Patrik Janovic and Radek Snow

Twink lovers…
Patrik Janovic and Radek Snow make out on the coach, both as horny as hell. Patrik rips off his clothes, leaving just his shoes on – so his lover can suck his dick. Radek responds by throwing Patrik’s legs over his shoulders so he can get deep inside his ass with his tongue. Later, he swaps it for his bare cock, which he shoves in deep and hard until both are ready to unleash streams of spunk. Visit for more

Gabriel Clark and Kevin Carson

IMG_5372 IMG_5415 IMG_5565

A guy with a handsome uncut cock, hard, the foreskin pulled right back. It’s Gabriel Clark.
Then a young man with a perfectly smooth butt, an asshole that’s sending out an invitation to be fucked. It belongs to Kevin Carson.
Put them together and you have a sultry sex session, with Gabriel doing a great job as top. And Kevin looks grade A delicious on his back and riding his man’s boner.
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Shay Michaels and Armond Rizzo

Dad and son go raw…
Boyish Armond Rizzo continues his adventures in the world of raw fucking when he pairs up with furry muscle dad Shay Michaels. No surprises that it’s Armond who’s the bottom in this episode, or that Shay really throws him around in their energetic session. Shay bends him every which way as he pounds into his smooth ass, which he also fills with jizz. Click for more at Hot Barebacking

Damian Black and Billie Ramos


We’re heading back to lazy summer days, when boys could play by the pool, fire water at each other, and get beautiful tans. But this is just a prelude to some great sex for young men Damian Black and Billie Ramos. It’s another of those POV scenes, where the guys hold and wear the cameras as they go at each others’ cocks and assholes. And at least that adds a bit of variety to our porn experiences… Catch a free trailer at MenPOV

Hunter and Remi Mint

7 10 11

We’re suckers for a hairy chest, and Hunter sure is sporting one fine mat of fur. Add that to his 6ft 5in frame and an extra-large cut cock, and we have a winner on our hands. This studly and keen tennis player plays the straight dude to Remi Mint’s slimmer, shorter, smoother gay boy. Remi must be wondering what he’s done to earn such a man as he opens his mouth wide and then surrenders his arse to the big dick. See more free pix at Bait Buddies

Damian Brooks and Tyson Tyler

It’s pretty apt that this story with Damian Brooks and Tyson Tyler is set in the gym, because Tyson is certainly looking like a man who’s been spending plenty of time lifting weights recently. Those muscles certainly catch Damian’s eye, but so does the swelling in Tyson’s shorts. Soon, Damian has that uncut snake down his throat. And when Tyson’s good and ready, he fucks the living daylights out of his buddy’s arse. Watch more action at Nextdoor Ebony

Fabio and Michael Sipos

jadhq0099_fabio_michael_10 jadhq0099_fabio_michael_13 jadhq0099_fabio_michael_16

These smooth young lads love spunk, as Jizz Addiction proves here. Fabio also loves to sit on his buddy’s dick and ride him until he’s ready to blast. And that’s what happens here, with Michael Sipos in the firing line for all that sperm. Of course, Michael’s not gonna let Fabio off lightly – he wants to shoot a load in his face too.

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Connor Maguire and Phillipe Gaudin

NSV030_dirtyrascals_connormaguire_phillipegaudin_affilHorz_6European stars paired with American porn models are part of the new Dirty Rascals series, a story of a countess, a mansion and the Czech Republic.

In this episode, Connor Maguire stumbles across pretty European lad Phillipe Gaudin enjoying a bubble bath. Phillipe rises to take Connor’s hard cock in his mouth and then later offers up his ass for a mighty pounding.

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Sling fuckers of the week

P1090633Drew and Coda – a sexy interracial pairing – have discovered each other at the local sex club.

And there are plenty of things to keep them occupied, including a gloryhole.

But it’s in the sling where the boys seem to find most satisfaction during their marathon suck and fuck session.

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Uncut cock of the week

HUNG_11Let’s all praise Men at Play for bringing 21-year-old, very well hung but allegedly straight dude Ronnie Bonanova to gay porn.

Allegedly it’s also his hardcore debut. Whether it is or not, this tall and dark beauty has an awesome uncut dick that we’d happily worship for hours on end.

All of us who appreciate a mouthful of foreskin will envy Dani Robles as he gets down on his knees to service his man, who’s stripped and bound.

Later, Dani’s arse greedily consumes all those impressive inches before Dani swallow’s Ronnie’s load.

Zane Anders edged

4 8 9

There’s a worker in the haunted house who’s got Seb all excited, and big man Van can see why. Because Zane Anders is one hunky piece of manhood. Seb gets the go ahead to go inside and catch and mask him and drag him to where they want him to be. Zane is tied to a fence while Sebastian worships his pits and rapidly stiffening cock. All this has Zane begging to cum but the torment has only just begun – for a start, they’ve got to finger his hole and fill it with a big vibrator! Click for free clips at Men on Edge

7 cocks, 1 sucker

So when it comes to great sexual experiences, one of them has to be something like this show at Male Reality. In it Enzo Bloom, Gery Rake, Luke Taylor, Marcus Kirkk, Nick Daniels, Nick Gill and Timoti get together for a game of spin the bottle, with the winner (or loser depending on your point of view) given the task of sucking off all his mates until they’re ready to paint his face with their sperm. Does it get any better? And there’s a feast of foreskin in this European outing too.

Mark Brown and Karl Rossi

5 10 13

Meet Mark Brown and Karl Rossi. Mark’s the top, the one who’s eating ass. The one fucking raw. Karl is the young man who just loves the feeling of his man’s bare dick ramming deep into his guts. Whether he’s on his back, being penetrated while lying on his side or on all fours, Karl just wants more and more of that pounding. In fact, he ends up cumming all over himself while Mark fucks him… Watch the movie at Cocksure Men

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Owen Michaels and Rylan Knox

Rylan Knox and Owen Michaels know how to play hard, their rigid cocks displaying just how keen on a fuck they both are. Rylan strokes the shaft of Owen’s dick from the head to the balls, then swaps his fist for his mouth as he sucks his buddy deep. Rylan’s bubble butt looks perfect in his red jockstrap, and Owen can’t resist burying his face in it. Primed for a fucking, Owen slides his boner inside, fucking Rylan until they’ve both built up a sweat. Rylan shoots while Owen is plowing his hole, and then Owen sprays his own load across Rylan’s prick. Click for more at Hot House

Vintage: Josh Kincaid and Bruno

Many models of the vintage era have since disappeared into obscurity but several remain talked about stars to this day, among them Bruno and Josh Kincaid. And we see them together in this hot sex scene. Bruno, if you didn’t know already, is the dark and hairy muscle stud, Josh the moustachioed blond. It’s a scene with lots of fingering and rimming – and Josh sucks his buddy’s cock like his life depends on it… See the scene in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Adam Champ and Christopher Daniels

hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_004 hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_007 hsrl_scene03_Champ_Daniels_014

Who likes foreskin? Us for sure, along with many of our readers. Christopher Daniels looks like he appreciates a hooded cock too from the way he goes to work on Adam Champ. The burly muscle fucker from Argentina gets the treatment big time from blond Christopher, who sucks, licks and slurps on that uncut dick. Adam rewards him for his efforts, eating out his hole and then giving him a fuck in the ass to remember. Click for a free trailer at Titan Men

Dylan Knight and Julian Smiles

09 14 08

It’s all smiles for Dylan Knight today. Literally. Because he’s found himself a handsome young man by the name of Julian Smiles, a young man with a fine dick and an eager mouth. The boys swap BJs before spending the afternoon fucking, with Dylan doing his normal thing of being the bottom. See a free trailer at Man Royale

Boomer Banks and Brock Avery

We’ve seen Brock Avery take on gangs of men as a bottom so he’s used to a challenge. And today here he is with just one guy, but one huge cock. It belongs to Boomer Banks, who’s determined to fill Brock’s hole. They suck each other off first before Boomer slips his wet tongue into Brock. Then it’s slam, bang, as he forces his fat dick deep into his man’s guts. Brock sure performs like a superstar, and takes Boomer’s load in his face at the climax. Watch more of the show at Falcon Studios

Rocco Steele and Nigel Banks

Rocco_Steele_Nigel_Banks_05 Rocco_Steele_Nigel_Banks_09 Rocco_Steele_Nigel_Banks_10

OK, watersports aren’t popular with all of you but, personally, we don’t mind a bit of piss play. And here at Lucas Raunch our wishes are fulfilled with a sexy shower session starring big-dicked Rocco Steele and uncut Nigel Banks. Rocco’s huge cock is a real dream and Nigel can’t get enough of it down his throat – unless his big guy is emptying his bladder in his face and mouth…

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Doug Acre and Hunter Vance

Hunter Vance finds himself in the bathroom at the fancy dress party, but waiting for him is a masked man with an agenda. Hunter has no idea who it is but he doesn’t protest too much when he’s pushed to his knees and made to suck the mystery man’s extra large dick. Not long after, he’s manhandled around the room so the top (played by Doug Acre) can fuck him. Hunter copes, just, with the punishment his ass takes and ends up unloading jizz all over the floor. See the full movie at Extra Big Dicks

Jay at the frat

fx104a-still-33Jay’s a keen bottom boy but his frat brothers decided to make him their bitch in more ways than one.

Not only did he have to lie back and take a good fucking from his buddies, but he had Katy’s face taped onto him to make for a different fantasy.

Turning him into a little pussy, he got passed around the lads, and took a good pounding at both ends.

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Dato Foland and Craig Daniel

01 02 Dato_Foland_04

Either way – top or bottom – European superstar Dato Foland is stunning to look at  – as you can see in the picture, right. Great features, a juicy uncut cock, a fine physique. We’d bed him any day of the week. Today, though, he’s joined forces with Craig Daniel at Lucas Entertainment for a bareback fuck session. And the good news is, he not only tops, he also gets his ass fucked raw too.

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Felix Brazeau and Mam Steele

Felix Brazeau is no stranger to getting fucked. He’s even been doubled penetrated by the team of Marko Lebeau and Alec Leduc. Now, though, he has the challenge of taking on Mam Steel’s impressively large cock in a show at Men of Montreal. And Felix being Felix, he copes manfully – whether he’s sucking and licking that beauty or getting his arse rammed senseless. He takes Mam’s cock in a multitude of positions, his face betraying the mix of pleasure and pain he’s experiencing…

Conner Chesney and David Hardy

1285-pic-16 1285-pic-26 1285-pic-30

David Hardy may be a newbie at Broke Straight Boys but we think he’d struggle to find a better-looking guy to fuck his ass than Conner Chesney from the studio’s line up of models. Solidly built and with great good looks, Chesney would certainly have our dicks standing on end, and dribbling pre-cum, if he stuffed his cock into us. David takes that pounding like a man and ends up with plenty of jizz on his belly.

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Johnny Smash and Lucas Knight

With a kick-boxing match coming up, Johnny Smash can ill afford to have a wrist injury – so he seeks help from Doctor Lucas Knight. It turns out that the good Dr Knight has a number of additional therapies for men he fancies, including sucking their cocks if they’re up for it. Johnny sure is. Indeed, he promptly returns the favor, salivating over the doc’s extra-large dick. The boys follow their oral examination with a long, hard fuck in this new show at Nextdoor Buddies

Arturo and Jota

16If you’ve ever been to Bears Week in the Spanish resort of Sitges then men like Arturo and Jota will be more than familiar.

Sadly we’ve never been but we promise ourselves that we’ll visit at least once! Either way, there’s loads of chunky Spanish dads there and the cameras managed to catch this session with these sexy Spaniards.

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Sculptural shot of the week

15bAdmittedly this is not the first time we’ve seen this position in gay porn but we think Nicoli Cole and Archer Hart are looking particularly sculptural in their bareback sex session.

Archer is the bottom, and looking like he’s enjoying every minute of having Nicoli ramming into him.

Nicoli ends up cumming on Archer’s used hole, then shoves his dick back in for a little more. Then Archer gives Nicoli a load of cum straight in his mouth.

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Cage Kafig and Mishka Voxx

15bFit young lads Cage Kafig and Mishka Voxx are all ready and waiting to suck each others’ handsome cocks as the camera starts turning.

And once they start, there’s no stopping them as they lick those swollen heads and shafts, deep-throat one another, lick those balls.

At the climax, Mishka opens his mouth to receive his man’s cum.

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Abraham Al Malek and Johnny V

Abraham Al Malek is the bearded, exotic stud, paired with muscled blond Johnny V. It’s a truly explosive sex session with some great highlights, including Johnny, his cock dripping precum, squatting over Abraham’s face while his ass gets eaten. Then the blond lowers himself onto Abraham’s cock, jacking himself while riding. He experiences pleasure and pain as a bottom – and then swallows Abraham’s load. See more of the show at Raging Stallion

Jacob Durham gang fucked

10 3 6

Filmed during the Folsom Street Fair 2014 and now released for our jack-off pleasure, we bring you Jacob Durham and a whole feast of kink and porn. With Sebastian Keys leading the team of men who are gonna work him over, Jacob gets tied up and pinched with some painful medical clamps on his pert nipples and plumb balls. After amusing the watching crowd, our victim gets taken away to Dore Alley where he’s gang fucked with one cock after another and then drenched in the face with spunk. See some free clips and more at Bound in Public