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Joshua X and Drago Lembek

02 10 13

Joshua is all man but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like being dominated, at least sexually. So it’s a good thing he’s joined here by Drago Lembek, for a bareback outdoor fuck that reminds us all of the heady days of summer. There’s some appreciative sucking on uncut cocks before Drago goes to work on Joshua’s hole, firstly fingering him. Joshua is rock hard by now and so is Drago, who goes in balls-deep for a steamy fuck. Click for a trailer at HDK Raw

Brandon Jones and Nick Sterling

NSV029_HotelHookup_NickSterling_BrandonJones_affilHorz_7 NSV029_HotelHookup_NickSterling_BrandonJones_affilHorz_1 NSV029_HotelHookup_NickSterling_BrandonJones_affilHorz_5

It’s another hotel hook-up, this one featuring uncut porn veteran Brandon Jones and sexy beast Nick Sterling. And if you know your porn and your porn stars, you’ll know instantly that Brandon’s the one on bottom duties in this escapade. We wouldn’t have expected anything else from our Canadian stud-muffin… There’s a free trailer and more at Naked Sword

Carioca and Josh Rubens

Josh gets fucked…
Carioca looks fucking stunning whatever he’s doing but here we meet him in the shower, his naked body a true work of art. No wonder that Josh Rubens loses all control at the sight of this awesome specimen of manhood. He truly devours Carioca’s hard cock and clearly can’t wait to bend over and get fucked senseless. Carioca preps him first, eating out his hole before shoving his throbbing fuck pole deep in Josh’s guts. It’s a fuck that has them both gushing big loads. See the full movie now at Cazzo

Brad Kalvo and James Ryder

6 19 21

If you were a young lad looking to get fucked senseless by an older and sexually experienced man, you’d couldn’t go too wrong with Brad Kalvo. As James Ryder discovers today in this new Hot Dads Hot Lads shoot. James has spent the day cleaning house and Brad rewards him with what he knows James loves – cock. James services his daddy and then shoots his load while being pounded by Brad. And for us, James sure looks good being penetrated by his furry fucker of a dad, his own handsome cock bouncing around all over the place.

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Huxley Houston and Lane Harris


Huxley Houston and Lane Harris love an early morning jog. It’s part of their regular fitness routine. But we don’t think they push themselves hard enough. Why? Because they have enough energy left over to deliver a good hard sex session afterwards. Filmed POV, it’s glossily done and the boys themselves are looking good! Watch a preview and more at MenPOV

Owen Powers and Trevor Snow

8 4 3

Owen Powers and Trevor Snow get their own camera to play with when they get into this thrilling cock-sucking session, which gives a different view of the action to director Max’s cam. It’s great stuff too – an unbridled exhibition of oral man sex. Trevor commands Owen to suck his throat-stretching penis, and Owen hungrily obeys. This is how to do sucking guys! See Treasure Island’s TIMsuck for a free clip

Sir Pan and prisoner 08022013

Sucking the guard…
Prisoner number 08022013 waits alone in his sterile cell, stroking his cock. It’s then that Sir enters ready to put him to work, on his own dick. As instructed, anonymous 08022013 wraps his lips and throat around Sir’s erection – but the master isn’t satisfied until he’s being seriously deep-throated. As Sir cums, the prisoner soaks his hood in all that jizz, grateful for a steamy load. Watch more action at Iron Lock-up

Dandy Dewayne and Alex

03 08 11

Dandy Dewayne works with Alex. And they fuck too. Yes, these are guys who don’t like complicated relationships – with them it’s just a case of if you want it, get it. Dandy is the top of the two, a guy who just loves fucking Alex’s face with his cock, who gets a real kick out of being serviced and of feeling the power of fucking arse raw. Alex takes it hard and deep, and that magic ass of his has Dandy spurting a load all over his butt. Click for a free trailer and more at Daddy Raunch

Vintage: Mark Rutter and Rocco Rizzoli

Welcome to our latest dip into the vintage porn archives. And today, it’s superstar Giorgio Canali, although here he goes by the name Rocco Rizzoli which he used when he worked with the crew at Colt Studios. He’s paired with delicious hunk Mark Rutter. Mark, who also went by the alias Buck Stevens when starring in Surge Studios movies, was about 5ft 11ins tall, had a great dick and didn’t mind at all having his ass assaulted by guys like Rocco…

Damien Crosse and Denis Vega

MenInIbizaPart5DMH09 MenInIbizaPart5DMH12 MenInIbizaPart5DMH16

We’re in Ibiza for this horny fuck with Damien Crosse and Denis Vega – not that you’d know it because we’re indoors, away from the sunny beaches and cruising grounds. These two absolutely stunning examples of manhood are in a curiously empty cruise bar/club somewhere on the island so it’s no surprise that they end up getting off. Can two men look better than these two naked? Either way, it’s a feast of uncut cock, ass eating and ass fucking. View a trailer and more at Men.com

Jack King fucks Bo Nash bare

Hands up all of you who want to be Bo Nash? On your back, legs in the air, Jack King shoving his bare cock into your ass and giving you a fuck that hits the spot every time? Bo, it seems, is paying the price for spying on Jack while he was at home jacking off. Sounds to us more like a reward… Especially when Jack shoots his load all over Bo’s asshole. Watch more at Dallas Reeves

Brian Bonds and Jerek Miles

Jerek Miles should be making Brian Bonds‘ dinner but he’s a horny young man who needs to play with himself endlessly. So when Brian gets home and finds empty plates, he’s not happy. In fact, he decides some punishment is in order. He takes Jerek over his knees and gives his butt a good spanking, until he’s red raw. There’s a fuck too, with Jerek lying on his back and obediently pulling his knees back to open the way for his big man. Click for more at Fetish Force

Brett Bradley and Doug Acre

Brett Bradley isn’t used to surprises after taking a shower so he’s a bit taken aback when he walks into his room to find Doug Acre on his bed, happily working away on his cock with a Fleshjack. Doug wastes no time in freeing Bradley’s huge cock so they can both work with the toy. However, Brett is much more interested in Doug’s ass – wanting a proper arse to fuck. Sure enough, Doug surrenders to his demands… Good to see two genuinely large cocks in this new show at Extra Big Dicks

Alexander Gustavo edged

1 15 8

Alexander Gustavo has filmed a fair number of vanilla sex scenes but now it’s time for him to experience some edging and bondage. And mighty fine he looks as he’s on the receiving end of Seb. Tied up, Alexander is soon moaning as Sebastian’s tongue slowly teases his the head of his uncut cock. Vibrating hitachis press down on his sensitive knob, bringing him to the edge of shooting. Suspended over the bed, he begs to cum as Seb places clamps on his nipples and shoves a prostate massager deep in his ass… See free clips and more at Men on Edge

Alex Graham and Scott Hunter

scott-alex1 scott-alex4 scott-alex6

One for fans of cut and uncut cocks today as Alex Graham meets up with Scott Hunter. Alex is wondering what it’s like having a hooded dick, and wonders what Scott’s looks like, tastes like. He thinks about what it would be like to dock his cock with Scott’s. Well, he doesn’t have to wonder for much longer because Scott is there to show him. And, as ever being the considerate bottom, Scott also gives Alex the chance to fuck his ass. See the movie at UK Naked Men

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Riley Tess and Sebastian Evans

BM0969_Riley_Tess_And_Sebastian_Evans_04 BM0969_Riley_Tess_And_Sebastian_Evans_08 BM0969_Riley_Tess_And_Sebastian_Evans_15

There’s no denying the chemistry between Riley Tess and Sebastian Evans as they get before the cameras at Blake Mason. Dreamy Sebastian is a bottom stud who needs a passionate top to really fuck him hard and deep, and Riley is undoubtedly one of the best tops to deliver that kind of pounding. They suck each others’ uncut dicks, they 69 and then they screw in a range of athletic positions…

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Chris Bines and Ryan Rose

Chris Bines needs a workout partner so he knocks on Ryan Rose‘s door – only to find him fresh out of the shower with just a towel for company. The bulge in the towel hints at what Ryan wants – and it’s not a trip to the gym. Chris reads the situation perfectly and soon has Ryan’s erection deep in his throat. Later, he gets a good hard fucking from jock Ryan. And Chris’s impressive physique sure looks great as he takes that punishment… Visit Falcon Studios for more of the show

Looking back: Clay Maverick and Tristan Paris

Our ‘Looking back’ feature takes us to years gone by to remind us all of the porn stars of the past. And this week we’re with Falcon Studios and the 1999 film, Sting: A Taste for Leather. And getting a taste for some leather is young Tristan Paris, a prolific model of the time. He gets to lick Clay Maverick’s black chaps, then works his mouth over Clay’s hard and veiny cock. Clay fucks face and then turns his attention to Tristan’s tender hole…

Riley Tanner and Brandon Moore

DominicFord_Movie_Riley-Tanner-and-Brandon-Moore_33 DominicFord_Movie_Riley-Tanner-and-Brandon-Moore_36 DominicFord_Movie_Riley-Tanner-and-Brandon-Moore_35

To some of us Riley Tanner, Dominic Ford’s new exclusive model, is a bit insipid. There’s not much that stands out about him but we can see why he was signed – it’s hanging between his legs. Yes, Riley does a have a big, veiny cock, and we’d happily service him. The episode is the finale to Ford’s Fire Island Staff House series, and it sees Brandon Moore getting fucked. Classily filmed stuff too…

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Luke Milan and Wolfie Blue

Wolfie Blue plays the massage therapist, Luke Milan the jock with the aches and pains needing his special touch in this Nextdoor Buddies scene. Wolfie goes to work, easing Luke’s stresses, the tension in his muscles. And soon he’s working on his client’s stiff cock, licking the shaft, focusing on the fat head, deep-throating him. Luke seizes his chance and bends Wolfie over the massage table, guiding his dick into the therapist’s tight hole, fucking him for all he’s worth, blasting his face with his creamy load.

Jason and the Maverick Men

mm4 mm23 mm14

Cole and Hunter – the Maverick Men – meet plenty of keen bottoms in their life of sex. But they reckon that Jason is one of the horniest, moaning bottoms they’ve ever come across (for want of a better term). They claim to have met him at the local grocery store, where the big bulge in his pants gave the game away. A few weeks later he was in front of the cameras, with Cole and Hunter’s cocks to play with. And did he prove to be a great bottom – watch the free preview to find out!

Andrew and Trent Ferris

7 8 11

In this episode from Bait Buddies (free gallery included), we have former high school football player Andrew – a dude with a big cock, great balls and loads of cum to shoot. He’s the straight one to twink lad Trent Ferris’ bi boy, but Andrew thinks he’s here to film a scene with a girl. Obviously that never happens and we get the inevitable man on boy shoot, with an exchange of oral and then the fuck. It’s pretty standard stuff but Trent is cute and we wouldn’t mind gagging on his cock.

Josh Conners and Sean Zevran

Fuck! Sean Zevran is just one amazing specimen of manhood – and could probably get us coming in our pants when he’s just standing still, fully clothed. Here he’s billed with Josh Conners in a Falcon Studios episode, his hairy chest and awesome pecs shown off in all their glory. His tremendous cock is Josh’s focus of attention for much of the scene but there’s some great ass-eating too. On top of that, these two are versatile so we get to see them both being fucked. Great stuff!

Pascal and Zack

Zack has appeared before the cameras at Maskurbate before but then site boss Pascal asked him whether he’d be willing to be on the receiving end of some serious body worship. He finally agreed – and agreed to do it unmasked. A bodybuilder and full of testosterone, our model certainly looked the part as the cameras started rolling. Treating Pascal to something special, Zack came in a condom before giving it to him to savor… And it really is horny!

Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O’Reilly

NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_3 NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_4 NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_5

One of bestest things now – seeing a redheaded dude in action. Yep – we love a boy with ginger pubes – and Seamus O’Reilly has plenty! Just seeing him sitting astride Aleks Buldocek, impaling himself on the daddy’s cock, is enough to have us leaking precum by the bucket. Seamus is a big boy too and Aleks makes the most of that dick. They meet in a new series called Hotel Hook-Up – it’s from Naked Sword and there’s a free preview

Nigel Banks and Jimmie Slater

03 08 11

Lucas Entertainment continues its adventures at Lucas Knight’s erotic photography studio. In this episode we meet Jimmie Slater, who’s hired along with Knight by Nigel Banks – who wants some new photos taken. Jimmie meets him to sort out the arrangements but both of them are instantly taken with the other… Jimmie drops to his knees and sucks off Nigel’s boner before they get into some serious raw fucking.

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Tomm and Mayer

05 08 12

Here’s muscle man Zack Hood (billed here as Tomm) showing a colleague what happens when you anger him. That colleague is Mayer, who’s dropped a pallet on Tomm’s foot. Admittedly Mayer doesn’t protest too much when Tomm grabs him and shoves his crotch in his face. Indeed, Mayer just can’t get enough inches of Tomm’s cock down his throat. Fast forward and Tomm is ramming his dick into Mayer’s ass, blowing a load on his hole and then fucking that jizz back into his colleague… Click for a preview and more at HDK Raw

Vintage: Bill and Ted

Our special vintage gay porn feature this week sees Ted and Bill playing fraternity brothers at a university somewhere in the US. They’ve been getting on real well for months but both know, deep down, that their relationship is gonna become sexual. They’re drawn to each other despite never having had sex with another guy before. Their cocks free, they know just what to do with them when it comes to sucking and fucking… See more of this movie at Falcon Studios

Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

We head to Sweden to find Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue giving us a lesson in all-man sex. And a handsome pair they make. Tomas has become a real star in Europe in the last few months, and here happily receives a blow job from his lusty lover. He wanks himself as Logan deep throats him, before they get into a horny fuck. Logan is first to bottom and rides his man like a pro. Then the tables are turned and Tomas takes over, getting rammed good and hard until they’re both ready to shoot their loads. Watch more of the show at Alpha Males

Brent Corrigan and Brian Bonds

Brent Corrigan continues his gay porn comeback in this new Falcon Studios scene from the movie Jacked. And he’s paired with Brian Bonds. Together they make good use of an exercise ball – with Brent laid across it as he offers up his ass to Brian. The latter gives his boy a great rimming and then penetrates his ass, his cock throbbing and glistening. Brian shoots jizz across Brent’s ass and licks it up; Brent unleashes giant ropes of cum that fly across Brian’s face.