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Deviant Otter, Leon and Eli Hunter

This threesome looks like one we’d happily have been invited to join – but it looks like our invite got lost in the mail. Still, Deviant Otter, Leon and Eli Hunter sure look like they have an amazing time in bed together. One thing’s for sure – they’re not precious about who tops and who bottoms. It looks like everyone gets a good pounding in the ass at least once during the show. Indeed, at one point Leon is getting fucked while he’s screwing his cock into Eli’s hole. Great stuff! See more action at Deviant Otter

Jordano Santoro and Max Duran

IMG_5901 IMG_5932 IMG_5947

Max Duran and Jordan Santoro make for a great duo when they put on this sex show at UK Naked Men. And it looks to us as if Max is somewhat in awe of his scene partner – judging by the way he worships his naked body and cock. You can tell too that he can’t wait for Jordan’s raw cock to fill his arse – and he doesn’t have to wait long. Soon the top is ramming into him, every last inch of his meat penetrating deep.

Xander Spade and Dylan Hyde

DSC_0171We meet up with Xander Spade and Dylan Hyde working out on a mat. But it’s not long before inked Xander ends up swallowing Dylan’s cock as it pokes out of his blue jockstrap.

These two give as good as they get, especially when it comes to fucking ass. Dylan is first to get drilled raw before they flip, giving Xander the chance to experience a good pounding. He also gets Dylan’s jizz in his ass.

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Jessie Colter and Mr Kristofer

BJ0140_X_6516Porn veteran and bound jock Jessie Colter is tied to the rig and sporting just a jockstrap when Mr Kristofer arrives to deliver his edging session.

He promptly gags Colter and shoves a cold electric butt plug up his ass, switching on the power to get things moving. The effect makes Jessie yell and stiffen, while Mr Kristofer teases his dick ahead of a messy climax…

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Rafael Lords and Pedro Andreas

LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_08 LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_09 LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_11

Porn god Pedro Andreas looks incredible with his beard and shaved head so it’s obvious why Rafael Lords is all over the guy when they’re in the shower, playing with his deliciously uncut cock in this Lucas Entertainment episode. By the pool under the summer sunshine, they then get down to the serious business of sucking, rimming and fucking. And on this occasion it’s Pedro who’s giving Rafael’s hole a serious pounding raw.

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Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore

Two horny fuckers, one horny fuck scene. Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore look like they’re truly into each other as they make out and strip. Max drops to his knees and devours Jackson’s uncut cock, his tongue working the hood of his prick. Jackson returns the favor and then turns his attention to Max’s asshole, licking it keenly. Then they flip fuck each other, pounding hard and raw, building up a sweat. Max shoots first, breeding Jackson’s hole, before Jackson gives as good as he gets. And then they badly need to eat that cum and clean their holes… View more at Bareback That Hole

Trenton Ducati and Josh Stone

What would it be like to be a fan of gay porn but then to be given the chance to appear in front of the cameras with one of your top models? That’s the premise behind the Man Royale series Fuck a Pornstar. In this episode it’s porn god Trenton Ducati, who’s been picked as scene partner by cute Josh Stone. Josh has been begging to have his ass fucked by the muscle stud – and here’s his chance.

Michel Rudin and Brent

Beefy and hairy Michel Rudin has been looking forward to this massage for a while, especially knowing that his masseur is the handsome Brent. And Brent has barely started his work before Michel is hard and slowly lowering his briefs. When Michel finally reveals his boner, Brent goes down on it, licking every inch, deep-throating it. And that’s the cue for their table-top fuck to begin over at Alpha Males

Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco

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Hunky Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco are not far away from being stepbrothers. In fact it’s the next day that their parents are getting married – so time is running out if they’re gonna have some fun. Jimmy therefore offers to show Jorge how good it feels to be with another man. After a little convincing, Jorge agrees and Jimmy gets down to sucking his cock and priming his tight hole for a good pounding. Watch a free preview at

Leo and Andre

Fun at the photoshoot…

Leo and Andre have been paired for a photoshoot – but it soon gets out of control when their desire to fuck each other takes over. When Leo kisses the blond dude, the inevitable happens. Andre stuffs his cock into Leo’s mouth and expects a serious sucking. He digs his tongue into Leo’s tight arse and then gets him on his back to fuck him good and hard… Catch more action at Cazzo

Brendan Patrick edged

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Medical attendants Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter have sexual deviant Brendan Patrick under strict observation in the ward, watching his every move through mirrored glass. Patrick is in a straightjacket, begging to cum, which is just how the two medics like it. They enter and have Brendan swinging in mid air, swallowing his cock and bringing him to the edge with a vibrating cock sheath. They finger his hairy asshole and abuse it with various toys, constantly denying him an orgasm until they’re ready to let him shoot. Get some free clips at Men on Edge

Flex and Dallas Steele


Dallas Steele is an awesome example of masculinity and here he is showing off his talents at Men at Play, giving Flex a good time. Dallas looks as hot as fuck in his suit and Flex looks just as good out of his! It looks like Flex is eager to serve his new sugar daddy as well, lavishing attention on his hard American cock, gagging on all those perfect inches. Dallas rewards him with an epic rimming, getting his tongue deep in his plaything’s hole, lubing him. Then he drives his cock in and Flex sees stars… Yep, this is good stuff!

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Sean Zevran and Letterio Amadeo

All we can say about these two fuckers is that they’re hot! From the new movie Sidewinder, we get Letterio Amadeo and Sean Zevran in a feast of muscle and truly masculine gay sex. But it’s a scene also notable for Letterio’s huge cock – a real sidewinder of a weapon. Sean inhales it keenly as Letterio thrusts that meat into his throat, making his sucker gag. Then the hung dude opens up Sean’s ass, snaking his tongue inside, getting him wet. He shoves his curved cock inside, and Sean gasps… See lots more at Raging Stallion

Bryce Evans and Marcus Isaacs

Handsome and muscled Bryce Evans has had a long and hard day at the office so he can’t wait to get out of his stuffy suit. And when he arrives at home, he finds his lover Marcus Isaacs is already in something a lot more comfortable – a pair of speedos. They dive into the pool together, swapping BJs in the water, before surfacing for some more penetrative action in the house. Bryce stuffs his hard dick deep into Marcus’ still-wet ass, and bangs him until both of them are shooting over Marcus’ furry chest. Catch more action at Men Over 30

Looking back: Dean Phoenix and Omer

3266_03 3266_07 3266_10

Our ‘looking back’ feature takes us into the recent past of gay porn to revive some scenes that would otherwise be forgotten and to remind us of the men who used to fuck for us in front of the camera. Today we bring you a Colt/Buckshot Studios scene featuring the talents of young Israeli pup Omer and the legendary Dean Phoenix. Dean made numerous movies over the years but this outing from 2008 was getting towards the end of his XXX career. Still Omer looks great bouncing on his cock!

Macanao Torres, James Castle and Sergi Rodriguez

1430936563050What a steamy threesome we have here. Macanao Torres, James Castle and Sergi Rodriguez are the stars of the show – and hairy Macanao the best of the bunch.

A great sex pig, he takes a serious ass pounding from both of his buddies and gets served some creamy servings of jizz at the conclusion.

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Adrian Hart and Andrew Stark

You wait for ever for a new Adrian Hart scene to come out and suddenly you get two of them in two days. And here our beautiful young black stud – complete with giant cut cock – is paired with tall and powerful white fucker Andrew Stark. It’s a scene from the movie Double Kross, released by Falcon Studios, in which Andrew is, not surprisingly, the top. On the way we get treated to a 69 and some horny rimming before Adrian gets Andrew’s jizz on his face.

Colt Rivers and Aaron Reese

We bring you a scene from the new movie Fine Tuned Ass, which pretty much does what it suggests on the tin over at Hot House. Aaron Reese is the guy who comes along to interrupt Colt Rivers while he’s busy tuning up his bike. However, Aaron is only interested in Colt’s butt and how quickly he can get round to fucking the living daylights out of it. Young muscle stud Colt quickly surrenders to Aaron’s charms and rides his dick for all he’s worth.

Brett Beckham and Austin Wilde

_MG_9773_edited _MG_9851_edited _MG_9866_edited

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of one day fucking David Beckham? The chances of it happening are obviously zero so let’s dream instead of getting off with Brett Beckham, a guy who does look similar to the superstar soccer player. He’s even got plenty of ink too! Brett is paired here with porn god Austin Wilde – and Brett’s cock is almost as fine a specimen as Austin’s. Austin fucks his new star and ends up dumping half his load of jizz in the young man’s arse. View the movie at Guys in Sweatpants

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Adrian Hart and King B

Let’s introduce you to two guys who really are chiseled and equipped with beautiful and big cocks. It’s Adrian Hart – who we’ve come to know and love in gay porn – and the lesser known King B. Adrian always gets us hard and he’s a great bottom here as King hoists him about to get his tongue into his ass. That intense ass eating out the way, he slams his immense boner deep into the lad’s hole… Watch more at Raging Stallion

Landon Simms and Charles Grey

One minute you’re quite happy chilling out at home, catching up on your messages, the next you’re being molested by some horny guy. Landon Simms is the hot jock on the bed, Charles Grey the guy who wants his ass. With Landon still face down, Charles pulls down his briefs to reveal an ass that was meant to be fucked. And after a round of cock-sucking, that’s just what he does. Watch more at Gay Room

Morgan Shades and Jaxton Wheeler

Morgan Shades has one of those days when his luck changes for the better. That’s because he’s horny and big rig driver Jaxton Wheeler is about to knock on his door, seeking help after breaking down on the highway. Jaxton is clearly impressed when Morgan opens the door wearing just a towel. Not that that stays on for very long once this pair get going. They suck each other keenly before Jaxton goes to work on Morgan’s ass, fucking him furiously. Watch the show at Nextdoor Buddies

JD Phoenix and Jesse Santana

It’s the story of a college boy – a young man with a bit of an attitude problem – and a blue-collar worker who likes to teach such guys a lesson. This Icon Male production stars JD Phoenix as the young man and long-time porn god Jesse Santana as his nemesis. And how good it is to see Jesse before the cameras again. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out who ends up on top in this one…

Alessandro del Toro and Rikk York

7 10 22

Latin stallions Alessandro Del Toro and Rikk York certainly look the part when they meet at Cocksure Men. In fact, all that ink and uncut cock makes them look good enough to eat. They’re both hard and horny and they both suck dick like they need to for life. Finally Rikk gets on all fours on the couch so Alessandro can enter him, bare. They swap positions various times before Alessandro cums on Rikk’s back, while Rikk shoots into his top’s face.

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Creamin’ Manjuice

There’s a whole gang of horny, dirty older guys getting their cocks into some tight holes in the movie Cream of the Cocks III – Creamin’ Manjuice. It’s a compilation featuring scenes from stars who were big in porn a few years back, guys like Will West, Chad Adams, Ed Diamond, Ivan Fox, Kylthrpig, Eric Scott and Brad Fletcher. There’s some group action around a sling, some outdoor fun and more intimate action scenes but they all involve barebacking. Get the sleaze at HDK Raw

Porn star profile: Brenner Bolton

brennerbolton1There’s no messing about with Brenner Bolton. He knows what he wants…

As he says himself, he wants to be known as the sluttiest bottom in gay porn. And he’s doing quite well at it too, delivering bareback and condom sex shows for some notable studios.

He says himself: “I would actually love to take 30 loads in my ass.”

He’s our latest feature at Al’s Gay Porn Stars

Connor Maguire and Drake Tyler

5 4 10

In this horny bondage outing, Drake Tyler is the mormon lad keen to go overseas on his mission. But first he needs the approval of his bishop, Connor Maguire. Yes, this is weird! And it’s perhaps unusual for a bishop to insist on carrying out a physical exam on his charges. Drake submits but it’s the start of a session in which he really discovers how twisted his bishop has become – and how keen he is to fuck face and ass with his hard and veiny cock. Catch some previews at Bound Gods

Charles Grey and Jay Fine

Charles Grey claims that he’s more of a top than a bottom but that doesn’t stop him taking on a particularly big dick when he pairs up with Jay Fine at Damn That’s Big. Jay’s prime piece of meat is revealed slowly and we soon discover that it is a big one, although maybe not quite the 10 inches being claimed! Even so, Charles gives that boner a real good sucking before getting on his back like a champ.