Trenton Ducati and Tyler Rush

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Out in the wilds of the forest, Trenton Ducati drags young Tyler Rush deeper into the brush. No one can hear his protests out there, ass up and with his head buried in the ground. It doesn’t stop him screaming at the impact of Trenton’s paddle and cane. Trenton fucks the boy’s ass and then suspends him from a tree. After a flogging, Tyler gets clothes pins all over his body and Trenton unleashes a zipper on him. Finally, with Tyler bound in a spider’s web of rope, Trenton fucks a load out of him. Get some free clips at Bound Gods

Logan Moore and XL

There’s a good reason why porn star XL goes by that name, and it’s all to do with what’s swinging away between his legs. Logan Moore is just the latest of many guys to be entranced by the sight of it, and by XL stroking it keenly. What is a hot-blooded guy meant to do in that situation other than to get on his knees and suck that dick for all he’s worth? There’s some fine rimming too before XL lays Logan on his back and rails his hole harder and faster with each thrust. At the climax of this Hot House episode, Logan gets on his knees to take XL’s thick and creamy load in his face.

Alexander Greene and Tony Orion

There are real bonuses to having a roommate, even though you may not always think so. Take Alexander Green and Tony Orion. Tony’s set to have a shower but when he returns with the towel he’d forgotten he finds that Alexander has jumped in ahead of him, and has been stroking his big dick into an impressively large erection. No surprise what happens next. Tony jumps in and gives that boner the blow job it deserves. And then he offers up his ass for a penetratingly deep fuck. Enjoy more at Extra Big Dicks

Looking back: Hard to Hold

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Our raid on gay porn’s archives takes us back to the year 2000 (we can hardly believe it) and some scenes from the Jocks movie Hard to Hold. This follows the adventures of boyish Jeremy Jordan as he arrives in San Francisco and discovers the pleasures of the city. They include this orgy at the legendary Nob Hill Theater, in which Jordan’s mouth and ass gets filled with cock. The action also features Travis Wade, Nick Steel, Cameron Fox and Vince Bandero. Watch a free preview clip

Dani Robles and Xavi Duran


Men at Play’s popular model Dani Robles stars in this show in which he plays a guy having trouble with junior colleague Xavi Duran. For Xavi just won’t stop coming on to his colleague, despite repeated brush-offs. Today, though, Dani decides that it’s about time to surrender to him – a decision helped by what he can feel hidden in Xavi’s pants. Xavi gets the intense blow-job that he’s wanted so badly and then gets Dani on to the boardroom table, where he can finger and fuck him.

Billy Santoro and Johnny V

Billy Santoro is not a happy man. He’s full of envy watching Sebastian Kross getting off with Johnny V in the hot tub. But then Sebastian has to leave to take a call – and Billy can make his move. Johnny is so wound up he doesn’t seem to care whose cock he’s sucking or riding. And if you need to cum, does it really matter? Catch more at Falcon Studios

Tanner Shields and Jimmy Fanz

11If we had the opportunity to grab hold of a gay porn star and eat his ass, Jimmy Fanz would be near the top of the list. He’s so darn good looking, and so fucking hairy, that he makes us cum just looking at him.

Well here he is on his back, legs apart, being eaten out by an appreciative Tanner Shields. At least we hope Tanner appreciates what he’s getting…

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David Benjamin and Christian Lesage get fisting

It’s gonna be rough and sleazy when Christian Lesage gets his cock out and starts servicing David Benjamin. Sucking on David’s proud cock, he doesn’t mind his master spitting in his mouth. Then he delights his man by eating his ass. Finally, it’s Christian’s ass that becomes the focus, with David inserting a growing number of fingers into his hole, before that ass is ready to swallow his fist. David shoots when shoving his gloved hand into his sub’s eager mouth. View more at Club Inferno Dungeon

Dustin Fitch and Robbie Anthony

jad0445_dustinfitch_robbieanthony_07 jad0445_dustinfitch_robbieanthony_10 jad0445_dustinfitch_robbieanthony_19

No one is particularly keen on seeing their doctor. Unless he’s a pretty boy like Dustin Fitch. Robbie Anthony doesn’t seem to mind that his youthfulness could mean a lack of experience – because the doc gives him a hard-on in his dreams. Today, those dreams become reality when Doctor Dustin gives Robbie a thorough check-up – and also sucks his dick and fucks his ass. See more at Jizz Addiction – and dream like us of fucking Robbie.

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Tryp Bates and Ricky Roman

IMG_0179 IMG_0266 IMG_0297

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Tryp Bates in his Cocky Boys show with Logan Moore – now we’re enjoying seeing him screwing around with Ricky Roman, one of the studio’s regulars. From the outset, Ricky’s fine blowjob skills have Tryp moaning and groaning. Ricky follows up – offers his uncut dick for a BJ. Then Tryp tells Ricky to bend over a chair, dives in with his tongue for a quick rim and finally slides his cock in Ricky’s arse. Well filmed and very sexy… See a free trailer

Markie More and Brad

Markie More gets paired up with muscle man Brad and shows off his talents as a top and a bottom in this bareback Active Duty episode. It’s unusual for the studio to feature a named porn star but Markie is filming a few shows for them at the moment. And together these two look awesome naked, their incredible physiques enough alone to have his gushing buckets of cum. Still, things really crank up when Brad shoves his cock in Markie’s ass and pounds him like a real man – and then swaps roles.

Deacon Hunter and Leo Ocean

boyn0608_leoocean_deaconhunter_01 boyn0608_leoocean_deaconhunter_10 boyn0608_leoocean_deaconhunter_14

You could say ‘poor Leo Ocean – he’s got no idea what he’s about to endure’. We’d prefer to say ‘lucky Leo Ocean – he’s got Deacon Hunter all geared up to fuck his ass’. True, he is tied and bound, unable to control the situation or stop Deacon doing what he likes. But who doesn’t mind a bit of that every now and again. Featured over at Boynapped, Deacon fucks Leo’s throat, gives him some light whipping and then fills his arse.

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Kiba and Seki

Those Japanese boys Seki and Kiba like to keep fit with a routine they try to follow every day. But once they’re back in the privacy of their room, a bit sweaty and a bit tired, different urges take over. This strip off. Kiba starts using his tongue on Seki’s naked body. He reaches his cock, starts to lick and suck it. Trading places, it’s Seki’s turn to blow his buddy – until both are ready to shoot all that jizz. Click for more at Japan Boyz

Seth Knight and Alex Braxton

In this edition of Fire Island House Boy, real-life boyfriends Seth Knight and the utterly delicious Alex Braxton apply for the job of houseboys together. When the owner of the property sees them, he insists they audition together for the job. So they end up serving us a passionate make-out session and then a fuck all over the back deck: by the shower, by the pool and in the gym. Watch the full movie at

Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi

Here’s a great show for fans of beefy men, raw fucks and true sexual intensity. Nick Moretti is the furry one, Luca Bondi his partner. The latter, for those who don’t know, also goes by the name Fabio Stallone. These two know how to put on a good show so expect some serious face fucking, some deep and meaningful ass eating and some penetrating bare ass fucking. The action over at Bareback That Hole reaches its climax when Nick shoots his load all over Luca’s hole and then breeds him.

Javier Cruz and Zeke Weidman

college-dudes-javier-cruz-fucks-zeke-weidman-008 college-dudes-javier-cruz-fucks-zeke-weidman-010 college-dudes-javier-cruz-fucks-zeke-weidman-018

Javier Cruz and Zeke Weidman are two young guys who get into the swing of the sex at College Dudes by making out and then sucking their dicks. It starts slow enough but once they’re fully aroused, the speed does pick up. Then Javier lubes up and Zeke takes a seat right on Javier’s fat dick, getting the benefit of every hard inch. Javier bends Zeke over the bed and takes his ass, thrusting in deep. One more change of position and Zeke is on his back, legs spread and Javier between them…

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Luke V and Luke D

Meeting your new roommate is always gonna be difficult. You never really know whether you’re gonna end up with someone you’re gonna get on with or someone who’s gonna rub you up the wrong way (so to speak). Happily for Luke V, his new buddy Luke D wants to make friends… It helps that Mr D has spotted Mr V’s collection of dildos. When Luke V goes off to the shower, Luke D grabs one, shoves it up his arse and goes for a ride. And when the roomie returns, its time to swap the rubber for a real cock. View more at Bulldog Pit

Jessie Colter and Jackson Fillmore

BJ0141_X_6436 BJ0141_X_6443 BJ0141_X_6459

Isn’t that just how you’d like to find Jessie Colter? All tied up on his back with his legs stretched high in the air – that fine ass of his completely exposed to one and all? Bearded Jackson Fillmore takes advantage of the situation from the start, eating him out, teasing his hole. Jessie is rock hard, so Jackson goes in for a BJ. And then he gets back to his ass, and fucks him good and hard. Watch a free preview at Bound Jocks

Letterio Amadeo and Sergi Rodriguez

Muscled and hairy, Letterio Amadeo and Sergi Rodriguez make for an awesome pairing – and a non-typical one for the team at Hard Brit Lads. They normally give us smooth jocks and twinks with huge cocks. Still, a change is as good as a rest in gay porn as it is in every other walk of life. Seeing Letterio at work on Sergi’s arse is a real treat, whether he’s eating him out, fingering him or delivering a good, old-fashioned fuck. Sergi cums while being pounded. Letterio shoots in his man’s mouth…

Maxim Moira and Jake Dante

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Maxim Moira is the big man, Jake Dante the horny jock in this Cocksure Men European show. It’s pretty average stuff although Maxim’s cock is looking good to us. Jake sure likes it as he works it over with his mouth and then takes it up his arse, while on his back and on all fours. Maxim rewards him with a load on his asshole at the climax.

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Shay Michaels and Rick Romo

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Alex Granger and Billy Parker

Alex Granger and Billy Parker love a weekend away, where they can chill out and do just what they want. No pressures. No one to tell them how to live their lives. And a weekend away for them also means endless sex, endless cock and bare ass fucking. They’re a pair of show-offs too. They love screwing outdoors, regardless of who might see them at it. In fact, that’s a turn-on for this horny pair. Anyway, Billy is the bottom and the cum is sprayed over asshole and face at the climax of this Sweet and Raw twink episode

Letterio Amadeo and Stephan Raw

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Letterio Amadeo doesn’t like people being late. And those who do mess him around invariably end up being punished. That suits his friend Stephan Raw – because he always enjoys being punished by Letterio’s giant uncut cock. And so that’s what unfolds – lots of Stephan servicing his man’s boner, lots of playing with their foreskins, lots of ass eating and then a driving bare fuck that sees Stephan well and truly impaled and full of cum. Get free stuff from Kristen Bjorn

Scott Hunter and JP Richards

Receptionist JP Richards doesn’t like restrictions. He’s got his job description but he wants to take on a few extra responsibilities. So when the masseur ends up being late for hunky white client Scott Hunter, JP offers to step in. He certainly turns out to be keen for Scott has hardly got on the bench before JP has his hard cock in his mouth, deep-throating him. Scott loves it so much, he offers up his ass for JP to fuck. Watch lots more at Alpha Males

Kylar and Christian Taylor

If only a fuck were this easy… Buddies Kylar and Christian Taylor meet up, suggest a quick BJ together and off they go. They suck and fuck their way through the afternoon – but the difference in this scene is that they’re also holding and wearing the cameras. So stand by for some close-up shots of the action over at

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