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Johnny V and Scott Riley

Scott Riley is winning fans as a new dancer at his local gay bar. Among them is current stripper and barman Johnny V, who ignores management instructions to keep his hands off. We don’t blame him either cos Scott is all man and worth sacrificing a lot for! So Johnny makes plain his interest, gets a good response and pulls down Scott’s trunks – all the better to suck him off. Scott returns the favor until both are spurting their loads over each other. Watch more at Falcon Studios

Sean Duran and Aspen

It’s all about cruising… Aspen is in the bathroom and checks out muscled Sean Duran. And when Sean spots what’s going on, there’s no going back for this horny pair. A glory hole is put to good use as Aspen sticks his dick through for Sean to suck on. And then he’s burying that dick into Sean’s ass when he backs his butt up against the partition. Catch more at Extra Big Dicks

Brian Bonds, Nick Sterling and Andrew Stark

One minute Brian Bonds is sunning himself close by an historic Native American ruin, the next he finds himself being tempted into a three way by Nick Sterling and Andrew Stark. Fast forward and we get such highlights as Nick and Brian 69ing while while Andrew eats Brian’s hole and Brian taking Andrew’s cock in the arse while being spit roasted. The climax of this Raging Stallion movie sees Brian on his knees taking two loads.

Wolf Hudson and Daniel Lament

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Young Officer Daniel Lament has caught up with twisted criminal Wolf Hudson, ready to punish him for violating his partner during a jailbreak. But one look at the pix here and you can see that Wolf ends up in charge, the one dishing out the punishment. And that includes a vertical 69, zaps of electricity and some merciless flogging. Daniel deals with it well, especially when he gets his ass fucked… See some free clips at Bound Gods

Seamus O’Reilly and Hugh Hunter

Muscled doctor Hugh Hunter has the typically unconventional treatment methods you find in a lot of gay porn. It involves his cock and a patient’s willing asshole. The patient here is slim redhead Seamus O’Reilly, who arrives for a routine physical but reveals a stiff cock when asked to strip down by his medic. There are no prizes for guessing what happens to Seamus after that… But you can see more at Hot House

Johnny V and Dorian Ferro

If it’s muscle you like, you’re gonna be popping an impressive boner at the sight of Johnny V and Dorian Ferro screwing each other in the blacksmith’s shed in their intense, late-night session. As they strip and suck, they show off incredible biceps, abs and every other kinda muscle going – including some impressive cocks. It’s great to watch, especially Johnny alternating between fucking Dorian’s mouth, then sitting on his face until his balls are ready to burst. See the show at Raging Stallion

Lukas Cipriani and Knockout

Lukas Cipriani needs a smoke, and cock. And the two come together well for him when he spots Knockout on his motorcycle. Lukas asks him for a drag – and Knockout demands something in return. So cut to Lukas on his knees giving the guys monster dick a good sucking. It’s a real beast of a cock but Lukas copes manfully with the deepthroating in this show at Raw and Rough

Sebastian Kross and Scott Riley

Scott Riley plays the blue-eyed blond who’s looking to work as a dancer at the popular nightclub where Sebastian Kross manages the gogo boys. This being gay porn, Scott needs to audition in such a way that Sebastian can end up taking advantage of him, and with his large cock buried deep in his ass. Yes, porn is nothing if not predictable. Watch more action at Falcon

Jason Maddox and Kyle Kash

NSV038_sc3_JasonMaddox_KyleKash_HorzAffil_2 NSV038_sc3_JasonMaddox_KyleKash_HorzAffil_9 NSV038_sc3_JasonMaddox_KyleKash_HorzAffil_12

Welcome to Sunday Funday in San Francisco, where we find Kyle Kash hanging out in front of his favorite Castro bar. When big-dicked Jason Maddox walks up, the attraction is obvious and they end up having a few drinks. And then, nicely loosened up with alcohol, the action starts… We love a good 69 and these two give us one, followed by a fuck in which Kyle takes his new man’s big dick. See a free trailer at Naked Sword

Abraham and Dice

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Treasure Island‘s legendary Paul Morris is a master at spotting the insatiable hunger that lives inside all men. When he found out that sleazy fuckers Abraham and Dice had been pounding it out for years behind closed doors, he demanded that they perform for the studio’s cameras. And thus we’re treated to this intense raw fuck and lots of cum in the ass action.

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Luca Bondi and BJ Slater

Eli Lewis and Tommy Deluca

Vintage: Joe Andrews and Dick Fisk

Handsome Dick Fisk looked mighty fine in this session with 1970s homo clone Joe Andrews for Falcon Studios, sub-titled Come ‘n Take It If You Can. Featured in the film Help Wanted, it’s set in an apparently abandoned warehouse, where Joe pulls out his fat cock for Dick to suck on. And Dick looks awesome slurping every inch of that meat, his abs as ripped as fuck. What a beauty…

Cass Bolton gang fucked

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Filmed during the famous Folsom Street Fair this year, we get to see Cass Bolton used and abused by a gang of men on stage led by porno veterans and bondage masters Sebastian Keys, Jessie Colter and Christian Wilde. Cass’s naked balls take a grim flogging, his nipples get clamped, he services the cocks of a horny group of men. The partygoers pass him from one dick to the next as he takes a brutal cropping, even fitting three dicks into his mouth at once. Yes, Cass is a real star… Watch some free clips at Bound in Public

Seth Santoro and Billy Santoro

We get to see a lot of these two fucking – but then again they have been an item for quite a while. We’re talking of Seth Santoro and Billy Santoro, who perform for us here at Icon Male. Sometimes they do it with condoms but here they’re screwing raw, which we suspect is how they prefer it. In case you’re one of the few who’ve never seen the pair before, Seth is the younger.

Armando De Armas and Brayden Allen

This session is all about a lack of communication, about the need to use body language to make oneself understood. Brayden Allen hasn’t a clue how to get Armando De Armas to understand what he’s saying – but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. Because here it’s sex that’s the universal language. And that means that we get to see Brayden’s hole opening wide to take a deep pounding from his foreign buddy. Watch more at Extra Big Dicks

Robbie Rojo and Kayden Gray

Robbie Rojo approaches the decaying remains of an old industrial building and there he spies Kayden Gray, alone but apparently waiting for him. The attraction is instant so they grab each other and kiss. As they strip, they reveal nipples as hard as nails and dicks busting out of their briefs. Kayden pushes Robbie to his knees to suck on his giant dick. Kayden returns the favor but then he gets his man where he wants him – ready to fuck. Catch more at UK Hot Jocks

Julio Rey and Mario Domenech

IMG_0169 IMG_0314 IMG_0468

A handsome pair – meet Mario Domenech and Julio Rey. Mario takes cock like a champ, really full on. But first we get plenty of oral and a 69, all designed to get Mario’s arsehole twitching and Julio’s veiny boner as stiff as possible. The bottom gets ploughed good and proper, opening his ass so he can get the full length buried in his guts. Yep, they’re a keen pair over at Butch Dixon

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Hans Berlin, Viktor Rom and Ansony

1445547858038Hans Berlin sure likes to find himself in the middle of a threesome, and here’s another for him to enjoy. The pale-skinned stud arrives home with Ansony and Viktor Rom and soon has two stiff cocks to satisfy.

Hans, though, is an expert and uses his mouth to get both his new buddies rock hard. And then he’s taking them on in a fine and raw spit roast.

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Sean Duran and Jackson Fillmore

Jackson Fillmore’s tight hole is always a draw for a determined top – and the latest is muscle stud Sean Duran. Sean, one of the hottest men in gay porn, gets to appreciate the talents of Jackson’s mouth as he stuffs his dick down his throat. Then Sean nails his bare butthole and loads him up with his fresh and creamy seed. Jackson jerks his uncut cock and shoots his load all over himself, just so Sean can clean him up. See more at Bareback That Hole

Deviant Otter and Leon

Our hero finds himself in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair and with time on his hands before the big event. So what to do other than call on some other horny men for a quick fuck? And that’s what Deviant Otter does, lining up Leon for a good raw pounding. Originally the plan was for Leon to top but his ass was crying out for a pounding. Even after creamin’ up his ass, Leon licked Deviant’s cock clean to ensure he got all that DNA in him.

Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich

Two absolute giants of sleazy sex and barebacking meet for this session – it’s Dolf Dietrich and Drew Sebastian. What do you need to know? Well, Dolf fucks a hot and creamy load in Drew’s butt and Drew rewards him by pounding the hell out of him with his extra-large cock and filling him up with sperm too. Watch lots more at Raw Fuck Club

Damian Black and Dillon Rossi

IMG_9363 IMG_9542 IMG_9586

It’s getting cold where we live but here’s a pleasant reminder of summer days… Damian Black and Dillon Rossi are out in the pool, messing about and getting horny. And despite being on an inflatable flamingo, at one point Damian was able to get on his knees and fuck Dillon’s face for a bit. A novel position for sure… Back in the water, Dillon leaned over the edge and let Damian slide his thick cock inside him and fuck him doggy-style. Fast forward again and that pink flamingo is being used for support as the boys fuck ass – on the water and on land. Catch a free preview at Cocky Boys

Russ Magnus and Travis Saint

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. One minute you’re by the pool, the next in your room – and being stirred by a guy burying his tongue in your ass. As surprises go, it can’t be beat. Russ Magnus is the pool stud, Travis Saint the man who arrives to eat his hole. A round of cock sucking follows in this Breed Me Raw episode before Travis offers up his butt and invites Russ to fuck him bareback.

Daniel Lament edged

2It’s the first time that French-Canadian stud Daniel Lament has filmed a session with ropes – and it’s a session that’s got plenty of edging too.

Jessie Colter and Sebastian Keys are the experienced models putting Daniel to the test with a series of torments, a dildo, their dicks and so much more. Daniel prematurely shoots a small load halfway through the treatment, but soon begs to be able to deliver a full blast.

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Ivan Fisker and Turbo Leon

Turbo Leon likes to put a guy through his paces, whether he’s in training or keen to be some form of sex slave. So we find him outdoors, in his military gear, giving Ivan Fisker a real workout under the sun. But he makes sure that Ivan isn’t so tired that he can’t perform his sexual duties – which include being propped up against a tree and fucked senseless… Watch more at Jalif Studios