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Looking back: Steve Cruz, Adam Killian and Ricky Sinz

Focus-Refocus-XXX gay-porn-focus-refocus2 Focus-Refocus-XXX2

Was it really six years ago that we were salivating over Steve Cruz (now a successful porno director), Adam Killian and Ricky Sinz fucking each other senseless? Yep, our minds don’t deceive us – this threesome was from the Raging Stallion movie Focus, Refocus made back in 2009. The two-part DVD used a lot of POV (point-of-view) footage with the story focused on an amateur videographer shooting sex scenes in addition to the main cameras. The scene is full of versatile action, stunning men and real energetic sex. A fine addition to our regular feature of sex from the archives.

Adam Killian and Joseph Rough

02 05 08

Adam Killian is well into his stride as a porn star who’s now converted to filming bareback scenes. Here he is, for example, giving boyish Joseph Rough a good seeing to. The episode begins with the two interviewing each other at Lucas Entertainment before getting down to the real business of sucking and fucking. They make for a good contrast too – smooth Joseph and furry Adam.

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Adam Killian and Colton Grey

01 04 05

When you mention the name Adam Killian, you automatically expect some guy to be on the receiving end of a good fucking from this particular gay porn veteran. However, we’re pleased to say that this is one of those occasions where Adam is the one getting screwed. Smooth, young Colton Grey is the one with the boner lodged up his ass. And we think he looks pretty hot as a top too. Watch the movie over at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian and Tyler Wolf

Strapping studs Adam Killian and Tyler Wolf are bare-chested, jeans ready to come off. Tyler grazes Adam’s chest and abs with his lips, working his way down until he’s ready to work on his partner’s newly freed boner. He licks it, sucks it, making Adam’s eyes widen with pleasure. Adam rewards Tyler with some ass play, licking his hole, fingering him, making him squirm. He exchanges his fingers for his cock, plowing into Tyler like a man possessed. And, when Tyler starts to cum, Adam catches the cream in the palm of his hand and feeds it back to him. Click through to Raging Stallion for more of the action

Double penetration in the jungle

A stunning double penetration scene features in the Lucas Entertainment movie Original Sinners, when lovers Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen decide to give their relationship a kick by inviting Adam Killian to join them in a threesome on the rocks of a Costa Rican oasis. The lovers, who have filmed several porno scenes together, are a stunning pair who look great sucking dick in their threeway. But they look even better when Diego takes two cocks up his arse at once…

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Adam Killian and Jessy Ares

Two of the biggest names in gay porn, Jessy Ares and Adam Killian, come together for a clash of muscle and fur in the Costa Rican jungle. Jessy takes charge in this outdoor epic filmed by Lucas Entertainment, getting Adam on his knees so that he’s perfectly positioned to service his uncut cock. Adam gives us an object lesson in dick worship, using his mouth to bring his pal to climax.

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DO and Adam Killian

From Lucas Entertainment comes this scene from the Kings of New York, their new series that looks at how the men of the city who are consumed by ambition climb their way to the top of the ladder. Here, Adam Killian has been leading a panel discussion with guests who include DO. And, Adam is instantly attracted to him – tempting his guest to his apartment. And there, he takes advantage of the handsome stud and plunders his arsehole. Hot stuff!

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Adam Killian and Fernando Torres

Experienced gay porn star Adam Killian gets to show newbie Fernando Torres the ropes, a handsome Latin stud who wants to break into the industry with the help of Lucas Entertainment. Fernando has a big and fat uncut cock, and it’s a beauty that Adam loves playing with in both his hands and his mouth. Fernando isn’t shy about showing off his hairy asshole, which Adam eats out and then mounts at the start of a hot fuck session.

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Adam Killian and Derek Parker

Gay porn superstar Adam Killian and muscle stud Derek Parker don identical, tattered camo shorts and wife beaters as Adam tugs Derek up the stairs in an abandoned factory. He shoves his face in Derek’s pits and then feeds his pal with his throbbing and veiny cock and balls. Derek slurps away, deep-throating that meat, before Adam slides that dick of his deep into Derek’s guts. Derek shoots a big load then opens his mouth wide to catch Adam’s sperm in his mouth. See this storming new scene in full at Raging Stallion


Here’s a movie currently screening at Naked Sword that will have you blowing load after load – the awesome Grindhouse. Hunky porn star Trenton Ducati finds he has one last chance to save his club, and he goes by the name of Jake Genesis. Trenton is counting on him to bring in the punters – and he does. Adam Killian heads to the stage and sucks Jake’s dick and it’s not long before Trenton, so turned on by the action, joins in. Filmed in front of a live audience at San Francisco’s legendary Nob Hill Theater, watch as Jake gets his ass fucked senseless.

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Mathew Mason and Adam Killian

Australians be prepared – your accent really turns Adam Killian on. And that means you could end up with his cock in your ass. The minute Killian heard Mathew Mason’s accent, he was all over the guy – gagging on his cock, licking him all over, eating out his tight Aussie manhole. No wonder Mathew looks like he’s gone to heaven. One 69 later and Mathew lies back to take Adam’s cock before they swap roles… Watch the video of their fuck at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian and Jesse Santana

Flip flop fuckers…
There are some things we expect to see in gay porn but one thing we never thought we’d witness was Jesse Santana acting like a dog for his master Adam Killian. Still, there’s nothing like a bit of variety. Adam too ends up behaving like a frisky pooch as they wrestle for control of some doggy toys. And then, of course, they end up fucking like a pair of bitches on heat… Weird. Catch the show now at Raging Stallion

Vito Gallo and Adam Killian

Barman Vito Gallo, customer Adam Killian. Together alone at closing time you can sense the sexual tension in the air and with nobody else around, they launch into each other for an intense sex session that leaves both of them drained of cum and energy. Vito’s big and veiny cock is a challenge but Adam is an experienced guy and has no problems deep-throating it or lowering his manhole onto it but after going for a ride, he decides he wants a go at driving into Vito’s arse… Catch up with this new scene at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian and Samuel Colt

Here’s a scene that’ll have you blowing a load. Starring Samuel Colt and Adam Killian, we first get to admire Colt’s stunning body as he tweaks his nipples and plays with his pierced cock and balls. It clearly drives Adam wild and he dives into the body worship with his tongue. Who wouldn’t? Samuel is a driven man too, eating out Adam’s hairy asshole and then fucking him until he cums. But that’s not enough – he then unleashes a stream or two of piss over his bottom stud. Catch more of the action now at Falcon Studios

Adam Killian and Marc Dylan

Two of the hardest working men in gay porn – Adam Killian and Marc Dylan – come together for this sailor-themed session. Seaman Marc Dylan is pretty new to the service and doesn’t clean up his lunch tray properly, which only makes Lieutenant Killian an unhappy officer. Reporting to his quarters, Marc is taken aback but pleasantly surprised when Adam punishes him with a seriously hard fuck… Catch the video of their scene at Men.com

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Adam Killian and Tate Ryder

Sexy Australian lad Tate Ryder is making his action debut on Lucas Entertainment and he couldn’t have asked for a hornier stud to do it with than Adam Killian. Adam wastes no time either, digging out Tate’s impressive cock and sucking it in deep while also licking and fingering the boy’s tight hole. Tate gives as good as he gets when it comes to rimming before Adam saddles up and gives him the fuck of his dreams… Watch their session at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian and Lucas Young

From the new Falcon movie Fahrenheit comes this new scene featuring Adam Killian and Lucas Young. And it’s clear to see that Adam is instantly attracted to Lucas’s bubble butt – he just can’t keep his fingers and tongue away from that perfect asshole before pulling his dick back and giving him a good suck. They 69 vertically before Adam lowers himself on to Adam’s rock-hard cock for the start of a great fuck… Get more from the film now at Falcon Studios

Adam Killian and Spencer Reed

Here’s Colt Studios doing what they do best – a movie packed with built guys and doing it in uniform. The new film Uniform Men features Samuel Colt, Shay Michaels, Bob Hager, Scott Hunter, Will Swagger, Nate Karlton and Marc Dylan in a feast of sex. And the uniforms include firemen, officers and gentlemen. Here’s one of the scenes, starring Adam Killian being fucked relentlessly by muscled Spencer Reed. You can see more from the movie, directed by Kristofer Weston, at Colt Studios

Adam Killian and Christopher Daniels

Blond stunner Christopher Daniels sports a sexy new bearded look when he joins Adam Killian on the high seas for a grade A fuck. From the moment they board at the dock, it’s clear these two are as horny as hell so when they’re out of sight, their gear comes off and their erections get serviced. We particularly enjoyed seeing Adam eating out Chris’s hole and giving it a good fingering before then filling it with his ample cock. Watch the video of their scene together at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian, Cavin Knight and Damien Stone

We don’t know quite how Titan Men keep on delivery the goods, but they do as this funky threesome with Adam Killian, Cavin Knight and Damien Stone proves. Adam has dozed off by his car waiting for Cavin to return but when he wakes up he finds smouldering stud Damien – and it doesn’t take much for Adam to start feeding on his hard cock. Swapping blowjobs, the guys shoot their loads but then Cavin returns and insists on sharing in the fun. Inserted between the two guys, he gets his asshole and face fucked furiously in a variety of great positions ahead of more great cumshots. Watch a free video trailer of this horny threesome and go to Titan Men for the full scene

Adam Killian and Carsten Andersson

Adam Killian shows who’s in charge from the outset when he’s paired with Carsten Andersson in a lusty fuck at Lucas Entertainment. Carsten may be versatile but he gets little chance to show it as Adam pins him down and thrusts his stiff, long cock into the blond’s warm throat. That’s followed by some tasty ass-eating, giving us plenty of chances to see Carsten’s puckered manhole before Adam slides his lubed dick inside for a fuck that ends with both dudes drenched in spunk. Enjoy the full video of their screw now at Lucas Entertainment

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Adam Killian, Jessy Ares and Shay Michaels

Time for a sneak peak at the new Titan Men movie Impulse and a scene that features muscled and furry studs Jessy Ares, Adam Killian and Shay Michaels. The action begins in the pool, giving us the chance to see how good these guys are at sucking dick and breath control underwater. Jessy even dumps his load in the pool, which we think a bit inconsiderate, before joining his pals for a hot fuck on dry land that sees Shay doing the hot bottom routine as well as a fuck chain. Watch some free video highlights of the scene and go to Titan Men for much more action

Adam Killian and Jessie Colter

Sometimes a porn scene comes along that leaves us drenched in sweat and cum – and this is one of those! Adam Killian and Jessie Colter not only blow their loads, they made us shoot ours too cos from start to finish this is hot hot hot. The bearded stallions look amazing in their suits but it only gets better when they’re out of them. And it gets better still when Adam fucks the cum out of Jessie while he’s still sporting his jacket. It’s fierce, athletic and aggressive – no wonder Jessie laps up Adam’s cum at the end! The scene is from the new Lucas Entertainment movie Power Professionals

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Scott Carter and Adam Killian

It’s only a day or so ago that we were praising the talents of Scott Carter – and as if by magic he’s back again in a scene that doesn’t need much in the way of hyperbole. The bearded and hairy sex god displays his talents as a cock-sucker on ripped porn veteran Adam Killian before assuming the position and submitting his arsehole to Adam’s engorged dick. Great stuff – and there’s lots more to see now at Lucas Entertainment

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Michael Lucas and Adam Killian

Lucas Entertainment has been plugging the sex thriller Assassin non-stop for several weeks now – and for good reason. It’s a superior porn epic and has some great men and horny sex scenes, including this finale starring Michael Lucas and Adam Killian. Lucas is seeking information about the man trying to kill him from Killian – but he also wants Killian’s body. Fortunately, Adam’s happy to get naked with Lucas and get fucked by him – a stirring finale indeed. Visit Lucas Entertainment for more scenes from the film

Adam Killian and Angelo Marconi

It’s all pumped-up flesh and super-hard cocks when Adam Killian and Angelo Marconi arrive home, strip in front of the fire and quench their thirst for sex. As anyone who knows Angelo will expect, he ends up bottoming and he takes Adam’s impressive tool like a real man however hard Adam pumps into him. We always love watching a muscle man getting screwed and this scene is no exception – it’s showing now over at Falcon Studios

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Adam Killian and Trent Diesel

You’ll struggle to find two gay porn stars quite at the top of their game as Adam Killian and Trent Diesel – so when you put them together you get explosive sex! Adam invites us into his bedroom to meet Trent and from then the action begins, with Trent deep-throating Adam’s 8-incher, Adam sucking on Trent’s thick piece and Trent offering up his ass to Adam’s tongue and for a blinding fuck. No wonder Trent’s belly ends drenched in spunk! Visit Lucas Entertainment for this up close and personal fuck

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Adam Killian and Tony Buff – plus a Falcon special offer

Welcome to The Other Side Of Aspen VI – Falcon’s latest sequel to a classic porno and a scene featuring Adam Killian and Tony Buff. And to celebrate we’re offering 25% off memberships with Falcon all through April. We catch up here with Tony and Adam after they’ve been on their snowmobiles, catching their breath and getting naked so that Adam can suck off his mate. Tony responds with some deepthroating – but that’s just the start of their hot session together…

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