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Goran and Flex

Rooftop fuck…
Stag Homme has been producing some of our favorite porn for several years now – and some of the best scenes are the ones where there’s risk. The risk of being seen, for example. On several occasions they’ve filmed on rooftops, where locals could easily get a birds eye view of the action. We just wish we were among the locals when scenes like this are filmed! It features studio regular and Bulgarian bodybuilder Goran, with newcomer Flex – an Argentinian who looks as if he enjoys lifting weights too. And together they look damn hot!

Comrad Blu, Mikoah Kan and Brock Rustin

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Click on through to Lucas Entertainment to see how good Brock Rustin is as a serviceman. And we use the word in the sense of one who’s willing to do anything to make his man (or men) happy. So when Brock is faced with a hard cock, there’s only one thing to do – suck keenly. He actually gets two to play with here, the cocks belonging to Mikoah Kan and Russian stud Comrad Blu. After the oral workout, Comrad fucks Mikoah furiously while Brock eats out his asshole. And when Comrad is done with Mikoah, he moves on to Brock’s hole.

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Paco Jones and Alejandro Villa

Raw Euro fuckers…
Fit stud Alejandro Villa arrives home hot and sweaty after his daily jog, to find Paco Jones on the sofa, taking his regular siesta. Alejandro always likes to fuck after an intense workout, and Paco knows that full well. So out comes Alejandro’s meaty, uncut dick for a ferocious sucking session – before Paco begs his man to fuck him hard and raw. Watch lots more action at Jalif Studio – but don’t ask us to explain why they’re wearing hoods.

Connor Maguire tastes two dicks

7bConnor Maguire is the type of guy who, in porno at least, takes charge and lets his boys give him a good servicing. But it’s not all one way…

Here’s a threesome in which the redhead is happy to give buddies Seth and Dave a bit of servicing in return, having both their hard cocks to lick and suck.

And there’s plenty of fucking and spit-roasting to look forward to, with Connor taking turns as a top and bottom.

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Munch of the week

P1000826It looks from this as if Scott loves having his ass munched!

He’s the latest guy to find himself in action with those filthy Maverick Men, Cole and Hunter. And it turns out that he also loves being choked with cock, spanked, fucked every which way and generally used and abused.

Scott claims to be straight, says he only does it with guys to earn some spare cash. But if this is straight, we want some of it!

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Carioca and Axel Ryder

The TV series Gladiators was never like this… Sure, it had a couple of fit fuckers challenging each other for glory but they never had their cocks out (however much we wished they had). This is Cazzo’s take on the scenario with Carioca and Axel Ryder battling it out in a sweaty session for the right to fuck ass. It’s Carioca who wins, who ends up stuffing Axel’s mouth and arse with his big, uncut boner. Axel may have been the loser, but he takes the punishment like a true champ.

Rod Painter, Peto Coast, Thomaas and Slotmachine

Piss and cum…
Slotmachine is a strange name for a gay porn stud – at least on the surface. But what do you do with one? Fill it with cash? Our hero may not take that in his available holes – but he sure likes being stuffed with something else. And that, no surprise, is a big hard cock or two. In the dungeon, he’s therefore a perfect fit for horny studs Rod Painter and Peto Cast. They fill him with their dicks at both ends, celebrate with a piss session and then welcome Thomaas to be a full participant in their sex session. Watch the full movie at WurstFilm Club

Allen King and Leo Domenico

TheBusinessOfSexPart2TGO11 TheBusinessOfSexPart2TGO14 TheBusinessOfSexPart2TGO17

Bearded Leo Domenico may be ruthless as a boss, but there are clearly benefits to being one of his employees. Just ask young Allen King, who gets one of the regular Leo confrontations on this particular day in the office. Fortunately for the employee, he likes dick as much as Leo loves to fuck face and ass. Soon they;re naked and Allen’s riding his chief’s boner. And looking damn hot doing it too… See the video at Men.com

Mickey Taylor and Andrea Surez

mickey-andrea6 mickey-andrea5 mickey-andrea13

Sex in the men’s room is never gonna be comfortable. But if nothing else, the sinks and cubicles give us the option to try some rather more interesting positions. Witness the athletic contortions of Mickey Taylor and Andrea Surez as they get down and dirty in their sleazy john over at UK Naked Men. Inked, uncut and pierced, they make for an attractive pairing – and they relish all the spunk they unload at the conclusion.

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Adam Dacre and Aaron Steel

Some people do get lucky at work, treated to the sort of surprise that most of us can only dream of. Take Adam Dacre, a site foreman who wanders into an office only to find sexy office worker Aaron Steel on all fours, butt on show and tied to a sofa. Aaron begs to be set free but Adam just can’t resist taking advantage of the situation – and we don’t blame him either. He devours Aaron’s ass, first with his tongue, then with his cock. See the show unfold at Alpha Males

Robin Sanchez and Felipe Porto

1409339260028On a lovely afternoon in the park, Robin Sanchez spots his old buddy Felipe Porto trying out his yoga positions. But with these two horny fuckers together, it’s not long before they’re trying out some rather more interesting positions back at the apartment.

Felipe is the bottom of the pairing, first squatting down on his friend’s boner for an energetic ride before switching positions several times. Ultimately, Robin fucks the cum out of him…

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Jimmy Johnson and Colby Jansen

TopToBottomJimmyJohnsonTTB21Jimmy Johnson has filmed scene after scene for Men.com but never before have we seen him bottoming for the studio.

Well, in their latest Top to Bottom episode, Jimmy does finally surrender that tight little asshole of his and gets a taste of his own cock medicine.

Doing the deed is muscled Colby Jansen.

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Bruno Fox and Nick North

nick-bruno2 nick-bruno8 nick-bruno4

A pair of delicious, built, masculine men – Bruno Fox and Nick North.
A fetching red jockstrap, that was built to be invaded by cock.
A wealth of foreskin and foot worship.
A thrusting, bareback fuck.
That’s what you get with this new update from British site Butch Dixon.

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J Salaz and Moises Franco

Spanish fuckers…
J Salaz has better things to be doing than cleaning the kitchen. There’s a porno mag demanding his attention just for starters and, once it’s in his sweaty palms, his cock starts raging. Trouble is, Moises Franco is pissed – cos Salaz is not working hard enough. The response is bizarre to say the least – Salaz pisses in his jeans and on Moises. There’s only one response to that – a good fucking. Watch more of the action at Jalif Studio

Adam Bryant and Bradley Boyd

11Adam Bryant and Bradley Boyd are billed as horny rednecks – but Bradley is hunky gay bait from North Carolina while Adam is the straight boy from Florida.

It’s the same old Bait Buddies scenario of ‘boy comes to fuck girl, girl fails to turn up’ but Adam is eventually persuaded to make his money by fucking Bradley instead.

Whether this plot turns you on or not, at least both of these guys are hot stuff…

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Daemon Sadi and Santiago Rodriguez

Interracial action now as Daemon Sadi and his big black cock dominate muscle dude and Latin bottom Santiago Rodriguez. Daemon loves nothing more than getting hold of a guy who’s happy to submit to his demands, so he’s in pig heaven here. And Santiago just couldn’t be more excited to be taking on such a big fucker of a cock. He begins by wrapping his lips around it, then lets Daemon fill his guts bareback. It’ll make your eyes water at Breed Me Raw

Looking back: David Coleman and Matt Spencer

It’s harder and harder to make good money out of porn but there was a time of big budget epics and our ‘Looking back’ series this week features a 2000 movie from Falcon Studios that went all the way to Australia to shoot some extra-lush scenes. David Coleman and Matt Spencer are the pair here from Absolute Aqua, naked on a gorgeous beach and sucking each other off. With a rock for support, they then fuck.

Lawson Kane and Shawn Wolfe

Two men who are the embodiment of masculinity. Meet Lawson Kane and Shawn Wolfe, who deliver explosive sex for the cameras at Raging Stallion. Lawson’s hands are all over Shawn; Shawn deep-throats Lawson; Lawson plunges deep into Shawn’s hole with a single sudden thrust of his cock. Shawn lies spread-eagled for an even deeper fucking, eventually shooting his creamy load over his abs and chest. Quality!

Matt Hart and Rogue Status

The site is Club Inferno Dungeon and the movie is called Enlist Your Fist. So you know this ain’t gonna be vanilla sex by any stretch of the imagination. Turn away if the sight of assholes being stretched to their limit fills you with horror, if seeing a man plunge his fist and arm into those guts is too much. These two are Rogue Status – himself no stranger to the more extreme side of gay sex – and Matt Hart.

Vintage: Printer’s Devils

Our special focus on vintage porn this week leads us to two great names you’ll surely recognise – the star, Michael Christopher and director William Higgins. These days Higgins is best known for his porno work in the Czech Republic but back in the vintage era, his Catalina films were a mainstay of our stash of filth. This print shop has very little work going on as you can see, with Michael Christopher being relieved instead of all his juicy cum.  The movie also featured Jon King and Derrick Stanton and you can watch it at Channel 1

Adam Herst and Dylan Strokes

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Adam Herst is joined in the dungeon by his real-life partner Dylan Strokes for some bondage and kink – and Adam is determined to take his lover to the limit. Out comes the crop and Dylan winces at the stinging blows, but his cock stays hard. Adam then gives his boyfriend a painful red ass while having his boots polished by Dylan’s tongue. That’s followed by a flogging, a round of cock-sucking, some torture with hot wax and, finally, a punishing fuck. Click for free clips and more action at Bound Gods

Trevor Spade edged

3Cocky Trevor Spade is about to pay the price for his attitude. Bartender Sebastian just isn’t impressed and soon has him tied to a chair, his cock hard.

Trevor may think he’s on to a winner but this is gonna be an edging session that will leave his balls aching. Restrained, his asshole teased with a vibrating dildo and always on the verge of cumming, the victim is banned from unleashing his jizz. Until, that is, Seb is ready.

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Scott Cage and Cam Christou

DCIM100GOPRONow who wouldn’t want Cam Christou in this position? Facing you, naked, cock fucking your hole?

The lucky recipient is Scott Cage, and the youngster has hold of the camera while Cam plows into him.

It’s the concept behind MenPOV.com - although it’s by no means a new concept!

Wanna see more? There’s a free clip to watch here

Andrew Justice and Sean XL

Time for a vacation as Sean XL and Andrew Justice play lovers checking in to their hotel, which also happens to be hosting a gay party packed with men. With all that testosterone around, it’s no surprise that they both have the horn. In the privacy of their room, naked, they take turns sucking, fucking and exploring one another from top to toe. Sean has a particularly beautiful cock that looks just great pounding into white dude Andrew… Watch more of their adventures at Extra Big Dicks

Jason Maddox and Anthony Verusso

15 11 07

Some gay porn is rough and ready, cheap and sleazy. And we love it like that. But sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of glam, a hint of luxury, and this scene with Jason Maddox and Anthony Verusso delivers it in spades. The setting is perfect, the boys are perfect, their cocks are perfect and the sex is faultless. Whether that’s your thing is another matter… Still, if you wanna get a taster, there’s a free clip at Man Royale here

Blake Daniels and Max Cameron

NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_2 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_4 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_7

Summer’s still here, at least where we live, but the temperatures are dropping and the opportunities for steamy outdoor fucks are getting rarer for another year! But there are still plenty of porno scenes being released, filmed on the hottest days of the year under the sun. Here, for example, we have Blake Daniels and Max Cameron relaxing in the hot tub and then getting into some serious suck, rim and fuck action. It’s from Naked Sword’s Summer of Fuckin’ – and there’s a free preview to see here

Vintage: Steve Collins and Joe Reeves

We do enjoy our ventures into the archives of gay porn, and Colt Studios has lots of it, including this outing with Steve Collins and Joe Reeves. This is porn made at a time when men were men and didn’t feel the urge to shave off every last strand of body hair… The set-up is simple – Joe has to deliver a package to his boss at home and boss Collins shows his appreciation by letting his man service his ample cock. That’s followed by an intense flip-flop fuck and streams of steaming cum. Watch some highlights of the vintage porn here and go to Colt Studios for the full scene and more

Kip Johnson gang fucked

0 12 2

Filmed at the celebrated Dore Alley 2014, here we go Up Your Alley with Kip Johnson joining the team at the KinkMen booth for a gang fuck session. Things start off with Kip’s chest being covered in pegs while blindfolded, and then having them pulled off painfully. Marched through the crowd on the way to having his ass fucked, Kip is humiliated by the onlookers and subjected to various tortures. And only when the team are ready do they start fucking both of his hungry holes with their cocks. See some free clips at Bound in Public

Logan Moore and Jay Roberts

Onthetiles_05 Onthetiles_10 Onthetiles_18

Two perfect European men and one great porn scene from Men at Play. Logan Moore is joined by veteran performer Jay Roberts for a mini-movie called On The Tiles. After a sweaty gym session, Jay heads to the showers to cool down but Logan is on hand to turn up the temperature level again. Uncut cock meets uncut cock as they clash, kiss and grope each other. They suck their dicks and rim ass before Logan gives up his muscle ass for a long and deep fuck.

Sam Porter and Seb Evans

Meet Sam Porter, a rather older guy than we’re used to seeing at Hard Brit Lads. And if you prefer them a bit younger, then he’s paired with ripped bottom Seb Evans. Starting off on the sofa, they pull off their shorts and reveal their boners. Sam deep-throats Seb’s extra large member then stands, ready to fuck his boy’s face. Later, Seb gets on his back while Sam fingers and licks at his hole. Finally Sam thrusts into Seb’s arse, doggy style, starting slow and building up speed. They change positions several times before Sam shoots his salty load into Seb’s mouth.