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David Benjamin and Josh Benson

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If you were a young lad like smooth and pale Josh Benson, wouldn’t your dream be to be fucked senseless by a hot stud like David Benjamin? We sure wish we’d had such an opportunity! In this Hot Dads Hot Lads episode, David revitalises an exhausted Josh with a few kisses on the lips – and soon has him out of his clothes and raring to go. Some prolonged cock-sucking and ass-eating later, we find Josh getting his ass screwed in a wide range of horny positions.

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Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria and Gabriel Clark

This stirring threesome from Men of Montreal features Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria and Gabriel Clark, and sees them all brought together for a game of football. Filmed over Thanksgiving weekend, it sees our handsome studs celebrating, watching the game and stuffing their faces and assholes with cock. Who’s gonna be the wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end? Watch and find out…

Fostter Riviera and Patrick Baur

11Fostter Riviera likes a good load of cum – especially in the face. And he gets it in this sex show with Patrick Baur.

He gets Patrick thoroughly worked up by giving him a seriously hard raw pounding, plundering his hole in every position he can think of. After dumping his white-hot load, he gets Patrick to climb up and jerk himself off until he sprays his jizz onto his tongue.

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Jacob Durham gang fucked

1The end of the year is approaching but let’s go back to one of the highlights of the calendar – the Folsom Street Fair – and a sex scene filmed on the day.

It features Jacob Durham being humiliated by a gang of porn studs on stage, wearing a puppy mask and enduring hot wax torture while he gets clips stuck on his nipples and balls. Sporting a puppy tail butt plug, he’s then pissed on by five guys.

Later, at a nearby Folsom sex party, he sucks cocks and gets fucked to within an inch of his life.

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Johnny V and Ryan Rose

Strawberry blond Johnny V has muscle definition to die for – but then so too does Ryan Rose. Together, they make for a fine-looking, handsome pair. Cocks hard, eager to suck each other off, the guys go at each other keenly. Highlights include Johnny giving Ryan a rimming that has him on the verge of falling over and Ryan pounding deep into Johnny’s guts. Great stuff over at Falcon Studios

Rocco Steele and Damian Gomez

IMG_9179 IMG_9327 IMG_9365

Who’s next to take Rocco Steele‘s monster cock? Meet Damian Gomez – who looks painfully skinny and rather frail compared to the big guy! But if you think that was gonna put him off taking Rocco’s star dick, you’d be wrong. He really goes for it in this new Butch Dixon episode, and he had us cumming buckets while riding that beast of a boner. He enjoyed himself so much, he happily took Rocco’s load in his hole too.

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Andrew Justice, Emanuelk Rosado and Steven Ponce

Emanuelk Rosado and Andrew Justice are ready to hit the town for a great night out but when buddy Steven Ponce shows up ready to join them, they know immediately that he’s not dressed for the part. So they set to work on his outfit, but soon get distracted by the redhead’s rapidly swelling cock. And who wouldn’t be? The studs take turns sucking each other, eat ass and then get the fuck train rolling… Watch more at Men Over 30

Kai Sparks and DJ

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Ravenous top Kai Sparks needs a hairy arsehole to fuck and fill with cum, and it’s DJ who offers him the chance to satisfy his lust. At first, there’s the small matter of oral to get out of the way, and these hungry men both give it as good as they get. Then DJ demands to be screwed, riding Kai’s boner like he’s going for an award. Later, he lies back and lets Kai do all the hard work, pounding deep into his guts, balls slapping on his butt. As a reward, DJ gets an ass full of spunk. Click for a free trailer at Backroom Fuckers

Kayden Gray and Cameron Wilson

Kayden Gray is sporting a new pair of trainers and his buddy Cameron Wilson is impressed. In fact, Cameron has a real fetish for trainers and can’t resist getting a good sniff of that new leather. He licks them and buries his face where Kayden’s feet were, his cock stiffening with every moment of appreciation. It’s inevitable that they’re gonna fuck and Cameron takes every inch of his mate’s long, uncut cock like a star. This celebration of feet, socks and trainers, as well as man sex, is available at Bulldog Pit

Looking back: Chip Daniels, Marc Saber and Scott Bond

In this week’s looking back feature, in which we look at porno from years gone by, we focus on three men who were big names in 90s gay movies. Chip Daniels, Marc Saber and Scott Bond are in this threesome from the movie Backdrop. Scott is the one in the middle, sucking on Chip’s boner while Marc fucks him up the ass. Of the three it was Marc who had us harder, although Chip was probably the bigger star. Jocks Studios has more of the action

Raul Korso and Leo Domenico

lucaskazan_09There are some studios that you know are gonna produce quality gay porn – and Lucas Kazan is one.

Specialising in Italian men but with a broad cross-section of European models, their latest movie is The English Tutor.

Handsome and veteran model Leo Domenico takes the title role – and will stop at nothing to ensure his students master the language.

What particular things does he need to use on Raul Korso to get him speaking English perfectly? From the picture, it looks like a quick suck and fuck does the trick.

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Adam Dacre and Sergi Rodriguez

He’s late to work and inked Spanish stud Sergi Rodriguez has to face the wrath of foreman Adam Dacre. But Sergi knows just how to calm the situation and get Adam back on his side. Peeling off his boiler suit, he reveals a tanned and hairy chest, perfect abs and then a stiff cock. Adam responds, pulling out his own dick and getting Sergi to take it. Sergi deep-throats like a champ and then offers up his ass for a serious pounding… Watch the show at Alpha Males

Dato Foland and Jimmie Slater

LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_01 LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_05 LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_08

When you see Dato Foland‘s uncut cock slapping on Jimmie Slater’s face, wouldn’t you want to be on the receiving end of it? Our European stallion sure does have a fine prick – and Jimmie makes the most of it in this session at Lucas Entertainment. Not only does he gorge on that meat orally, but he then takes it up his ass in a range of positions – raw. That’s not to say that Dato doesn’t reciprocate – he may not be bottoming here but he gives Jimmie’s dick a meaty deep-throating.

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Riley Tess and Drew Kingston

BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_06 BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_13 BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_18

We had the good fortune of watching a solo not long ago with handsome black dude Drew Kingston – now we have the pleasure of seeing him in a hardcore sex scene. Blake Mason brings us this show with hairy-chested Riley Tess getting a serious pounding from Drew. Riley is a great bottom and perfectly suited to a guy like Drew – someone who really knows how to hit the spot with his erection!

Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza

15bHere’s a festival of barebacking starring bad boy Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza, with both doing the ‘straight dudes who just have to do something together to relieve their hard-ons’ gig.

So in the bedroom, Sebastian gives it good and hard to Johnny, who bottoms like a champ. In fact, he looks particularly impressive when he’s riding Sebastian’s handsome boner. And for his reward he gets a load on his hole.

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Nick Tiano and Owen Powers

Stick your cock in a glory hole and just enjoy what happens. Who knows what the guy sucking your dick is like – a Greek god or a real no-hoper? Nick Tiano sticks his through and hopes for the best, while enjoying the moment. It turns out that the guy on the other end – Owen Powers – is an expert at deep-throating. And when he reveals himself, Nick’s more than happy with his looks. In fact, he’s so happy that he gives Owen the sort of punishing raw fuck that we all dream of… Watch more at Breed Me Raw

Cristo and Arno

Wet, wet, wet…
Cristo and Arno meet up in a Berlin hotel for a steamy sex session. Arno’s hairy arse is an immediate draw for his buddy – and he means to give it a good fucking. But there’s plenty of prep to get them both fully primed – lots of deep-throating, some messy piss play and an ass-eating session that had us dreaming of being on the receiving end of that tongue. Finally, Cristo rips off Arno’s clothes and shoves his big dick deep into his man’s guts. See more of the action at WurstFilm Club

Vintage: Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier

A lot of porn is just slam, bam, fuck, shoot. Some has more eroticism to it. This scene – Hawaiian Heat – stars two big names from Colt’s stable, Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier. Watching them play on the beach, their juicy cocks bobbing around, and then touching each other erotically in the water is an absolute delight. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were real-life lovers – and maybe they were. Enjoy our latest vintage offering…

Chris Brown and Jack Janus

Forest fuckers…
Chris Brown and Jack Janus kill two birds with one stone in this steamy Cazzo sex show from Germany. They test drive a car and satisfy their intense sexual urges – once they’ve lost themselves in the forests around the city of Berlin. They swap juicy BJs before Chris pushes his angry cock into Jack’s waiting arsehole – and the action continues once they’ve arrived back home too. Quality interracial action…

Brett Bradley and Rich Kelly

So the set-up here is that Brett Bradley and Rich Kelly have met at a club and hit if off so much that they end up at Brett’s place, both desperate to get naked and fuck. Rich gets the biggest surprise when he tugs on Brett’s zipper and pulls out his huge cock – not that it puts him off going in for a passionate suck. They swap roles for a bit before Brett bends Rich over and fucks him with his monster meat, going balls deep in a session that had our eyes watering! See more at Extra Big Dicks

Dirk Caber, JD Phoenix and Dolan Wolf

cttc_scene03_Caber_Phoenix_Wolfe_023Young and smooth JD Phoenix stays behind after class to talk with instructor Dolan Wolf about how he’s struggling with study time. It turns out that he’s been spending far too much time online, getting naked and charging guys to watch.

No more invite is needed after that revelation as teacher and student get down to the serious business of fucking ass. Fellow professor Dirk Caber ends up joining in and both Dolan and JD get their fine butts fucked.

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Arad and Jordan Evans

The sunny landscape is a reminder of summer as we watch Jordan Evans lapping up the views, sipping on wine and awaiting his guest. He gives handsome stallion Arad a tour of the grounds, and Arad shows his appreciation by taking him into a cabana and serving up a hard cock. Jordan clearly appreciates the attention of his Greek god, if the hardness of his dick is anything to go by. And it’s not long before we get to see Jordan grinding and riding Arad’s cock – until he’s ready to explode. Find more action at Nextdoor Buddies

John Smith and Adam Herst

7Adam Herst is playing the creepy handyman, and one who’s about to be challenged for some odd working practices by his boss, John Smith.

It’s not long before Smith discovers the deviant sex room that Herst has created but the boss is in for a shock when Herst grabs him, binds him tight and starts inflicting a range of tortures on his body.

At one point he has hot waxed poured over his bare flesh, and it remains there as Herst gets round to fucking his ass. Download some free clips at Bound Gods

Emilio Calabria and Kyle Champagne

Let’s cut the crap and get on with the sex. That’s what Emilio Calabria signals when he finds himself in the bedroom with Kyle Champagne. He drops the towel, makes out with his man and gets down on his knees to suck Kyle’s hard prick. The chemistry builds between them as they explore each others’ boners, then it’s Kyle who gets to top. No surprises there then with Emilio being such a keen Italian bottom… Watch more of the show at Men of Montreal

Austin Wilde and Garrett

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Sexy young buck Garrett has been a fan of Austin Wilde’s for a long time now – and who wouldn’t want a crack at the big guy’s extra large cock? So when he had the chance to go for a ride on that dick bare, he jumped at it. He admits that he was a bit nervous because of the size of that cock but once Austin was balls deep, Garrett seemed more than happy. Austin blew his load in Garrett, then fucked all that jizz into him until he came as well. See the video at Guys in Sweatpants

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Gabriel Clark and Damien Gunn

IMG_8639 IMG_8779 IMG_8940

Damien Gunn is a real pretty boy and a real hit in this sex scene with Gabriel Clark. And he copes manfully in a show that once again illustrates what a powerful fucker Gabriel is. He enjoys nothing better than giving a young guy a serious pounding and he has his way today. He makes sure that Damien is fully prepped, giving his ass the finger and tongue treatment. Then comes the fuck – and plenty of cum when they both shoot. A great show – there’s a free trailer at Cocky Boys

Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran

Filthy Fucks is the rather unimaginative title of this new porno movie from Raging Stallion – and this episode features the stunning and hairy chested Abraham Al Malek, dressed in boots and jeans, and the ubiquitous Sean Zevran. These blue-collar studs ooze testosterone and it’s inevitable that one of them is gonna end up fucked senseless. And it’s Abraham that grabs the chance. Has any man looked hotter rider Sean’s boner?

Valentin Petrov, Armando Dearmos and Alexander Greene

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Star director Chi Chi LaRue brings us another fine movie in Everybody Fucks. And never a truer word has been spoken. Not only that, but the movie has some awesome men, some big cocks, and lots of uncut cocks too. Valentin Petrov, Armando Dearmos and Alexander Greene are the stars of this threesome – and they put on a great show. Who wouldn’t want to be spit-roasted by these guys? See more from the show at Channel 1

Luke Adams and Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran is everywhere right now. Switch on a porno and there’s a big chance he’ll be one of the stars! At the moment we’re more than happy with that because he’s still pretty new – and looks fucking amazing. Let’s hope we don’t get too much in the way of overkill… Still, here he is in a scene from the new Falcon Studios movie Naughty Pines Part 1 in which he stars with Luke Adams. And it’s Luke who ends up getting his ass fucked in this show.

Alex Bach and Jayden Cook

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Alex Bach is a big guy with big muscles and chunky, hairy thighs. No wonder Jayden Cook can’t resist getting down and dirty with him. He shows his appreciation by sucking on Alex’s uncut beast but then offers up his asshole for a varied bareback fuck. After screwing him in a number of positions, Alex pulls out and jerks his load on Jayden’s thigh. Jayden shoots his load all over his abs as Alex licks away at his balls… Watch the video at Cocksure Men

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