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Vintage: Gordon Grant and Tony Romano

In our latest vintage gay porn show we bring you a classic outdoor episode from the Colt Studios archives. And we would love to have been playing Tony Romano’s role in it. That’s because he’s on his knees to service that giant of classic gay XXX action, Gordon Grant. We get a film of fine erotica, with Tony helping Gordon out of his jeans, revealing his fat cock, and kissing his flat belly. By the looks of it, Tony’s an excellent dick-sucker too.

Zane Anders and Jaxton Wheeler

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Zane Anders is bound from top to toe, at the mercy of hairy chested dom Jaxton Wheeler. And there’s some real punishment in store for the younger man. For a start Zane’s dick is bound to wooden skewers while Jaxton works the swollen head with a crop. Then he’s made to worship the big man’s boots and subject himself to a flogging. But it’s not all pain… Zane also gets to suck cock and gets his ass fucked before Jaxton comes over his ball gag. Watch free clips at Bound Gods

Cutler X, Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Cutler X has a huge uncut black cock, so it’s no surprise that the porn stars are queueing up to have a crack at it! Experienced models Adam Russo and Draven Torres are the lucky ones to be in bed with him in this Bareback That Hole episode. And young Draven really does look great as Adam eats him out, getting him good and wet for the dick ride of his life. His hole gets some real abuse before the cum starts gushing from their boners.

Kevin Lee and Adam Champ

itsd_scene02_Lee_Champ_001 itsd_scene02_Lee_Champ_013 itsd_scene02_Lee_Champ_016

Water is running in the background, darkness is all around. But there are the silhouettes of muscle men Kevin Lee and Adam Champ. Soon they’re in focus, an awesome pair of men, hard and ready for a deep and long fuck. Adam sucks Kevin’s hard prick, spitting on it as it throbs. Kevin plays with Adam’s foreskin when he goes in for an oral exploration. Then Kevin offers up his arse for Adam to eat before he fucks him in several steamy positions. Watch them in a free Titan Men clip

James Dixon and Marco DuVaul

It would seem that Marco DuVaul is a horny young man in need of a good servicing. That would explain the phone call James Dixon receives at the gym – a call that sees him hurrying away from his workout to go round to Marco’s place for a good fuck. Not surprisingly, Marco has a thing for James’ big dick and as soon as they’re together, he can’t wait to suck it down his throat. Later we get treated to a great 69 before James plows into Marco’s butt and makes him cum mid-fuck. See the movie at Bulldog Pit

Bruno Fox and Sam

Sam finds that his first day on the job is gonna be more memorable than he expected in this Alpha Males European fuck show. Bruno Fox meets him at the bar and ensures he looks the part for the night ahead. But then the chemistry these fuckers have erupts into a behind-the-bar make-out session that leaves them rock hard and ready for cock. Bruno wastes no time in climbing on the bar and pulling out his rod for Sam to devour, and later the senior of the two buries his face in Sam’s arse and eats him for England. A hot fuck later and their cum is all over themselves and the bar…

Frank Valencia and Mateo Stanford

Bar games…
Down at Dark Alicante, it’s closing time and Mateo Stanford is keen to go home – but first he also needs to take a leak. Waiter Frank Valencia, however, still wants to party and isn’t gonna take no for an answer. With the two of them the only ones left on the premises, horny Frank ensures that Mateo isn’t gonna get home as early as he wanted to. His throbbing cock is enough to win Mateo over to his way of thinking… Catch more at Jalif Studios

Looking back: Carlo Masi and Josh Weston

Our latest ‘looking back’ raid on the gay porn archives takes us to 2006 and the Colt Studios movie Waterbucks 2. And two very fine men as well. The beefy, furry muscle stud is Carlo Masi, an Italian who made several great performances for the studio. Riding his cock and showing off his abs to perfection in the brilliant sunshine is Josh Weston, one of the most prolific of performers of his time and one of the first mainstream porn superstars to make the move into bareback movies.

Borek Sokol, Marek Borek, Ondra Matej and Tomas Fiedel

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From the new Kristen Bjorn movie Raw Adventures comes scene three, titled Abducted. And we meet Borek Sokol, who’s been backpacking his way across Europe and suddenly finds himself at the mercy of three muscle thugs. Marek Borek, Ondra Matej and Tomas Fiedel (Zack Hood) abduct him in broad daylight and take him to a club where Tomas works, and there subject him to a long and punishing sex session. Borek gets passed around from one guy to another, sucking cock, being fucked bare, getting spit roasted. And to us, that sounds like the highlight of the holiday! Watch a free preview

Tomas Lopez and Fernando Torres

LVP197_04_Fernando_Torres_Tomas_Lopez_06 LVP197_04_Fernando_Torres_Tomas_Lopez_03 LVP197_04_Fernando_Torres_Tomas_Lopez_01

Tomas Lopez is a sexy guy. He’s got great looks, a fine physique and a juicy uncut cock. And to top it all, he’s got the type of butt that was made to be fucked, day in day out. Fernando Torres, Lopez’s real-life boyfriend, joins him in this show, which shows off Tomas to perfection. In the Lucas Entertainment video, you can see that Tomas is real hungry for Fernando’s hard and hooded cock from the start. His lover gives it to him too, in the mouth and ass. But Tomas also proves that he’s not just a bottom…

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Xavi and Cristo

On display…
Cristo is as horny as they come and he’s on the lookout for a man as gagging for sex as he is. In his revealing speedos, he puts himself on show in the window of his apartment, showing off to the people of Berlin. Xavi catches his eye from the other side of the street – and he proves to be an ideal match. He’s a true sex pig, as keen on a raw fuck date as his handsome new buddy. See more at WurstFilm Club

Jay Davis and Steven Richards

1Steven Richards has been in the gay porn business for longer than we care to remember – and he’s had his fair share of men. The latest is 22-year-old Jay Davis, a guy who loves giving oral and servicing older men and women.

Steven’s impressive dick proves more than enough for him as he gets on his knees and sucks away. Not content with the service he’s getting, Steven gets aggressive and starts seriously face-fucking the lad.

Watch a free clip at TIMsuck

Connor Halsted edged

8Meet uncut stud Connor Halsted, who’s turn it is to submit himself to a kinky edging session. He starts it bent over the horse, tied down and with a blindfold across his eyes.

Moaning in ecstasy, his dick throbs the closer the team get him to the edge with a series of toys on his sensitive head. His legs are then tied up in the air so they can better examine his ass. After giving him a vibrator up it, they milk a load of cum right onto his face.

Watch a free preview at Men on Edge

Nathan Gear and Craig Daniel

BM1011_Craig_Daniel_And_Nathan_Gear_05 BM1011_Craig_Daniel_And_Nathan_Gear_10 BM1011_Craig_Daniel_And_Nathan_Gear_14

We’re mighty glad that Craig Daniel filmed this hardcore show for Blake Mason. Just one look at the hairy chested stud and we’re sure you’ll agree. No doubt Nathan Gear, his scene partner, was counting his blessings too when he realised he was going to share a bed with this handsome specimen of manhood. Craig knows how to treat a guy like Nathan too – eat out his arse and then give him a good fucking and he’ll be a happy man.

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Jake Jennings and Tommy Defendi

Jake Jennings is ready for his morning coffee, tired, still trying to wake up. But while he goes about his business in the kitchen, Tommy Defendi is out in the yard, supposedly at his cleaning job but in reality having a sneaky early morning wank. When Jake surprises him, there’s only one way this is gonna turn out. They’re locked together, making out, deep-throating their cocks. Then Tommy bends Jake over the couch and gives him a deep fucking to remember. Watch more at Extra Big Dicks

Colt Rivers and Logan

6 11 22

Colt Rivers loves sucking cock – as he’s proved in a scene after scene. Well here he has a particularly fine dick to work his magic on. Logan is sporting a very handsome cock and Colt couldn’t wait to get his hands and mouth on it. After all, the tension had been building during a road trip the boys had taken up in the mountains of SoCal. Back indoors it was time to let Colt get down to business… See the result at Guys in Sweatpants

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Ocram and Mauri

3 4 7

Ocram was keen to get rid of the January blues with a fucking good time in bed, and Mauri proved to be just the right guy to give it to him. Their scorching hook up is filled with all the dicksucking, ass-eating, kissing, nipple play and bareback fucking that any sex pig could want. And it left our overjoyed bottom with an ass full of sperm and a smile as big as the cock that had been pounding him. Watch a free clip at TIMfuck

Brent Corrigan and Darius Ferdynand

Poolside is the new Falcon movie and here we meet gay porn superstar Brent Corrigan in a scene from it, deep in the water with his lips wrapped around Darius Ferdynand’s extra-large uncut cock. The two look absolutely stunning together (and we say that as guys who look at a lot of porn!) as they explore their naked bodies and make the most of their boners. Brent gives his man’s asshole a serious fucking before Darius takes his turn, rimming Brent’s arse and then filling him with his prick.

Alessio Romero and Isaac Hardy

Alessio Romero and Isaac Hardy like to spice up their sex lives with some role play so we begin this Men Over 30 sex session with Isaac getting into his leather gear. And while Isaac may not always be comfortable in it, he knows it’s a major turn-on for hairy Alessio. Sure enough, Alessio is quickly hard as nails and ready for a serious bout of cock-sucking. Later, those leather straps come in handy as Alessio grips them tight, using them as leverage as he fucks his man generously.

Vintage: Clint Ely and Hal Drake

Masculine Hal Drake was a sexy model who made a few porno appearances in the early 1980s, some of which were reproduced in print for magazine fans. Which all means there’s not a huge amount in the way of content out there to celebrate him and his sexual performances. Hal had a long and fat cock that is well on show here in the dunes, where the cowboy meets Clint Ely – a young guy hungry for his dick and some sucking action… See the scene in full at Falcon Studios – the latest in our vintage series.

Orgy of the week

05Our orgy of the week features gorgeous Joey Pele, Tomas Lopez, Fernando Torres and Rafael Carreras – a bareback spectacular at Lucas Entertainment.

These guys are full of energy but it’s Rafael who really gets the blood and cum pumping with us. This veteran porn star has a cock to die for and a body to envy.

More please!

Pascal Aubry and Emilio Calabria

Emilio Calabria and Pascal Aubry were originally scheduled to do a photo shoot complete with sexy jock straps when they met. But when you have a director with an imaginative mind, and two men who look fucking awesome when they’re naked, it’s inevitable that they’re gonna end up in a full-on hardcore gay sex scene (and an oily one too). And we’re more than thankful for that. Catch more of the boys at Men of Montreal

Isaac Hardy and Leo Forte

NSV031_leoforte_isaachardy_affilHorz_10 NSV031_leoforte_isaachardy_affilHorz_7 NSV031_leoforte_isaachardy_affilVert_3

Bulge Scene 2: A Massage To Remember is the latest release from Naked Sword Originals (with a free preview) and it sees bearded Isaac Hardy getting a poolside massage and a whole lot more from Leo Forte. For when both of them are sporting hard cocks, the action builds. Leo pulls out Isaac’s prick and goes down on it, getting him fully pumped. And then, when he’s ready, he slides his beautiful cock deep into Isaac’s guts. Leo fucks his man into the bed then flips him over to finish the job. Isaac shoots and Leo scoops up the load to share with him.

Rylan Knox and Brendan Patrick

0 5 14

Rylan Knox and Brendan Patrick are fighting it out naked on the mat to determine who of them should become team captain, and who should get fucked in the ass. The clash comes after current captain Brendan gives Rylan some real shit for losing the team the last wrestling match. Rylan challenges the boss and they’re soon mouth to cock and balls as they grapple with each other. After the match, the loser is made to worship ass, get screwed and then take a load in the face. Some would argue, then, that losing is just fine… See a free trailer at Naked Kombat

Jeff Kendall and Jon Shield

It’s all masculinity and beards, ink and piercings with Jeff Kendall and Jon Shield. In this show at Bareback That Hole, they make for a distinctive pair of stallions. Jon is keen to get things moving, dropping to his knees to deep-throat Jeff’s extra large boner. Over on the couch, Jeff buries his face in Jon’s furry arse, lubing him ready for his raw cock. And once in, Jeff fucks like a steam train at full throttle.

Looking back: Jens Hammer and Leroy Lellek

Military cocksuckers…
Our latest raid on the gay porn archives in our ‘looking back’ series brings us to this show with Jens Hammer, a young European jock who put in some great shows for Cazzo – including this. Here we find him surrounded by his fellow soldiers in the dorm. It’s night but the major is on the prowl, looking for a hard cock to suck. He finds a sleeping Jens, grabs his boner and slowly, gently starts to blow him. After a while, Jens awakes – as do his buddies. And soon the dorm is a hot-bed of dick-sucking and wanking.

Bobby Hart and Nick Tiano

04 08 15

Bobby Hart has an awesome cock, but that should come as no surprise to those of you who follow gay porn regularly. Nick Tiano gets it full-on in this scene, swallowing that meat like his life depended on it and then bending over to take all those stiff inches up his butt – raw. Which all sounds fine to us. But we wouldn’t have minded being on the receiving end of Nick’s cumshot. As you can see from the pic, Bobby has all that jizz sprayed over his face and hair. Watch a free trailer at HDK Raw

Billy Santoro and Derek Atlas

Derek Atlas likes speed. Not just for the thrill but because it does something great to his libido. So at the Auto Erotic Shop, fresh from a spell on the highway, Derek casts his eyes over hairy Billy Santoro and knows that his hole is gonna get filled. Fortunately Billy is a major cock slut and will happily do anything if it means he can deep-throat Derek’s boner and get fucked onto another level. That’s what he gets – as well as Derek’s load in his mouth. Watch the show at Raging Stallion

Dato Foland and Tomas Brand

02 04 09

One look at the picture of Tomas Brand playing with Dato Foland’s cock and you can see that he loves playing with an uncut one! In fact, there’s plenty of opportunity in this Lucas Entertainment shoot to enjoy foreskin – if that’s what you’re into. With the oral work out of the way (and it’s great to watch by the way), the guys get down to the serious business of fucking ass raw. And they prove to be a versatile couple of horny models too.

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Josh Conners and Nick Sterling

Nick Sterling and Josh Conners stare at each other from across the room, hungry for each other. Their cocks burst from their jockstraps as they move to be one, make out and stroke their nakedness. Josh goes down on his buddy, sucking on his throbbing dick. Fast forward and after a deep rim job, Nick teases Josh’s hole with his rod before sliding it in and giving Josh a ride to remember. Josh takes it on the bench and on the floor and then cums while he’s being plowed. See more action at Falcon Studios