how to suck a cock and take it up the ass. Watch a free trailer and more at Men Over 30

Angelo Marconi and Topher DiMaggio

Stunning muscle men, perfect pecs, rock-hard fat cocks – put it all together and you get a great fuck scene. Falcon have done it here with the delicious Topher DiMaggio and the awesomely built Angelo Marconi. It’s explosive stuff with Angelo proving yet again what a fine bottom he can be, taking Topher’s beautiful prick like a true champ. Watch the full show at Falcon Studios

Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano

Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano know their roles – the director has told them. They’re to play two lusty lovers keen to push each other to the limits. So they get into the role play, kissing and groping each other eagerly. Angelo devours his buddy’s cock greedily, Jimmy probes Angelo’s hole with fingers and his tongue. Angelo impales himself on Jimmy’s hard cock, rides it aggressively and then dumps a big load… Watch this new scene at Falcon Studios

Alexander Garrett and Angelo Marconi

Alexander fills a hole…
When you put two men like Alexander Garrett and Angelo Marconi together, you get art – in the sense of perfect physical examples of manhood that could be frozen in sculpture. Doing that, of course, would deprive us of the sex so we’re not gonna recommend it anytime soon. These two are so into each other as you can see from the way they exchange kisses and swap blowjobs. Alexander gets fixated on Angelo’s arsehole, eating him out before delivering an aggressive fuck that has Angelo spewing his load… Click through to Raging Stallion for more of Alexander and Angelo

Tom Wolfe and Angelo Marconi

Fucking Angelo…
Down in the dark and grimy alley, Angelo Marconi finds leathered Tom Wolfe and both are gagging for sex. But it’s Tom who’s the dom here, forcing Angelo on to his knees to free his dick from his leather jock and to suck him off. Tom then gets to play with Angelo’s foreskin, chewing on the hood and getting him hard as rock. Now it’s time to fuck and Angelo proves again just how keen he is as a bottom… See the scene in full at Raging Stallion’s Rear Stable

Angelo Marconi and Landon Conrad

No ass fucking just lots of sexy oral action when Angelo Marconi and Landon Conrad line up for an online exclusive session at Falcon Studios. With a leather couch for support, the guys get down to business making out and pulling their boners free. They take turns going down on each other and Landon enjoys a bout of fingering when he gets into some assplay with his partner… Watch more now at Falcon Studios

Bo Dean and Angelo Marconi

Fucking the boss…
Tattooed maintenance man Bo Dean has had his eye on boss Angelo Marconi for a while but has never managed to get it together – until now. Fortunately for him, Angelo is feeling as horny as he is today and it doesn’t take much to get them together. But while Angelo may be in charge at the warehouse, it’s hung Bo who’s the boss when it comes to their fuck. He slams his cock deep into Angelo’s throat and ass in a hard-driving sex scene. Enjoy more of Bo and Angelo at Xtra Inches

Steve Vex and Angelo Marconi

Workers fuck…
Steve Vex and Angelo Marconi work together and clearly the sexual tension has been growing and growing – until something snaps and their flirting changes into something a lot more horny. Steve reveals bulging pecs and his rock-hard cock, which Angelo goes down on keenly. Steve then bends him over for a bout of ass eating before lying back so Angelo can lower his hole on to his throbbing penis. See this new scene from Raging Stallion’s Rear Stable

Jay Roberts and Angelo Marconi

Getting satisfaction…
Czech stud Jay Roberts joins Latin hornbag Angelo Marconi now for a new scene that, not surprisingly, sees Angelo doing his dutiful duties as a slutty bottom. The muscled stud gets a big mouthful of European meat down his throat before getting on all fours so Jay can eat his ass, finger and then fuck it. We have to say too that Jay is looking bigger and better these days! The climax is a pair of creamy loads. See more of Jay and Angelo at Hard Friction

Angelo Marconi and Josh West

Angelo Marconi and Josh West
A leather room and studs in leather – it’s a horny scene with Angelo Marconi and Josh West. Fortunately our director makes sure the camera lingers long on Josh’s monster cock before Angelo moves in and gives it a monumental suck. Josh has clearly scored here because his partner is an enthusiastic bottom so Josh gets to work, prepping Angelo’s hole and fucking it with his tongue, fingers and that big dick. See more of this great fuck at Hairy Boyz

Adrian Long and Angelo Marconi

Adrian Long and Angelo Marconi are out in the sunshine enjoying a picnic and the romance of it all is getting to them. After draining a glass of wine or two, they start making out and stripping out of their clothes, freeing their cocks – and Angelo is the first to go down on one. Adrian attacks Angelo’s ass, rimming the tight manhole, fingering it before mounting with his cock and skewering his partner. Angelo takes it on all fours and on his back. Watch the video in full now at Falcon Studios

Donny Wright and Angelo Marconi

It’s hot outside so Angelo Marconi and Donny Wright go indoors to chill – but the temperature is soon on the rise again as the dudes get down to some serious sex. Donny gives Angelo’s dick a fine milking as he takes it down his throat, then flips his partner on to the couch so he can feed him his uncut dick. Angelo gags and chokes on it but works Donny up into a frenzy until both shoot their steamy loads. Watch more of the oral action free here and visit Falcon Studios for the full scene

Bo Dean and Angelo Marconi

Warehouse fuck…
Warehouse boss Angelo Marconi knows how to get the most out of his workers – help them shoot a load and their productivity shoots up too. Maintenance man Bo Dean is in need of that coaching so Angelo dives in, treating Bo’s huge cock to a master deep-throating. Sucking duties completed, Angelo bends over so Bo can fuck him hard and long… Watch the scene in full now at Rear Stable

Andre Barclay and Angelo Marconi

Dildo action…
Andre Barclay and Angelo Marconi both get their assholes drilled in this sleazy session but it’s a series of toys that deliver the goods. Angelo’s much-used hole gets the treatment first before Andre takes on a purple rapture anal probe and a bigger black dildo. That’s followed by a session on a fuck machine before the studs treat themselves to a double-headed dildo fuck. Watch the boys and their toys at Rear Stable

Jeremy Bilding and Angelo Marconi

After a gym workout, the testosterone is pumping through the veins of Jeremy Bilding and Angelo Marconi. And when they meet up in the locker room it’s clear that they’re gonna fuck. Jeremy invites beefy Angelo home and it’s Angelo’s ass that quickly becomes center of attention. Jeremy explores it with his tongue and fingers, eating out that hole like it’s the last one on earth, before teasing it with the swollen head of his long cock. Angelo doesn’t have to wait long to find out what it’s like having that hole filled either…Watch a free HD video of Angelo’s fuck. Visit Falcon Studios now for this new hardcore action scene

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Erik Rhodes and Angelo Marconi

We don’t get to see too much of Erik Rhodes and his uncut cock these days – OK, he does do some live shows on the Falcon website but more often than not he’s busy directing pornos for the studio’s Mustang line. So let’s make the most of the beefy superstar’s show here, in which he appears with the equally built Angelo Marconi. During his career, Rhodes has proven to be a fine bottom but this time round we get to see him showing off his talents as a top! See lots more of Erik and Angelo at Falcon Studios

Tommy Defendi and Angelo Marconi

Angelo goes for a ride…
Tommy Defendi looks incredibly hot in a hard hat – especially when he’s showing off something else that’s hard… Yep, we’re obviously talking about his big ol’ dick. It’s more than enough to keep Angelo Marconi busy – he proves again that he’s a grade A cocksucker when Tommy offers it to him. Angelo’s also a fine bottom and Tommy gives it to him big time – after he’s prepped Angelo’s hole with his tongue. A great fuck! Watch more of Tommy and Angelo at Xtra Inches

Adam Killian and Angelo Marconi

It’s all pumped-up flesh and super-hard cocks when Adam Killian and Angelo Marconi arrive home, strip in front of the fire and quench their thirst for sex. As anyone who knows Angelo will expect, he ends up bottoming and he takes Adam’s impressive tool like a real man however hard Adam pumps into him. We always love watching a muscle man getting screwed and this scene is no exception – it’s showing now over at Falcon Studios

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Alexsander Freitas and Angelo Marconi

Steamworks sex session…
Down at the sex club, hairy Alexsander Freitas is on the prowl. The dick in his jeans is hungry for arse, his balls full of cum that needs release. Fortunately for him he chances upon muscled Angelo Marconi, who frees up Alexsander’s dick and gives him a blowjob to remember. Next up, Angelo bends over and lets Alexsander deliver one of his trademark pounding fucks… Enjoy the trailer here and visit Rear Stable for much more of the steamy scene

25% off at Falcon – and Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi

Time’s running out to take advantage of our 25% off special offer on memberships at Falcon Studios. But if you do, or you’re a member already, you can treat yourself to this great duo starring Colby Keller and Angelo Marconi. Inside their mountain cabin, the guys shake off the cold by getting hot with each other. Angelo wraps his lips around Colby’s cock to launch a juicy oral orgy that ends with Colby showering him with his steamy spunk. Watch the video – and get 25% off memberships until the end of April – at Falcon Studios

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Pedro Andreas, Angelo Marconi and Peter Fill

Sex by the pool…
It’s one of those balmy summer days when the temperatures and testosterone are on the rise – so it’s no surprise to see Pedro Andreas groping Angelo Marconi and getting down to some hot sex by the pool. But that’s not all cos Peter Fill then turns up wanting a slice of the action – and three cocks are always better than two… See the threesome in full at SexGaymes

Angelo Marconi and Adam Champ

Colt never used Adam Champ as much as we wanted so it's great to see him switching studios and turning up at Rear Stable instead – and today we feature him with sexy Angelo Marconi. It's one of those scenes where the men give the impression they haven't fucked in an age and are desperate for cock! So in the alleyway, they grope and suck before Adam pushes Angelo up against the wall and thrusts his Latin penis into Angelo's muscled ass. Visit Rear Stable for much more

David, Antonio, Angelo, RJ and Tony

If you were to get just one gang bang experience in life, we suggest this would be the one to attend. All five studs – David Dirdam, Antonio Biaggi, Angelo Marconi, Tony Aziz and RJ Danvers – are stunning on their own so put them together and you get a real blast. After the cocksucking, Danvers and Marconi get on their backs and get royally fucked. Visit Xtra Inches for the full show

Francesco’s orgy

If you're looking for star power, there's no point going any further than this scene. It features Angelo Marconi, Cole Streets, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Steve Cruz and Wilfred Knight – a finer collection of porn stars you'd be hard to find. Muscled, hairy and hung, the dudes show us just how an orgy should be done. Watch all the action at Hairy Boyz