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Vance Crawford and Donny Forza

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Falcon veteran Vance Crawford goes bareback in this new scene with Donny Forza, which begins with the two boys chilling by the pool. But sexy stories, sunshine and naked flesh soon has them yearning for each other. Indoors, Donny puts his oral skills to the test on Vance’s dick before offering up his ass for a fuck. And as you can see from the pix, it gets athletic at times… Get free downloads and more at Dallas Reeves

Shay Michaels and Dylan Saunders

Dylan Saunders knows what it’s like to be fucked by Shay Michaels – and he loved it so much that he’s back for more. Fresh from the shower, he snuggles up to the beefy bear, feeling his boner rubbing against his naked flesh, going down on it to taste that perfect curved cock. In the bedroom, he offers up his hole, loving the feeling of Shay’s beard teasing him. Then he braces himself for a bareback pounding that will leave him breathless. Watch more of the show at Breed Me Raw

Adam Herst and Colt Rivers

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Colt Rivers finds himself helpless, bound in a cage and his mouth taped. He’s at the mercy of sick pervert Adam Herst, who makes a grab for his sub’s cock and starts sucking him keenly. Still in his cage, Colt gets his face fucked by his tormentor before his ass becomes the focus of attention. After a rough fucking, Colt is strung up while struggling on electrified balance blocks and then endures a flogging. A final fuck follows before Adam blasts him with cum… See free clips and lots more action unfold at Bound Gods

Mikoah Kan and Cam Christou

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Cam Christou is a rising star, popular with the Naked Sword crowd and the focus of their recent series The Pack. Now here he is in a bareback scene with Mikoah Kan at Lucas Entertainment. Generally, Kan enjoys his role as a power bottom and he certainly gets his chance to take a cock up his ass many a time. However, Cam wants a good slamming himself so Kan throws off his typical role and delivers the goods…

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Orgy in Milwaukee

These guys know how to party…
Jason Sparks Live brings us some great sex filmed around the US but now they’ve departed from the duos and three ways for a super orgy featuring six of their hot models. Antonio Paul, Brendon Scott, Corbin Riley, Dustin Tyler, Jake Matthews and Shawn Andrews provide the entertainment – and an endless round of sucking cock, eating ass and fucking. Can we join in please?

Toby Dutch and Tomas Friedel

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Muscle man Tomas Friedel (or Zack Hood as we know him better) is hanging out at the port when handsome Toby Dutch passes by. And these two clearly know all about gay cruising because it’s not long before they’re indoors, naked and exploring each others’ bodies. Their hard cocks slide up and down together, in unison; their mouths swallow those boners; they eat ass. And then they fuck. Raw. Tomas gets on his back and lets Toby pound him, while Toby prefers to let Tomas sit while he rides him. Either way, they both look incredible. Download some free pix and see the movie at Kristen Bjorn

Maxx Fitch and Dalton Pierce

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Maxx Fitch is hot stuff. He looks great, he has a hairy chest and he has a huge cock. Dalton Pierce is smooth in comparison – and we meet him as he’s jacking off to porn and being caught in the act by Fitch. Out comes the hairy stud’s monster dick and the action really gets underway. Both guys get into the BJ action before Dalton bends over and takes Fitch’s boner up his ass raw. We just wish Fitch could keep it hard a bit more! Click for a free preview and more at Dallas Reeves

Erik Finnegan, Thom Barron and friends

German porn producer Cazzo has a wealth of material in its archive, including this scene with Germany’s finest porno export – Thom Barron. The action focuses on Erik Finnegan’s trip to Frankfurt and his discovery of the city’s sleazy sexual side. Here he gets dragged into a warehouse building with a friend to service a suited Thom and a group of other studs. And that can only lead to two spit roasts. Thom, of course, looks as dreamy as ever – as does his big veiny cock!

Paddy O’Brian and Juan Lopez

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There are many fine things to enjoy on the Spanish island of Ibiza in the Med. There’s great food and wine, endless sunshine, great clubbing and sandy beaches by the score. There’s also lots of cock. Here, for example, is Paddy O’Brian, who’s joined a group of horny friends for a sex-fuelled vacation. That’s him screwing in the great outdoors with Spaniard Juan Lopez… Click for a free trailer and more at Men.com

Sebastian Young – as top and bottom

Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 461 Jarec Wentworth - Sebastian Young - 6-25-15 555 LVP190_04_Sebastian_Young_Addison_Graham_08

We preferred Sebastian Young in his more youthful days. Now, he looks like the wear and tear of porn and a life in the slammer has taken its toll. Still, he retains many fans and here are two chances to see him at work – as a top and as a bottom. Our first two photos show him being fucked and dominated by Jarec Wentworth – and it’s true that Sebastian sure does have a fine bubble butt that was meant to be penetrated. There’s a free trailer at Men.com to get a feel of the scene. The third photo comes from a session with Addison Graham, in which Sebastian plays his traditional top role in a bareback fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Fabio Stallone and Sean Duran

Hot House continue their festival of summer sex in the movie Trunks 8 with this episode starring Fabio Stallone and Sean Duran. It turns out that Fabio has been hired to erase some incriminating footage of a threesome that took place by the pool the day before. However, when Sean Duran appears on the scene looking as fit as fuck, the work soon gets forgotten. Duran feasts on Fabio’s huge dick then kicks back on a lawn chair so Fabio can return the favor. Then Fabio thrusts his impressive cock deep in Sean’s hole and pounds him mercilessly under the hot sun.

Hans Berlin and James Key

DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-James-Key_23 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-James-Key_24 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-James-Key_25

Looking back over the last few months, the Fire Island Staff House series at Dominic Ford has certainly been among the gay porno highlights. And this is one of the best scenes, starring white dude Hans Berlin and black stud James Key. James begins by showing guest Hans around, then leaves him to take a shower. However, James can’t resist going in for a look and finds Hans sporting a fine boner. What follows is an energetic and athletic fuck around the property. Watch a preview

Eli Hunter gang fucked

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We’re up in the woods of Northern California, where a few horny locals are out cruising the lanes looking for cock. And luckily for them they find lone Eli Hunter, who they jump and take back to their friends at camp. There, Eli is subjected to prolonged sexual abuse, tied up, face fucked and flogged. No wonder he pisses himself… Trussed up like a hog roast, Eli gets assaulted in the mouth and ass by cock after cock and ends up drenched in cum. Click for free clips and more at Bound in Public

Seven Dixon and Trenton Ducati

Seven Dixon paces the alley, dressed teasingly in a black jockstrap. Trenton Ducati watches as he shows off his incredible abs, and then movies in. They face off like animals in heat, each daring the other to make the first move. It ends up being Seven, on his knees, crawling to get a mouthful of Trenton’s cock. Trenton replies with a BJ of his own, then a deep rim job. Finally, Seven gets what he’s been after all day – a punishing, relentless fucking. Catch more of the action at Raging Stallion

Adrian Hart and Connor Maguire

We’re OK watching white boy Connor Maguire sex scenes but we’ve sure watched lots over the last few years. On the other hand, we just can’t get enough of black star Adrian Hart. This young man has made a few scenes now with Falcon Studios, including this effort. And his enthusiasm and ample cock are enough to have us filling our pants with cum on a regular basis. He has a delicious butt, ripe for fucking. And, indeed, Connor takes advantage in their scene…

Looking back: Andrew Cole, Cliff Parker and Ray Butler

Falcon Studios scored a huge hit with the Other Side of Aspen series – a collection of movies that began in the vintage, pre-condom era and continues into the modern. This latest episode of our look back at porn and porn stars from recent years comes from the third in the series and features Andrew Cole, Cliff Parker and Ray Butler. In it, Andrew and Ray go through buddy Cliff’s bag and find a collection of sex toys. When Cliff walks in on them, those toys get put to good use and Ray’s ass in particular gets some penetrating action.

Jimmy Durano and Rylan Knox

Jimmy Durano ranks up there as one of the most hard-working men in gay porn. Some would argue that he’s overused, others that they just can’t get enough of him and his uncut boner. In this session at Raging Stallion, for those of you who just love watching him, he’s paired with Rylan Knox. Jimmy, of course, tops but not before plenty of dick sucking and a penetrating rimming session. Rylan ends with a load of his co-star’s jizz in his face and mouth.

Jake Evans and Brett Bradley

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Brett Bradley is a skinny dude but he sure sports a big cock. And here he is showing it off for young Jake Evans, who’s pretty slim himself. In the bedroom, the action begins with Brett slamming that big and beefy dick of his into Jake’s mouth. It proves to be a bit of a challenge but the receiver doesn’t give in, getting his buddy good and hard for the bare fuck to come. And when he does get to bottom, Brett twists Jake into plenty of horny positions as he rams his boner home… Click for a free gallery and more at Wank This

Kyle Champagne and Mickelo Evans

Kyle Champagne turned up for this medical-themed Men of Montreal shoot with a plot in mind. Donning hospital scrubs, he wanted to play a doctor. His scene partner Mickelo Evans was more than happy to play along. However, he seemed even happier when the good doc had freed his cock and allowed the patient to give him a deep and loving BJ. The treatment continued with some penetrating ass play and a tasty serving of jizz…

Topher DiMaggio – x 2

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He’s a gay porn star who inspires admiration or loathing, seemingly in equal measure. But either way, today we have two sessions starring Topher DiMaggio. The first follows a trip to the beach with Trent Davis, when they find a more private area to get to know each other more intimately. Topher ends up fucking him over a bench. It’s a Titan movie and there’s a free clip

The final pic comes from a scene called Reality Sucks, in which Topher gives Colt Rivers’ ass a good pounding. It’s from Men.com and there’s a free clip there too

Lex Antoine and Draven Torres

Give us a glory hole and we’d be happy and entertained for hours. And it turns out that Lex Antoine is a big fan too. He’s been hanging out in the local bathhouse waiting at the glory holes for a cock sucker to turn up, and eventually his patience is rewarded. Sticking his big cock (with immense PA) through the hole, there’s young punk Draven Torres to suck him off. And when Lex has had enough face fucking, he decides to give the youngster a good bareback fucking to bring this to a messy conclusion. Watch more at Breed Me Raw

Alex Lopez, Theo Ford, Raul Korso and Fostter Riviera

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Meet Alex Lopez, Theo Ford, Raul Korso and Fostter Riviera. Sometimes there are two of them fucking, sometimes three and then all four. But however you look at it, this is one sweaty and energetic bareback sex party with a collection of men who bring variety to life. On top of the raw fucking, there’s plenty of oral and a shower of cum to look forward to. The scene is showing at Lucas Entertainment

** See more of Fostter Riviera – in a free clip with Armin Phillips

James Hamilton and Drake Jaden

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Hairy muscle stud Drake Jaden is always a welcome sight at Bait Buddies, his inked and perfectly formed physique being a contrast to the smooth boys we often see there. This time he’s performing with James Hamilton, who’s billed here as a guy with a girlfriend – a girl who lets him fuck other girls and guys as long as he’s being paid for it. OK. So enough of the story and on to the sex. And Drake does his usual fine job of polishing cock with his mouth. Then he rides James’ big cock and gets the spunk fucked out of him. Download more free photos

Vintage: Leigh Erickson and Chad Douglas

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Welcome to our latest delve into the vintage gay porn archives, and this week we have two great stars of the era – Leigh Erickson and the hairy and exceptionally hung Chad Douglas. This scene comes from the Falcon Studios movie Giant Splash Shots II and sees Chad taking advantage of the good weather at Leigh’s pool, getting a workout on the weights. Leigh gets too excited by all that muscle and soon has Chad’s cock to play with…

Double penetration of the week

07As well as being the double penetration scene of the week, this new session from the Lucas Entertainment team could also be billed as the orgy of the week.

It all begins with Tomas Brand and Fernando Torres inviting some friends round to join them for a horny raw fuck party. Toby Dutch, Alejandro Alvarez and Josh Milk are the guests. But really, do the names really matter when the sex is this horny?

Drew Sebastian and Logan Stevens

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Some great close-up penetration shots as Drew Sebastian takes on Logan Stevens. But before big man Drew gets to ravage his bottom’s arsehole, he at least treats Logan to a memorable blow job. Logan gets a taste of Drew’s thick boner and then settles down to take a real punishing barebacking. This is quality porn! Catch a free trailer and more at Treasure Island’s TIMfuck

James Dixon and Jonny Kingdom

James Dixon is at his favorite club, where cock is easy to get. Fresh from a fuck, he bumps into Jonny Kingdom in the toilets – and soon they’re trying to find some privacy. James shows how keen he is, unzipping his jeans and showing off his prize dick. Jonny tugs his free and for a while they wank – until the lure of James’ boner proves too much and Jonny moves in for a BJ. Fast forward and James has Jonny’s ass primed with spit and his fingers, ready to take the pounding the bottom so badly needs. Click for more of the action at Bulldog Pit

Damian Gomez and Roberto Lacorte

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Damian Gomez is nothing if not over-sexed. He just loves being fucked senseless and so he’s back before the Butch Dixon cameras for another challenge. This time it’s muscled bear Roberto Lacorte, a guy who sports a particularly thick and therefore challenging uncut cock for Damian to ride. First up, Damian goes down on it, sucking every fat inch of boner. Then he gives up his ass to a toy or two before bracing himself for a severe banging. Lucky fucker.

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Brice Farmer and Anzar

Moroccan stud Anzar wants a man and with the help of the team at Alpha Males, he gets choice Frenchman Brice Farmer to play with. Naked, Brice is revealed to be smooth but toned, a fine contrast to his sex partner’s hairy physique. Anzar swallows the Frenchman’s cock, submitting to a passionate face fucking, before Brice swaps his attention to the Arab dude’s arse. He fucks him mercilessly, climaxing in two juicy loads.

Jessie Colter and Abel Archer

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Jessie Colter is no stranger to a spot of erotic wrestling and this time he finds himself on the mat with sexy newcomer Abel Archer. And while he lacks classical training, he plans on utilizing his long reach to dominate his opponent through to the climax. However, Jessie is never one to surrender that easily. So who will come out on top of this cum-covered celebration of sport, sucking and fucking? Catch some free clips at Naked Kombat to find out