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Sam Porter and Seb Evans

Meet Sam Porter, a rather older guy than we’re used to seeing at Hard Brit Lads. And if you prefer them a bit younger, then he’s paired with ripped bottom Seb Evans. Starting off on the sofa, they pull off their shorts and reveal their boners. Sam deep-throats Seb’s extra large member then stands, ready to fuck his boy’s face. Later, Seb gets on his back while Sam fingers and licks at his hole. Finally Sam thrusts into Seb’s arse, doggy style, starting slow and building up speed. They change positions several times before Sam shoots his salty load into Seb’s mouth.

Looking back: Adam Dexter and Marcus Iron

We’re ‘Looking back’ again – our weekly series delving into the recent past of gay porn. And today we land back in 2004 for a scene featuring Adam Dexter and Marcus Iron from the Colt Studios movie Big N’ Plenty. Adam finds Marcus while out cruising and brings him back to his trendy apartment. But rather than opting for the comfort of the bedroom, they get it on in the kitchen. Adam turned out to be quite a rarity in the industry – he was one of the very very few black guys ever to appear in a Bel Ami movie!

Draven Torres and Tony Buff

Sexy dad and son stuff from the team at Fetish Force as young Draven Torres joins Tony Buff. Master Buff begins by tying his boy up with rope, creating a harness, taking time out to stroke the lad’s erection. Draven is blindfolded, laid out on the floor for Tony to use. He licks him all over, slaps his balls, edges the youngster. Again and again Draven is brought to the point of release, but suddenly deprived of the orgasm he so desperately wants… Ultimately, Tony succeeds in getting him off – twice.

Tyler Frisella and Caleb Calipso

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Porn is about fantasy. No surprises there… For some, it’s about looking at incredibly perfect men having sex, men we could never dream to be or dream of having in our beds. For others, it’s about the guys next-door. Ordinary Joes. If your turn-on is the latter, this bareback session in the back room of the local club, with Tyler Frisella and Caleb Calipso, is gonna be more your thing. They’re never gonna win any beauty contests or have bodies that we’ll dream of having, but they know how to have a good time naked… Watch a free clip and more action at Backroom Fuckers

Manuel Olveyra, Caleb Ramble and Rainer

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There may be three men involved in this sex scene, but the theme seems to be ‘two’. We mean, one guy sucking two cocks at once, one guy eating two assholes, one guy having two locked on his dick, two guys getting fucked at once. And so we could go on… Either way, the men are Manuel Olveyra and Rainer, along with buddy Caleb Ramble. The latter’s been invited round for dinner but the only thing on the menu seems to be hard European uncut cocks. Which sounds fine to us. The action is raw and kink fans will undoubtedly love it when Manuel felches Rainer, as he squeezes out the load of cum in his ass for Manuel to eat. Watch a free preview and more at Kristen Bjorn

Johnny V and Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran and Johnny V have bodies like Greek gods! Who couldn’t resist watching the two of then having sex, their muscles bulging, abs like musical instruments, bubble and muscular butts and rock-hard dicks. Johnny ends up being the bottom in this episode, first giving delicious Sean a blow job that’s in a class of its own. Next Sean delivers a rimming that has Johnny in ecstasy, and prepares him well for the fuck to come. Great stuff from the team at Hot House

Brent Alex and Cam Christou

LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_02 LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_04 LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_06

If we could have one wish today, it would be to be fucked by Cam Christou. The guy is such an incredible specimen of manhood – handsome, inked, hung – that we imagine we’re not alone in wanting his dick and his cum. Here Cam is filming for Lucas Entertainment and giving their exclusive Brent Alex a good going over. It all begins slow and romantic but once both of them are fully hard and the temperature has risen, we’re treated to a great bareback fuck.

** See more of Cam – in a free clip with Leo Forte and Luke Harding

Abel Archer edged

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Horny bisexual stud Abel Archer is one of the latest to get the edging treatment from Sebastian Keys. Tied to two columns, Seb and Van Darkholme get him hard through his underwear before cutting them off to reveal his boner. With his hands bound, Abel can’t do anything while the men tease him but at least he’s eventually treated to a round of cock sucking. Just as he’s about to cum, though, the tormentors pull free. His ass gets raided by a dildo, then he’s suspended for more sucking. But although he begs and begs to shoot his load, it’s only when Seb is ready that he gets the go-ahead. Watch some free clips and download more at Men on Edge

Jack King and Jake Wilder

HumpOrBumpSTG09 HumpOrBumpSTG10 HumpOrBumpSTG14

This episode is titled Hump or Bump and represents a truly lame porn plot. Apparently, Jake Wilder thinks it’s great fun to dry hump his straight pals and see their reaction. Normally they laugh it off but Jack King decides that enough’s enough and gives Jake something he wasn’t expecting – but certainly seems to enjoy. Yep, it’s Jack’s cock in his mouth and arse. See, told you it was lame! Click for a free preview and more at Men.com

Arad and Colt Rivers

Colt Rivers lies on a massage table, enjoying the attention of his masseur – Arad. He rubs Colt down with oil, kneading his muscles and easing the tension. And then, when he’s sure Colt will respond positively, he disrobes and reveals a handsome cock. Coming round to the front of the table, he shoves his tool into Colt’s mouth as Colt grabs Arad’s ass and pulls him in closer. Arad flips his customer over and begins sucking on him, before bending Colt over and fucking him. See more of them at Nextdoor Buddies


Vintage: Dirk from Winner’s Way

Sit back and relax and enjoy this classic Falcon Studios movie Winner’s Way – the latest in our collection of vintage porno. The story features married man Dirk, who finds himself at home with his wife’s brother when she’s gone out for the day. So what do you do with your handsome brother-in-law, who obviously has a liking for dick? How about fucking around on the stairs? A risky place to do it in case she comes home but when you need to suck a boner and unload your jizz, anywhere and anything goes…

Jake Jammer and Ryan Patrix

Ryan Patrix has skin painted with swirling colors and patterns, which sweep up his arms, over his chest, and down to his fine dick. Scruffy Jake Jammer loves the look of his man, an admiration betrayed by the bulge in his jeans. Ryan lays Jake down on the table and rips off those jeans, hungrily going down on his cock. But Jake wants a fuck and he orders Ryan to deliver it with true force. The harder Ryan pounds into him, the harder Jake demands it. Then, perhaps surprisingly, they switch and it’s Jake’s turn to be in control. Catch more of their fuck at Raging Stallion

Adam Ramzi and Darius Ferdynand

Darius Ferdynand emerges from the shower, smooth, damp, horny. He wants sex, his nipples are hard and his uncut cock swells with excitement. Adam Ramzi is in the hot tub a few feet away, watching, aroused. No surprise that they’re soon all over each other, Adam devouring Darius’ large member. They swap oral duties before Adam switches to Darius’ hole, flicking it with his tongue and then filling it with his dick. Darius rides it and moans before they unload on each others’ chests. Watch the action in full at Falcon Studios

Jason Phoenix and Johnny Hazzard

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When it comes to sex in odd places, what would you consider as odd? Having watched far too much porn, we’d be thinking of walk-in freezers, an airplane cockpit or a chapel (in front of the congregation). Channel 1′s Sucked Off In Weird Places doesn’t go quite that far and neither would we call the warehouse where Jason Phoenix and Johnny Hazzard find themselves weird. Still, the cock sucking is great and there’s enough here for fans of cut dick (Johnny) and uncut (Jason).

Alex Graham and Connor Maguire

Alex Graham is getting a tongue bath from Connor Maguire, who’s exploring every inch of his buddy’s naked body. Alex’s nipples prove to be a big favorite, and all that play gets Alex hard. Connor travels down to his cock, licks and sucks him. He discovers Alex’s hairy asshole, licks it, buries his tongue in deep. Then he replaces his tongue with his dick, pushing it in while Alex groans. Alex grabs his toes with both hands and curls back into a ball so Connor can drill deep from above, then Connor unloads all over Alex’s face. See more of their show at Falcon Studios

Antonio Paul and Tommy Defendi

FantasyDMH07 FantasyDMH09 FantasyDMH12

Antonio Paul needs cock bad so he’s on the hunt for a horny New York City escort to help him. He finds Tommy Defendi, who brings with him a lot of sexual experience and a particularly big cock. Surrounded by the greenery of his apartment, Antonio licks and sucks that swollen tool and then experiences the pleasure and pain of having Tommy fuck his tight hole. Watch a preview and the movie in full at Men.com

Damien Hope and Emilio Calabria

It’s no surprise that Emilio Calabria is getting a number of fans as a personal trainer. After all, he’s pretty amazing with all his clothes off! Today it’s the turn of Damien Hope to get some top tips on how to bulk up. But instead, it seems that Emilio is more interested in seeing what Damien is packing beneath his shorts. We don’t blame him, and it’s certainly more interesting than watching the two of them working out. Emilio has an impressively large uncut cock, and seeing Damien sucking him off is a real highlight of this session at Men of Montreal

Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner

NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_ConnorMaguire_PaulWagner_affilHorz_4 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_ConnorMaguire_PaulWagner_affilHorz_3 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_ConnorMaguire_PaulWagner_affilHorz_1

Woodsmen Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner like a summer of fucking as much as the rest of us and in a backyard in San Francisco’s Castro district, they get the opportunity to indulge their passions. As hot as the temperatures, these guys look mighty fine together, naked and hard. Paul’s hairy chest has us stiff from the outset but he looks even better being fucked by his lover. There’s a video preview and more at Naked Sword

Christopher Daniels gang fucked

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Look who’s been dragged round the Castro in San Francisco by fellow porn star Trenton Ducati – it’s blond and bearded Christopher Daniels. Trenton’s mission is to find a group of horny men who will use and abuse his friend, and he gets his way pretty quickly. Bound up, Christopher is made to suck feet, suck cock and eat ass in between getting flogged and his ass pounded. His balls also get a bit of torture before a messy cum climax and a round of tickling! Click through to Bound in Public for free clips and more

Johnny Hazzard and Alex Adams

Hands up if you think Johnny Hazzard is looking particularly awesome with a buzz cut. We certainly do. Men Over 30 make up some lame plot around his new look, with Alex Adams playing an inept lover/barber. Still, it’s the sex that matters and these two experienced porn players deliver it in spades after making up. There’s some great oral action, including a 69, before they get into some energetic fucking. Great stuff – as long as you ignore the dodgy plot!

King B and Tyce Jax

King emerges from the shower. And he’s aroused. So while Tyce Jax is keen to get back out on the road, King’s having none of it. And, in the end, the sight of his stunning man is enough to have Tyce lying back, cock out, being sucked off. He returns the favor, going down on King’s handsome boner, then eating him out. When he’s ready, Tyce slides his throbbing dick into King, who groans with pleasure and takes it like a man. After a firm pounding, Tyce lets King lick his hole so they can switch the action around. Watch more of the two studs at Nextdoor Ebony

Rocco Steele and Adam Russo

6 8 7

Rocco Steele is one of our men of the moment so any chance to see him in action is welcome. And this is a real great scene. An amazing hunk of manhood and muscle, Rocco sports a challengingly large cock but that’s not so much of a problem when his scene partner is the experienced Adam Russo. There’s some awesome oral talent on display when Adam gets on his knees to service the big man. Spit flies everywhere, there’s tons of gagging and a great cum shot that fills Adam’s mouth. Watch a free clip and more at Treasure Island’s TIMsuck

Three scenes, 6 hot Cocky Boys

Seth-Santoro-Fucks-Duncan-Black-CockyBoys IMG_8816 IMG_9161

Duncan Black shows hot great a bottom he is again in this Cocky Boys session that also features Seth Santoro (free video clip). The first of our three featured shows from the site (the pic is on the left) sees Seth fucking the cum out of his boy and then filling his mouth with spunk. The photo in the middle features Kevin Carson fucking Shawn Furino (catch the trailer), although this is in the privacy of the bedroom rather than the outdoors. Our final photo features porn veteran Brandon Jones and relative newcomer Willam Boyd. And we just love the pic of Brandon getting ready to eat out his lover’s delicious hole! See a free preview

Austin Wilde and Alex

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Some argue that porn as flat images is no longer a turn-on. We’re so used to seeing videos of the suck and fuck action that a good old-fashioned photo has lost its ability to get us hard. We reject that notion! Look at the pic on the right of Austin Wilde riding his buddy Alex’s raw cock… Austin rides that dick like the true pro that he is and his own ample cock is rock hard too. That image, from this new set at Guys in Sweatpants, is enough to have us stiff, dripping precum and on the verge of shooting. How about you guys?

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Vintage: Keith Anthoni, Jayson MacBride and John Farrel

Jayson MacBride turned up in some of the sexiest vintage gay porn films going back in the day – The Dirty Picture Show and Broadway Boys are particularly notable. But in this threesome, he appears with Keith Anthoni and John Farrel, who play lovers. The twist is that John wants an open relationship, but his partner doesn’t. Clearly, as this scene shows, John gets his way with Jayson playing the hunk they share. The star’s best movies are on sale at TLA

Allen King and Misha Dante

Boylust-11 Boylust-18 Boylust-15

Boyish Allen King has the hots for handsome and successful men. And he has a chance to see a few with his summer job cleaning pools. Today he’s landed himself a real prize at the home of Misha Dante – the homeowner himself. Misha is a blond stunner who can see exactly how Allen needs to be rewarded. So he gets out his cock and gets the boy on his knees, before fucking him at every available point around the house. Watch them on video at Men at Play

Kayden Gray and Alexx Desley

A fine contrast as smooth and pale Kayden Gray comes up against tanned, tattooed and pierced lad Alexx Delsey. They look good on the sofa together at Hard Brit Lads too, Alexx giving his scene partner’s extra large cock some real love and attention. He copes with it manfully before Kayden gets into deep-throating Alexx’s pierced boner. Then it’s time for Alexx to lie back, open his legs and let Kayden give him a rim job, a fuck and a cum facial to remember…

Angel Pierre and Soldier

angelpierresoldier01 angelpierresoldier09 angelpierresoldier49

Mix It Up Boy brings us interracial action every week and here’s one of the recent updates, featuring Soldier and Angel Pierre. They’ve bumped into each other on the streets of Miami – old friends who decide to relive old times by finding a room and having a hot fuck. Latin lad Angel loves Soldier’s big cock and deep-throats his buddy before bending over the bed and taking it deep. Soldier rewards him with a load on his tight and used hole.

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Leon Fox gang fucked

1 0 11

Tatum has invited his pals around for a horny leather party at the back of his building and all goes well until landlord Leon Fox arrives and starts trying to break things up. But he should know that you never come between leather guys and their passions… So he ends up bound and gagged and passed around the team, to be used and abused at their pleasure. A quick look at the photos and you’ll see there’s no shortage of cock fucking his mouth and ass. And at the conclusion, the cum rains down on him. Download some free stuff and watch more at Bound in Public

Scotty Rage and Nick Andrews

He’s mature, inked and has a great sex drive, so daddy Scotty Rage is just right for us. And here he is taking control of Nick Andrews at Bareback That Hole. Nick is put to use immediately on Scotty’s throbbing cock, getting it wet and sloppy. Scotty sniffs and licks Nick’s armpits and then gives his sweaty arsehole the same treatment. Then it’s time to fuck, and Scotty gives it to his bottom in a range of great positions before unloading his balls all over a grateful Nick’s face.