Brent Corrigan back with Falcon

52537_12We’ve spent the weekend enjoying watching Brent Corrigan‘s return to gay porn with Falcon Studios. Have you?

Some of you no doubt will be saying ‘who?’ But this was the boy who became one of the hottest and most controversial twinks in the biz, filming for bareback outfit Cobra as a teenager.

We loved his big cock and cocky attitude but four years ago he quit the industry. Now he’s back, looking more muscled but just as good a performer.

Falcon Edge Director Nick Foxx said: “This is not the Brent Corrigan of four years ago: his sex appeal and his performance are off the charts, and fans are going to love it!”

Scott Cage and Cam Christou

DCIM100GOPRONow who wouldn’t want Cam Christou in this position? Facing you, naked, cock fucking your hole?

The lucky recipient is Scott Cage, and the youngster has hold of the camera while Cam plows into him.

It’s the concept behind - although it’s by no means a new concept!

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Andrew Justice and Sean XL

Time for a vacation as Sean XL and Andrew Justice play lovers checking in to their hotel, which also happens to be hosting a gay party packed with men. With all that testosterone around, it’s no surprise that they both have the horn. In the privacy of their room, naked, they take turns sucking, fucking and exploring one another from top to toe. Sean has a particularly beautiful cock that looks just great pounding into white dude Andrew… Watch more of their adventures at Extra Big Dicks

Mathew Marcus and James

10Mathew Marcus is the 21-year-old doing all the work here, a young lad who’s gay and gets a kick out of doing a straight guy. James is that straight.

At first there’s plenty of foot play as Mathew indulges his fetish for a young’s toes and feet. And it seems to have the desired effect, with James’ cock swelling up. Mathew switches to play with it and then suck it, consuming as much cum too when James unloads.

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Vintage: Leigh Erickson and Steve Wright

Today we treat you to more vintage gay porn. And it’s a scene for fans of men with big hair, cos it features Leigh Erickson. The star of many a pre-condom era gay movie – that hair combined with his big dick and near-perfect physique to bring him a big fan base. The scene here comes from the Falcon Studios movie In Your Wildest Dreams and, with Steve Wright as his top, Leigh does what he did best – get fucked. Leigh finds Steve out in the woods and it’s not long before he’s got his lips around Steve’s boner…

Jason Maddox and Anthony Verusso

15 11 07

Some gay porn is rough and ready, cheap and sleazy. And we love it like that. But sometimes it’s nice to get a bit of glam, a hint of luxury, and this scene with Jason Maddox and Anthony Verusso delivers it in spades. The setting is perfect, the boys are perfect, their cocks are perfect and the sex is faultless. Whether that’s your thing is another matter… Still, if you wanna get a taster, there’s a free clip at Man Royale here

Owen Powers and Dylan Austin

Barebacking in Charleston…
The epic southern city of Charleston oozes class and sophistication, and is known around the world for its warm welcome. But there’s precious little of the city to see when the Jason Sparks Live team arrives in town. That’s because we’re in the bedroom with Dylan Austin, who’s preparing to film a horny raw fuck with Owen Powers. Owen is the top and cums right in Dylan’s ass…

Jaxon Radoc and Max Carter

IMG_1184So You Wanna Be a Cocky Boy? Jaxon Radoc does but, curiously, this series at the famous porn studio is about introducing newbies – and we’ve seen Jaxon film for them before.

Never mind. We’re not gonna split hairs because watching this sexy young Australian is enough for us!

He’s filmed here with one of the regulars, Max Carter. And we’re pleased to say that Jaxon tops and bottoms in their outdoor fuck.

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Vintage: Nova’s Hot Rods

For those of us who grew up in the 70s, the movies and mags produced by Nova were an endless source of jack-off material. We have fond memories of watching a stream of handsome jocks sucking and fucking in films like this one, More Hot Rods. It’s about boys and their cars, boys and cops and boys and their cocks. Duos and threesomes feature with Tim Taylor, Bill Lake, Ron Stevens, Chris Dean, Rick Scott, Wes Harding and many other porn dudes – most of whom are now long forgotten. Many of Nova’s movies are available here

Blake Daniels and Max Cameron

NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_2 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_4 NSV028_SummerOfFuckin_BlakeDaniels_MaxCameron_affilHorz_7

Summer’s still here, at least where we live, but the temperatures are dropping and the opportunities for steamy outdoor fucks are getting rarer for another year! But there are still plenty of porno scenes being released, filmed on the hottest days of the year under the sun. Here, for example, we have Blake Daniels and Max Cameron relaxing in the hot tub and then getting into some serious suck, rim and fuck action. It’s from Naked Sword’s Summer of Fuckin’ – and there’s a free preview to see here

Sam Barclay and Seth Knight

Boyish Seth Knight has been busy polishing cars all day but boss Sam Barclay has bad news – the flashy Rolls Royce needs doing again because the owner isn’t impressed with the job he’s done. Unhappy but resigned, he finds himself inside, puts on the DVD player and, surprise surprise, finds a porn DVD playing. He starts beating his meat – at least until Sam comes along to check on progress. Cue the start of a sexy duo that sees the American twink getting his ass treated to a good fuck from his Brit boss. Catch more of the movie at UK Hot Jocks

Zac Langton and Jonny Parker

BM0961_Zac_Langton_And_Jonny_Parker_05 BM0961_Zac_Langton_And_Jonny_Parker_07 BM0961_Zac_Langton_And_Jonny_Parker_12

Blake Mason welcomes a new boy to hardcore gay porno – Zac Langton. And to show him the ropes in front of the cameras, here’s sexy Jonny Parker. Zac’s gonna get his ass fucked in this show and Jonny’s the perfect top – vigorous, energetic, willing to try all positions. Zac is too, loving every minute of feeling his top’s uncut cock ramming into his smooth hole. So it comes as no surprise when Zac cums all over himself with Jonny finger fucking his hole to get him off. Jonny responds by unloading over Zac’s face.

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Vintage: Steve Collins and Joe Reeves

We do enjoy our ventures into the archives of gay porn, and Colt Studios has lots of it, including this outing with Steve Collins and Joe Reeves. This is porn made at a time when men were men and didn’t feel the urge to shave off every last strand of body hair… The set-up is simple – Joe has to deliver a package to his boss at home and boss Collins shows his appreciation by letting his man service his ample cock. That’s followed by an intense flip-flop fuck and streams of steaming cum. Watch some highlights of the vintage porn here and go to Colt Studios for the full scene and more

Kip Johnson gang fucked

0 12 2

Filmed at the celebrated Dore Alley 2014, here we go Up Your Alley with Kip Johnson joining the team at the KinkMen booth for a gang fuck session. Things start off with Kip’s chest being covered in pegs while blindfolded, and then having them pulled off painfully. Marched through the crowd on the way to having his ass fucked, Kip is humiliated by the onlookers and subjected to various tortures. And only when the team are ready do they start fucking both of his hungry holes with their cocks. See some free clips at Bound in Public

Rocco Steele and Igor Lukas

The guys are queuing up to get a go at Rocco Steele’s huge member, and the latest is Igor Lukas. Rocco, a mature, inked daddy of a man, is clearly loving the attention too. Igor can’t let go of his man’s 10-inch prick, covering it with his lips and tongue, getting as much down his throat as is humanly possible. Then Rocco takes him, pushing that fat cock deep into Igor’s guts. Our bottom screams and gasps as Rocco slams into him but he wants more, harder and longer. See how he gets on at Bareback That Hole

Colby Jansen and Tyler Sweet

SonSwapPart3DMH04 SonSwapPart3DMH13 SonSwapPart3DMH16

For all of us with fantasies about dad and son action, have been serving up the series Son Swap. It features a couple of mature buddies, Dirk Caber and Colby Jansen, who find themselves sexually caught up not just with each other but with their friend’s son. Luke Adams seduced Tyler Sweet‘s dad and now it’s time for Luke’s dad, Jansen, to succumb to boyish young Tyler. The youngster clearly can’t get enough of his older man’s cock, in his mouth or ass. Click for a free trailer

Logan Moore and Jay Roberts

Onthetiles_05 Onthetiles_10 Onthetiles_18

Two perfect European men and one great porn scene from Men at Play. Logan Moore is joined by veteran performer Jay Roberts for a mini-movie called On The Tiles. After a sweaty gym session, Jay heads to the showers to cool down but Logan is on hand to turn up the temperature level again. Uncut cock meets uncut cock as they clash, kiss and grope each other. They suck their dicks and rim ass before Logan gives up his muscle ass for a long and deep fuck.

Rob Karota and Milan Tatoo

Filming their fuck…
Milan Tatoo has two things he’s really happy about – one is a new digicam that he just can’t put down. The other is his big cock. Put the two together and Milan has plenty of opportunities to make some home-made porn. With buddy Rob Karota to play with, the pierced and inked boy fires up his cam and starts filming. Rob is the target, as he sucks on Milan’s big knob and then surrenders for a bare fuck. Watch more of the show at

Drew Sebastian, Logan Stevens and Seth

2 6 5

Drew Sebastian and Logan Stevens delivered up a mighty fine Treasure Island fuck a few weeks back, and so hot was it that they just had to have round two. But this time, they’ve got a third guy in to make things even more exciting for us to watch. Seth is that third, but he’s by no means an idle participant. After showing off his fine cock, he’s immersed in the thick of the action and as keen to give it raw as his new buddies. Watch a free clip here

Sam Porter and Seb Evans

Meet Sam Porter, a rather older guy than we’re used to seeing at Hard Brit Lads. And if you prefer them a bit younger, then he’s paired with ripped bottom Seb Evans. Starting off on the sofa, they pull off their shorts and reveal their boners. Sam deep-throats Seb’s extra large member then stands, ready to fuck his boy’s face. Later, Seb gets on his back while Sam fingers and licks at his hole. Finally Sam thrusts into Seb’s arse, doggy style, starting slow and building up speed. They change positions several times before Sam shoots his salty load into Seb’s mouth.

Alex and Joey

7 20 23

Over at Guys in Sweatpants, Alex is fucking again. Or to be more precise, he’s enjoying a bareback flip-flop session with Joey. It’s quite a turn-round for the young man, who first arrived for filming with the studio claiming to be afraid of bottoming. Well, a few months down the line, a few sexual experiences later and he’s certainly getting into his stride – however big the cock he has to play with and ride!

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Looking back: Adam Dexter and Marcus Iron

We’re ‘Looking back’ again – our weekly series delving into the recent past of gay porn. And today we land back in 2004 for a scene featuring Adam Dexter and Marcus Iron from the Colt Studios movie Big N’ Plenty. Adam finds Marcus while out cruising and brings him back to his trendy apartment. But rather than opting for the comfort of the bedroom, they get it on in the kitchen. Adam turned out to be quite a rarity in the industry – he was one of the very very few black guys ever to appear in a Bel Ami movie!

Dario Beck and Tom Wolfe

mrdw_scene02_005 mrdw_scene02_009 mrdw_scene02_015

Earlier today we posted a scene that featured ordinary guys – amateurs if you prefer. Now, from Titan‘s new movie Morning Wood, we bring you the complete opposite – perfect specimens of manhood we can only dream of being! Tom Wolfe and Dario Beck are those hairy stallions, ripply with muscle, hung and devilishly handsome. They look like our idea of a wet dream as they make out, caress each other, strip, suck and fuck. Dario, in particular, looks stunning as he rides Tom’s boner, his own uncut dick nice and hard as Tom hits home… Watch a free clip

Draven Torres and Tony Buff

Sexy dad and son stuff from the team at Fetish Force as young Draven Torres joins Tony Buff. Master Buff begins by tying his boy up with rope, creating a harness, taking time out to stroke the lad’s erection. Draven is blindfolded, laid out on the floor for Tony to use. He licks him all over, slaps his balls, edges the youngster. Again and again Draven is brought to the point of release, but suddenly deprived of the orgasm he so desperately wants… Ultimately, Tony succeeds in getting him off – twice.

Tyler Frisella and Caleb Calipso

02 06 10

Porn is about fantasy. No surprises there… For some, it’s about looking at incredibly perfect men having sex, men we could never dream to be or dream of having in our beds. For others, it’s about the guys next-door. Ordinary Joes. If your turn-on is the latter, this bareback session in the back room of the local club, with Tyler Frisella and Caleb Calipso, is gonna be more your thing. They’re never gonna win any beauty contests or have bodies that we’ll dream of having, but they know how to have a good time naked… Watch a free clip and more action at Backroom Fuckers

Vintage: Spokes 2

The latest in our vintage gay porn series sees the boys performing in a classic Falcon Studios film called Spokes 2. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to spot that the theme is bikers, what with all that leather around. These bikers, though, tend to relax back at their local club rather than on the road, and the drinking and joking soon get them all horny. The movie featured such pre-condom era superstars as Jack Lofton, Chad Douglas and Tony Marino.

Used hole of the week

SS031_065Kev knows how to take cock up his ass. Here he is braced in the position, waiting for the next dude to come along to fuck him senseless.

One after another, they troop in, stuff their bare cocks inside him, shoot on his hole and then fuck their cum into him. No wonder his arsehole here looks like he’s had an army!

Kev is relentless in his quest for cock and cum – and if you need proof there’s a free clip at Sketchy Sex here to watch.

Manuel Olveyra, Caleb Ramble and Rainer

1403101337026 1403101362039 1403101384025

There may be three men involved in this sex scene, but the theme seems to be ‘two’. We mean, one guy sucking two cocks at once, one guy eating two assholes, one guy having two locked on his dick, two guys getting fucked at once. And so we could go on… Either way, the men are Manuel Olveyra and Rainer, along with buddy Caleb Ramble. The latter’s been invited round for dinner but the only thing on the menu seems to be hard European uncut cocks. Which sounds fine to us. The action is raw and kink fans will undoubtedly love it when Manuel felches Rainer, as he squeezes out the load of cum in his ass for Manuel to eat. Watch a free preview and more at Kristen Bjorn

Johnny V and Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran and Johnny V have bodies like Greek gods! Who couldn’t resist watching the two of then having sex, their muscles bulging, abs like musical instruments, bubble and muscular butts and rock-hard dicks. Johnny ends up being the bottom in this episode, first giving delicious Sean a blow job that’s in a class of its own. Next Sean delivers a rimming that has Johnny in ecstasy, and prepares him well for the fuck to come. Great stuff from the team at Hot House

Brent Alex and Cam Christou

LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_02 LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_04 LVP192_04_Cam_Christou_Brent_Alex_06

If we could have one wish today, it would be to be fucked by Cam Christou. The guy is such an incredible specimen of manhood – handsome, inked, hung – that we imagine we’re not alone in wanting his dick and his cum. Here Cam is filming for Lucas Entertainment and giving their exclusive Brent Alex a good going over. It all begins slow and romantic but once both of them are fully hard and the temperature has risen, we’re treated to a great bareback fuck.

** See more of Cam – in a free clip with Leo Forte and Luke Harding