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Gavin Greene and Logan Vaughn

We all know the Bait Buddies concept by now. Straight boy finds himself in a situation where he can only have sex with a guy, rather than a girl. Logan Vaughn is the gay bait here, which comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve keenly followed his career sucking cock. Gavin Greene is the supposedly straight dude. And we think Logan should be very impressed with his co-star, if for no other reason than he has a beautifully long and thick cock. Any gay boy worth his salt would relish having that in his mouth and ass! Download more free photos of their fuck here

Paddy O’Brian and Tate Ryder

These days we’re more used to seeing Tate Ryder in wonderfully sleazy bareback fuck sessions, but here he is in the UK filming with local hottie Paddy O’Brian. And he takes Paddy’s fine cock up his arse complete with condom. It depends what you prefer as to whether you’ll enjoy this outing better than his more real, raw adventures. Still, get a taste with this free preview or click through to Alpha Males for the full movie

Gabriel Clark and Chris Harder

Chris Harder gets to meet Gabriel Clark for the first time – and what a first meeting it turns out to be. He’s been seeking a hot fuck on film with the Cocky Boys superstar for some time, and finally his dreams cum true. Fortunately, Chris is just the type of guy Gabriel loves to have sex with – so the sparks do fly. They swap blow jobs before Chris gets on all fours and takes Gabriel’s handsome hooded cock like a champ. Then the two hunks finally release their loads in a sexy 69. Click for a free trailer and more on video

Frank Valencia and Aaron Steel

Aaron Steel has a fantasy, and it involves handsome hunk Frank Valencia. He wants to get naked with his hung mate, bend over, open his ass cheeks and get fucked senseless. Frank shows no mercy when he screws a man, ramming his cock in aggressively. And that’s no problem for Aaron, who gets taken to the brink several times during their afternoon session. He begs for that cock more and more, harder and harder until Frank just has to shoot his generous load. Join the studs for lots more action at UK Naked Men

Breion Diamond and Levi Summers

The temperature’s rising as Breion Diamond and Levi Summers shower together, black on white, man on man. Their cocks throb, their hearts pound. Breion orders Levi to his knees, to suck on his impressive and thick boner. Levi’s head bobs up and down on it until they move to the bedroom, where Breion preps his boy’s ass. Levi gets on all fours and braces himself for a deep and hard fuck, as you’ll see at interracial site Mix It Up Boy

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Sam Swift, Astengo and Tyson Tyler

Race Cooper and Dirk Caber

Edward Fox and Ivan Rueda

Edward Fox & Ivan Rueda
Great all-man porno now featuring Ivan Rueda and Edward Fox. From the talented team over at German site Cazzo, we’re treated to some stunning deep-throat action as these two studs get it on. Intense rimming and a great fuck follows, with latex fan and sex pig Edward giving it good and hard to a blissed-out Ivan. This is what great sex is all about – especially if you’re a fan of a huge uncut cock…

Christian Wilde and Kona

An oral-only scene now featuring the ever-present Christian Wilde and sexy stud Kona – a dude who wastes absolutely no time in wrapping his lips around his buddy’s ample dick. One minute, he’s deep-throating that beautiful cock, the next he’s using his tongue to expertly stimulate the throbbing dickhead. Christian clearly relishes the attention and ultimately jerks out a generous load of jizz onto Kona’s waiting tongue… Catch a free trailer and the full movie at TIMsuck

Seth and Marco Mateo

Seth fucks Marco raw…
Seth is scruffy and sexy, and in this outing over at Hot Barebacking he gets to seed Marco Mateo’s hot hole. Marco kicks things off by enthusiastically deep-throating his buddy’s swollen and very thick dick. Seth then lubes up Marco’s hole, using his expert tongue, before sliding his bare cock inside and thrusting hard and deep. The look on Marco’s face says it all as Seth slams into him and then fills his hole with warm jizz.

Bobby Hart and Tommy Defendi

Extra Big Dicks is occasionally guilty of delivering average dicks – but not here. Bobby Hart is a horny jock with a very impressive cock, and we all know that Tommy Defendi is packing a seriously ample piece of meat too. How good it is, then, to see the two of them together, playing with those fine boners. Tommy, perhaps not surprisingly, gets to fuck Bobby. Size queens should enjoy every minute of the action though.

Sexiest pic of the week?


Yes, we think this is one helluva photo. The moment we saw it our cocks solidified in our pants! It’s Armond Rizzo – a boy with perfect abs – astride Landon Conrad’s very hard dick. What a pair… What a position…

They’re featured in one of the latest episodes of Dominic Ford’s So You Think You Can Fuck series. Lately, the XXX star contestants have also been competing in a photo tournament.

Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi and Tyler Morgan

Rocco Reed and Tommy Defendi are work colleagues who are keen to show office newbies the fringe benefits of working with them. So when young Tyler Morgan arrives for his first day, he gets a warm and over-friendly welcome from the two studly guys. Any suspicions Tyler has that these two have ulterior motives are confirmed in the lunch room, when Rocco and Tommy move in on him, stiff cocks at the ready, aimed at Tyler’s tight hole… See the movie in all its glory at Men.com

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Jimmy Durano and Trelino

The hard-working Jimmy Durano gets a real treat here, paired with sexy young buck Trelino. And it’s clear that the youngster wants to ensure that Jimmy gets the sexual treat he deserves, lovingly nursing his curved uncut cock and swallowing every inch. He milks it intensely, laps his balls. Jimmy rewards him, eating out his boy hole and then diving in with his prick. Trelino takes it keenly, begging for that fuck to be harder and longer. Later, Jimmy shoots his load on Trelino’s face while Trelino grabs his uncut penis and unloads over the floor. Catch more of their session at Raging Stallion

Bryan Cavallo and Braxton Klein

Poor Braxton Klein. He so wants a hot fuck but Bryan Cavallo is too busy on his laptop. Still, Braxton is as cute as a button and it doesn’t take much to get Brian diverted – a touch here, a grope there. Soon, Bryan’s prize uncut dick is free of his pants, Braxton has it gripped in his fist and is licking and sucking it. And when Bryan’s hard, there’s only one real place he wants his cock. And that’s deep in Braxton’s tight hole… See a free trailer and more action at Man Royale

Connor Maguire, Jake Wilder, John Magnum, Luke Adams and Sebastian Young

Sebastian Young has been in and out of gay porn almost as much as he’s been in and out of jail. And now this bad boy has been filming scenes like this for Men.com. It’s a particularly juicy orgy with some fine butts on display – and getting fucked. Muscle guy John Magnum is among the bottoms, and he’s joined on the bed by Connor Maguire, Luke Adams and Jake Wilder.

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Pille, Lee Roy and Marcantonio

Piss and kink…
WurstFilm Club brings us some of the best kink from Europe, and this threeway is a typical example of the genre. We meet Pille, a guy hungry for cock. He loves sucking on ‘em and being fucked senseless – and he gets his way here thanks to Lee Roy and Marcantonio. His shaven asshole gets used and abused but then he also gets a good drenching as the studs unleash streams of piss.

David Koral and Tonda Smolda

We do like men who make the most of their surroundings. Take David Koral and Tonda Smolda, who make full use of the kitchen and the living room for their naked romp. And we have to admit that sucking dick on the worktops is much more fun than making supper. We just hope the boys clean those surfaces afterwards! Want to see more of them fucking? There are free clips and more at Badpuppy

Vintage: Scott Avery has sex

We’re not gonna argue with those who claimed that Scott Avery had one of the best butts in gay porn back in the classic 1980s. His was certainly up there among our faves – especially when he was bent over and being fucked senseless. Scott starred in a number of films, including Hot Male Mechanics and A Matter of Size. But these action shots come from the Falcon movie Spring Training. In it, students Scott and Tad Brady suck each other before coach Bull Matthews arrives to teach them how to fuck.

Seth Santoro gang fucked

The van screeches to a halt and a group of men get out, dragging Seth Santoro with them, bound and gagged with electrical tape. They bundle him into a nearby building, where more guys are waiting for Seth to help them unload. He gets passed around, one hard dick after another being pushed down his throat. As he sucks, his clothes are ripped away and his body is tormented with the zapper. Later, he gets fucked at both ends and ends up drenched in jizz. Greedy pig. See more action for free and the full movie at Bound in Public

Nubius, Jay Black and Sam Swift

Nubius is chained to a dungeon cross, fully aware that his masters will soon arrive. And when they do, they have electric razors ready to use on him. But Jay Black and Sam Swift have much more planned for him after the shaving session. Nubius gets his mouth and throat assaulted by their hard cocks, then Jay switches to fucking his ass with his impressive boner while Sam rams every inch down his bottom’s throat. Finally, the tops swap ends… See more of their hot threesome at Nextdoor Ebony

Isaac Hardy and Scott Harbor

Scott Harbor is having trouble with his science studies so he turns to teacher Isaac Hardy for some advice. And it soon becomes clear why Scott can’t concentrate – he’s too busy fantasising about sex with Mr Hardy. We don’t blame him either… Scott dreams about teacher pulling out his cock and making him suck him off, and about being bent over the desk and fucked senseless by his rock-hard mentor. But is it fantasy or is it reality? Click through to Circle Jerk Boys to find out

Manuel Olveyra and Juanjo Rodriguez

Manuel Olveyra certainly gets a good seeing to when he turns up for his casting session at Kristen Bjorn – a session with a lot more kink than we’re used to seeing from the studio. And responsible for putting Manuel through his paces is bearded and inked muscle man Juanjo Rodriguez. It all begins with the usual deep-throating before Juanjo goes to work on his newbie’s hole with a variety of toys. Later, he swaps them for his raw cock. Not done, Manuel is then subjected to a good drenching when Juanjo pisses all over him and finally takes a fist up his arse. Download some more free photos here

Liam Troy and Felix Rios

We were never lucky enough to have a gardener. Instead, gardening was a chore we were stuck with as kids. How great it would be, as a young man like Liam Troy, to be able to look outside and see a strapping, sweaty stud like Felix Rios working hard in the sunshine. How incredible it would be if Felix downed his tools and came indoors to give you a fuck you’d remember for a long time. He’s certainly a guy we’d happily share a bed with… See some free clips and more at Thick and Big

Landon Conrad and Seamus O’Reilly

Landon Conrad clearly appreciates the attention. There’s redhead Seamus O’Reilly kneeling between his thighs as Landon rocks back on his leather chair, swelling where it matters. When Landon pulls out his fat cock, Seamus is on it in a second – licking and sucking like a true pro. Fully worked up, Landon shows his appreciation, eating out his lover’s hole and then probing it with his boner. At the climax, Landon cums in Seamus’ mouth and Seamus squirts his load across the room. Enjoy the movie in full at Raging Stallion

Looking back: Aiden Shaw and Jake Andrews

From the 1993 Hot House movie On The Mark, directed by Steven Scarborough, comes this scene with Aiden Shaw and Jake Andrews. The latest in our ‘Looking back’ series, the episode features two of the biggest stars of the era. Aiden, who fucks Jake here, was a British stud who was also something of a writer, publishing poetry and an autobiography. Jake was a true muscle man and had a long career in the industry, and was never afraid of having his ass fucked!

Jack Allen, Ross Vincent and Sean Parker

From Treasure Island‘s thrillingly sleazy competition, So You Wanna Be a Cumdump, comes former mainstream porn star Ross Vincent. And he’s really keen to show the world what a huge cumdump he has turned into. Studio exclusive Jack Allen and his horny buddy Sean Parker put Ross to the test as they take turns ramming that manhole. Rising to the challenge, Ross begs to take every last drop of their cum deep inside. See him in action in this free trailer

Liam Magnuson and Ray Han

Ray Han leans back in the hot tub, enjoying the warm sunshine on his face. He’s also enjoying the attentions of Liam Magnuson, whose white trunks are winningly transparent and showing off the treasures within. The temptation is too much for Ray, who dives underwater to deliver a BJ. Later, Liam eat Ray’s ass, and then slides his boner inside. They separate briefly, Liam sucking Ray’s cock until Ray lowers his hole on Liam’s dick and rides it. See all the action unfold at Falcon Studios

Goran and Marco Rubi

Lucas Entertainment have paired up two giants of European gay porn – meet Marco Rubi and Goran. They play rival businessmen, who just happen to run into one another in the bathroom. There, Marco makes it plain that he wants to put their rivalry to one side for an hour or two while they have a sweaty, hard fuck. Goran’s no fool so later that night, he meets up with Marco in his apartment and gives him a fuck that we reckon will leave him bow-legged for several days!

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3 kink and bondage sessions

4 The first of three updates featuring loads of bondage and kink – and this sees Connor Maguire and Seth Santoro getting into the master and slave thing at Bound Gods, complete with some free clips 0If naked wrestling is more your idea of fun, we’ve got Silas O’Hara and Kirk Cummings grappling with each other and getting into some great sex. It’s at Naked Kombat, and there’s a free gallery 10Finally, it’s Derek Pain on the receiving end of the punishment in his 30 minutes of torment. Derek’s no stranger to pleasure and pain, as his surname implies. Catch some free video here


Ricky Jackson, Will Jamieson, Rio Francisco and Steve Masters

Bulldog Pit is recycling some gay porn from a few years back – but although we’ve seen it before, we’re not gonna complain. Because it’s got some pretty amazing guys in it. We’re talking Ricky Jackson, Will Jamieson, Rio Francisco and Steve Masters. Steve plays the borstal guard in charge of three young convicts in the workshop, but who decides to get off by ordering them to suck and fuck. Of course, the burly and hairy guard can’t resist joining in. And who can blame him?

Dan Broughton and Tyson Tyler

Dan Broughton has quickly become one of the top stars in Britain. And we can see why – just take a look at his handsome good looks (and long uncut dick). And then there’s Tyson Tyler – a beautiful black guy who’s made a real impression in pornos filmed in Britain and north America. Paired together for this scene called Deep Soak at Men.com, it’s Dan who gets to fuck his buddy after a long, sensual bath.

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