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Dave Circus and Tony Milano

The boss and the intern…
Dave Circus is the arrogant type, all suited and booted and the king of the office. Intern Tony Milano, though, finds him a real turn-on and dreams of sex, taking his mind off the job. Dave realises that Tony is playing with himself and threatens him with dismissal. Unless… Yep, you’ve guessed it. Tony must give in to the boss’s sexual demands if he wants to keep his job. Not that Tony seems too disappointed at the thought of being fucked by him… Watch more of the movie at Cazzo

Looking back: Mario Cruz and Rambo

Our raid of the porn archives takes us to 2006 and a true extravaganza called Lords of the Jungle from Raging Stallion Studios. Filmed in Hawaii and about some horny studs who land on a desert island and will do anything to survive and get rescued, it has a stellar cast and some awesome sex. Studio regular Mario Cruz and newcomer Rambo are the stars of this particular episode, getting down to some cock action after exhausting themselves while hacking their way through the dense jungle.

Osiris Blade and Theo Ford

From the excellent Hot House movie Submissive comes this great interracial scene with hungry cocksucker Osiris Blade and handsome white dude Theo Ford – a guy with a dick just made to be sucked endlessly. Osiris is on all fours as he feasts on that meat, worshipping it, licking every inch, taking it deep in his throat. Turned on to the max by all the attention, Theo gives Osiris’s asshole a good rimming before sliding his cock in for a hard fuck. Osiris takes it doggy style but is in just the right position when Theo cums in his face and mouth.

Morgan Shades and Tony Orion

We head on over to High Performance Men now where Tony Orion has had a tough day at the office and needs some way of letting things go. So he gets on the phone and orders Morgan Shades round to his place for some action. When he arrives, Tony rips off his clothes and gets the lad sucking on his boner. Fortunately, Morgan doesn’t mind being manhandled so Tony continues dishing out the orders and pushing him around until he’s ready to fuck out all that aggression on Morgan’s asshole.

Rafael Carreras and Draven Torres

LVP206_04_Rafael_Carreras_Draven_Torres_02 LVP206_04_Rafael_Carreras_Draven_Torres_10 LVP206_04_Rafael_Carreras_Draven_Torres_11

If there’s something Draven Torres likes in his arse, it’s a raw cock. And assuming he likes those cocks on the larger side, he’s surely more than happy at being paired with Cuban stallion Rafael Carreras over at Lucas Entertainment. The veteran stud is packing somewhere around 10 inches of dick in his pants, which proves more than enough for a hungry young man like Draven. He sucks it, rides it and helps his man shoot his load in this steamy show.

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Billy Warren and JD Ryder

JD Ryder arrives early at the truck shop and, feeling horny, decides to jerk one out before the others get in. It’s Billy Warren who surprises him, walking in with JD in full stride. Not wanting to miss a chance, JD tells him to get sucking. And Billy does. Enthusiastically. He gets that cock good and wet with his deep throating before JD gets his ass in position for a deep rimming. And then it’s time for JD to give his man a good fucking with his big cock. See more at Extra Big Dicks

Adam Ramzi edged

3 5 4

Adam Ramzi‘s plans of having a quiet night in at home go rapidly out of the window – because Sebastian has followed him home from the gym, obsessed, desperate to have the man for himself. He watches as Adam strips and jerks himself off and, when he falls asleep, he and his buddy Van sneak in. They quickly tie Adam to a chair and start subjecting him to a series of tortures as they edge his cock, driving him crazy. Seb sucks him off, shoves a dildo up his ass and prevents Adam cumming – at least until Seb’s ready. Watch some free clips at Men on Edge

Darius Ferdynand and Marko Lebeau

The host and owner of Canadian gay porn site Men of Montreal, Marko Lebeau just couldn’t resist putting his camera down, stripping off and getting into bed with European hunk Darius Ferdynand. He was in town for Winter Wonderland, and ready to show off his perfect nakedness to the locals. In a friend’s apartment Marko indulges himself in a feast of oral and rimming before fucking the Hungarian’s ass.

Braxton Smith and Chris

8 10 11

We haven’t seen such a horny pair of guys at Bait Buddies for quite some time – both Braxton Smith and Chris are overdosing on the handsome pills and looking totally stunning. Chris is supposedly the straight one, aged 20, standing about 6ft tall but looking quite a bit older. Braxton, who comes from Louisiana, is the gay boy – the one who loves doing it with straight dudes and getting his ass fucked. However, when these guys are fully into their stride and fucking, it’s easy to imagine they’re both as gay as gay can be! Download more free pix here

Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas and Sebastian Kross

Well here’s a stunning quartet if we ever saw one. Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Derek Atlas and Sebastian Kross are the men and the scene is from the Raging Stallion movie Clusterfuck! Dario is one of the star bottoms – in fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen him topping a guy on film. David Benjamin is also there, taking Sebastian’s handsome cock up his arse. But then Derek takes his turn getting screwed too. Definitely a winner in our view!

Brenner Bolton and Lucas Knight

Lucas Knight has a big dick and Brenner Bolton is drawn to it as they meet in the shade by a pool. They explore each other before Brenner kneels, pulls down Lucas’s trunks and reveals that beautiful tool. He licks and sucks it, slurps on his balls. Lucas takes his man, stands him against a tree and fucks him deep. Then he takes him to the pool, eats him out and fucks him again until both are ready to shoot. It’s a scene from the movie Poolside, screening now at Falcon Studios

Vintage: Dave Conners, Ty Granger and Kyle Hazzaard

For our vintage update this week, we bring you a classic Falcon threesome called Dirt Bikes, starring Dave Conners, Ty Granger and Kyle Hazzaard. And these are real men who ride motorbikes and drink beer – and know how to fuck. Dave, in particular, was impressively hung. And his big cock appeared in a range of movies including One in a Billion for Surge and The Biggest One I Ever Saw! for Sierra Pacific. In this Falcon episode, his thick slab of dick finds its way into Granger’s ass… And you think he’s gonna split the guy in two. Awesome!

Johnny Hazzard and Sean Duran

Romance is in the air for Johnny Hazzard. He’s made his lover, Sean Duran, a meal to show how much he loves him. But what to do for dessert? For a start there are Boston cream cupcakes to enjoy. Johnny, however, wants more. And that, of course, is a good fuck. Sean is never one to miss a horny session with his man so they’re soon locked into a heavy make out session. Some cock sucking and rimming later and Sean is bent over the glass table, taking a good fucking. Watch more at Men Over 30

Gabriel Vanderloo and Dani Robles

30 54 87

Cameras are everywhere. Wherever you go, they’re watching. People you don’t know are spying on you morning, noon and night. It’s happening to Gabriel Vanderloo and Dani Robles, who think they’re fucking in private. They’re being watched as Gabriel sucks on Dani’s toes, as Dani takes Gabriel’s impressive dick down his throat. Gabriel drills Dani’s tight hole until the bottom releases a creamy cumshot all over the glass table. Watch them in a free preview

Cody Cummings and Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa is a kid with a very impressive cock, one we’ve enjoyed watching in porno many times. So it seems a bit of a crime that it’s left unattended in this Cody Cummings session – other than when Santiago is stroking himself. Cody of course would never dream of taking a cock in his mouth – it’s left to young Santiago to deliver the oral treatment here.

Doriano Masoti and Ansony

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Doriano Masoti is making his way home when he spots the delicious Ansony on a street corner. And he does what we’d do if we spotted this tall, dark and handsome stranger looking so available – he makes sure he goes home with him. Finally indoors, Doriano frees Ansony’s dick and is taken aback by the size of the mahogany colored meat. But that doesn’t stop him giving the stranger a BJ to remember. Next, he takes that big cock deep in his guts, taking a punishing fucking that has him streaming cum. Ansony follows, spraying his load over Doriano’s ass and hole. Watch a free trailer at Kristen Bjorn

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

DominicFord_Movie_Theo-Ford-Fucks-Andrea-Suarez_6 DominicFord_Movie_Theo-Ford-Fucks-Andrea-Suarez_11 DominicFord_Movie_Theo-Ford-Fucks-Andrea-Suarez_13

Dominic Ford is gearing up for another of his ‘So You Think You Can Fuck’ porno reality contests – and Theo Ford will be a contestant on it. To warm you up to his talents ahead of that fifth season, here he is paired for a fuck with the equally handsome Andrea Suarez. We just love that dusting of chest hair that Theo is sporting (but not as much as we love his hard uncut cock). He’s definitely a winner in our eyes!

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JP Richards and Wade Steel

Black stud JP Richards is going through his PT session, and muscular white hunk Wade Steel is ensuring he’s being pushed to the limit. JP’s struggling at times but Wade seems to lose interest when he becomes fixated with JP’s butt. One thing leads to another and we see them kissing, stripping out of their gear. JP sucks his trainer’s nipples, then his stiff cock. Wade pushes JP over the bench, spits on his hole, loosens it with his tongue and then drives his cock in deep. But JP wants to fuck ass too… Watch more at UK Hot Jocks

Manu Crunch and Tony Axel

fl_1606-4 fl_1606-9 fl_1606-1

When we were young lads like Manu Crunch in this French Lads gay episode, we yearned to be fucked senseless by an older and experienced guy. Manu lives out our dream here when he’s confronted by fit fucker Tony Axel. The boy’s arsehole gets some serious punishment from uncut leatherman Tony, but once he’s broken him in with some seriously intense cock-sucking.

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Scott Harbor and Christian Wilde

6 5 8

House dom Christian Wilde clear loves every minute of dishing out the punishment to young Scott Harbor. His cut cock stands perfectly hard from his leather pants as he struts around, not just when he’s shoving it down Scott’s throat or up his ass. Scott’s slave training begins with him being beaten with the crop while he strips. Medical clamps pinch his shoulders and a leather flogger stings his flesh. Later, he’s inverted upside down and his screams fill the dungeon. But Christian rewards him with some jizz in his mouth… Click for free clips at Bound Gods

Jon Shield and Parker Kane

The sexual tension has been building all day between Jon Shield and Parker Kane, ahead of the filming session over at Bareback That Hole. So by the time they get round to ‘lights, camera, action’, both of them are fully wound up. They turn out to be a versatile pair too, sucking keenly on their meaty rods, 69ing and eating ass. Then it’s time to fuck raw and, once again, they’re both getting a taste of the action.

Looking back: Justin Christopher and Marc LaSalle

Our ‘looking back’ raid on the gay porn archives takes us to 2006 and the Raging Stallion movie The Big Island, which includes this scene with Justin Christopher and Marc LaSalle. Directed by David Hempling, it sees our two superstars getting down to business in a tree house hideaway surrounded by exotic ponds. Justin fucks Marc in a movie that also starred other big names of the time, such as Jason Crew and Jay Black.

Jarec Wentworth and Nicoli Cole

71 76 94

Bearded hunk Jarec Wentworth has a bizarre talent – he can hear other people’s thoughts. So when cute but muscled Nicoli Cole walks by, Jarec immediately picks up on the dirty things going through his mind. Not wanting to miss a trick, Jarec makes his move and soon has the young lad sucking on his large cock. Next up, they fuck – and Nicoli cums hands free while getting his hole drilled. Watch a preview at

Alessandro Del Toro and Craig Daniel

Sometimes it helps having a small locker room – if you’re interested in squeezing past hunky gym studs after a workout. Alessandro Del Toro, for example, gets right in the way of British hunk Craig Daniel – but both of them seem very happy with the outcome. For a start Alessandro is down there taking Craig’s big cock down his throat, his beard teasing Craig’s balls. Later, that beard is teasing Craig’s arse when he moves in on his hole for a deep rimming session. It’s obvious what Craig wants next from his man – a punishing fuck. See more of the action at Alpha Males

Macanao Torres and Tony Cisse

Fuck in the workshop…
Tony Cisse was planning a day in the mountains with his friends but he has no equipment for skiing and heads on over to the rental shop to hire some. In the store, his eyes light up when he sees hunky salesman Macanao Torres and he loses all ability to choose the right gear. Not surprisingly, the Spanish stud gets impatient and decides to tempt him with something else – his cock. Jalif Studios has the fuck that follows

Leo Domenico and Logan Moore

lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_05

Leo Domenico and Logan Moore have broken up. But the memories of their happy times together are haunting Logan. He remembers so painfully how they fell in love, the sexual chemistry they had together. He’s in despair at the thought they will never be together again. But at least he has his memories of their time together, of the great sex they shared… Watch a preview on video at Lucas Kazan

Dimitri Kane and Hugh Hunter

10In this pairing, it’s Hugh Hunter who’s getting our cocks throbbing. Inked, nicely muscular and mature at 39, he’s a true stud. He loves dick, which is more than can be said for straight boy Dimitri Kane. Still, the young man gets persuaded into fucking Hugh’s ass for a good wad of notes.

We cant help but think, though, that any straight guy would turn gay when confronted by Hugh’s perfectly formed butt…

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