Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander

It’s always great to watch a scene where the guys are seriously into each other and sporting extra large cocks. Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander are two such guys, taking it in turns to service each others uncut boners and then to fuck each other senseless. AJ’s dick is fat – beercan thick with an upward curve. Luke’s is straighter and longer. Both get to fuck face with those cocks as well as to fuck ass and they’re both clearly into their versatility once they get out of their sports kit. Watch more at Hard Brit Lads

Isaac Eliad and Aday Traun

IMG_0006 IMG_0575 IMG_0603

Fuck! These two guys are worth watching – many times over. Aday Traun is the top with a raging hard cock. Isaac Eliad is the newbie with an arsehole that’s crying out to be rammed. Aday wastes no time stripping him and exploring his naked body, opening his hole with his tongue. Aday is a big boy, as Issac finds out as he gingerly skewers himself onto that throbbing uncut cock. And then they fuck furiously on the couch until the spunk is ready to fly. Watch the show at Butch Dixon

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Shawn Wolfe and Mike De Marko

Brock Rustin and Ale Tedesco

Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni

Casey More and Anthony Verusso

Young Anthony Verusso and the equally youthful Casey More play good buddies who’ve both been dumped by their boyfriends in this Dylan Lucas episode. So pissed are they that they make a pact to spend the summer without guys and to focus instead on their friendship. But they’re soon finding it tough to go so long without dick and eventually they surrender to their urges, screwing each other for necessary relief…

Vintage: Mac Turner and Tim Kramer

Enjoy this chance of seeing porn superstar Tim Kramer in all his glory, in a scene from the classic Falcon movie Biker’s Liberty, in which he’s paired with sexy Mac Turner. The latter plays a sailor who finds himself meeting biker Tim while out cruising the docks. The attraction is obvious and Mac hitches a ride back to Tim’s garage, where he’s subjected to a cock assault on his mouth and ass…

Bilal and Javin

2 3 8

Keen Bilal shows us just how far sheer enthusiasm can get you when he takes on Javin’s extra-large uncut black cock. The eager sex pig may not be able to handle all 13 inches on his own but he readily surrenders to some aggressive face fucking. His aim of course is to get all that cum stored in Javin’s balls and ultimately that’s just what he gets. Get the movie at TIMsuck

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Jin Powers and XL

Cruising in the park… Haven’t we all done it? And when it works, it’s great! It does for XL and Jin Powers – who discover sparks flying when they spot each other downtown one day. The look Jin shot XL said it all, summarised as ‘come to my apartment and fuck me’. XL needs no more invitation and back at the apartment they both get locked into some seriously intense BJ action. Then XL slides his cock into Jin’s tight ass and pumps him til both are shooting their loads. View the movie at Nextdoor Ebony

Ren and Dirk

P1000534 P1000566 P1000574

We like variety in men. There’s nothing more boring than watching a string of ripped smooth guys, who look identical, screwing day in day out. Thanks to Maverick Men Directs, we get young white lad Ren – a lanky fucker with a deliciously curved dick. And then there’s Dirk – a black dude with delicious body hair. Put the two together and you get some truly intense fuck action as well as two cum shots from each of them. And that must prove just how hot this show is!

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JR Bronson and Billy Santoro

Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter and Trenton Ducati

Lucio Saints and Toby Dutch

Ennio Guardi and Just Angelo

Hot jock Ennio Guardi has a body to die for. When he’s working out at the gym, Just Angelo is watching every minute of it and longing to get up close and personal with the young stud. His cruising pays off and the pair of them head off to find some privacy, in a place where Ennio can fuck his new buddy. See more at Male Reality

Matthew Rodriquez orgy

04 13 15

Who can resist an orgy in a back room of some sleazy bar? Well here we have two guys in particular who really show how good they are at entertaining their fellow men in just such a venue. First up is Justin Riley, who gets on his back for a fuck while he sucks on the dicks of buddies Cassidy Hayes, Dane Caroggio, Denny Smithson, Michael Bailey, Owen Feral and Robert Wood. But for us the star of the show is handsome Matthew Rodriquez, who’s late to the party but quick to get on his knees to swallow cocks and cum. See a free preview at Backroom Fuckers

Luke Milan and Braxton Smith

It’s tough for Braxton Smith. He’s in love with a guy who’s already got a boyfriend – and Luke Milan is getting a bit fed up with all the texts and other messages he’s getting begging for him to come round. But Braxton can be very persuasive so Luke finally submits, agreeing to come over to his place for one last fuck together. Braxton shows his appreciation by giving Luke a memorable blow job and then bending over when he’s told to take all that stiff thick meat up his ass… See the movie at Extra Big Dicks

Brody Fields casting session

IMG_7453 IMG_7519 IMG_7532

Do you like your men smooth or with body hair? If it’s the latter, we’re sure you’ll find Brody Fields irresistible. The guy is absolutely covered in fur, from the top of his head, via his beard and down to his legs. We’d sure love to feel him rubbing up against us naked and hard. In this Gay Castings episode, Brody is put through his paces to see whether he has the talents needed to make it in porn…

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Mike De Marko and Brock Avery

FX Rios and Michael Del Ray

Johnny Rapid and CK Steel

Armond Rizzo and Sean Zevran

Wouldn’t you just love to have Sean Zevran as your doctor? You’d just want to strip off and be examined in the most intimate detail every time you visited him. Armond Rizzo is clearly in love with the guy, returning for some additional treatment on his lower back. That obviously involves having to remove his pants and getting some particularly pleasurable anal treatment. By the end of their session together, Armond has been thoroughly probed in both of his holes… There’s more to watch at Hot House

Scotty Rage and Kyle Kash

DaddyIssuesScene2Watermark05 DaddyIssuesScene2Watermark06 DaddyIssuesScene2Watermark09

We’ve been loving every minute of the Channel 1 movie Daddy Issues. And here’s one of the reasons why. We bring you suited daddy Scotty Rage, who can’t hide the bulge in his pants after spying on furry assed young man Kyle Kash while he’s taking a shower. Unable to hold back, Scotty pulls out his dick and starts jacking for Kyle. Then there’s no stopping the suck and fuck action…

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Arturo and Jota

Matt Stevens and Bradley Boyd

Lucas and the Maverick Men

Marxel Rios and Max Sargent

Marxel Rios is stranded so he resorts to hitchhiking to get a ride. And it’s then that he meets Max Sargent, who isn’t a guy who usually goes around picking up sexy men off the road. But who could resist Marxel? With night rolling in, and a handy mattress in the back of the van, Max suggests they get some rest. Except you know they’re not gonna get any. In fact, it’s not long before Marxel is blowing his new pal’s big thick cock and then getting his ass fucked relentlessly. Catch more at High Performance Men

Troy Ryan and Greco Rai

Troy-Ryan-and-Greco-Rai-011 Troy-Ryan-and-Greco-Rai-015 Troy-Ryan-and-Greco-Rai-019

Take yourself back to the time when you were first experiencing gay sex, the first time you took another lad’s cock in your had and mouth. Wouldn’t you have been impressed if you were offered a cock like Troy Ryan’s to play with? It’s a handsome dick, nice and thick. Boyish Greco Rai treats it with real respect when Troy shows it to him in the woods, dropping to his knees to suck on it. Back home, Troy opens up Greco’s ass with that juicy cock… See a free movie clip at Helix

Kyle Champagne and Sonny Stewart

If you’re regular visitors, you’ll know that Kyle Champagne and Sonny Stewart are no strangers to performing before the cameras at Men of Montreal. Now the two get together for some sensuous gay sex action in that fine Canadian city. Not that there’s much to see of it as the focus is on the bed, the naked men and their hard cocks. Yes, it’s pretty standard stuff…

Gregory Luck and Jimmy Slavich

OLY012_Sc2_X_9680Taking a break from work in the stairwell, studs Gregory Luck and Jimmy Slavic find themselves drawn to each other. And before long they’re making out and unleashing their swollen hooded cocks. A mutual suck follows…

Then Jimmy’s taking a hard pounding from behind before climbing on top of his lover to ride his boner. At the climax, Gregory strokes a hot load onto Jimmy’s face.

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Fernando Del Rio and Alessandro Del Toro

Alessandro Del Toro has been away on a business trip for two weeks and that means that Fernando Del Rio’s balls are almost busting by the time he gets back. The truth is that both of them are desperate for a fuck so the clothes come off rapidly as they make out and grope their firm bodies. While he was away Alessandro has been thinking about the ass he so badly needs to fuck and now Fernando is about to experience it… See more at Men Over 30

Tony Parker and Jason Domino

BM1048_Jason_Domino_And_Tony_Parker_06 BM1048_Jason_Domino_And_Tony_Parker_10 BM1048_Jason_Domino_And_Tony_Parker_13

Blake Mason filmed sexy Jason Domino doing a solo a while back, but the model made it perfectly clear he wanted to do much more for the cameras than just wank out a load. He wanted a full-on fucking and happily agreed to do it with Tony Parker. The pair show real chemistry as they kiss and suck on their big hooded dicks. But it’s the serious fucking he takes that ultimately has Jason shooting jizz all over his belly.

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Dean Monroe and Max Carter

Brent Corrigan and Brian Bonds

Sam Truitt and Austin Ryan

Mark Long and Lucas Knight

Poor Mark Long is experiencing a problem that many of us wouldn’t mind having, at least once in our lives. His partner finds that his cock is just too big and he’s not getting any sex. He discusses his problem with his buddy, Lucas Knight, who knows full well what it’s like – he too has a big dick. Lucas’s solution is pretty obvious – why don’t the boys just do it together? Mark, despite supposedly being straight, agrees and Lucas is quickly going down on his boner. And then he’s bending over the couch to take it up his ass. See more at Nextdoor Buddies

Looking back: Christoph Scharff, Collin O’Neal and Jason Ridge

11329_15Going back into the gay porn archives, we find this classic with Collin O’Neal, Jason Ridge and Christoph Scharff. Meeting up in a sex club, they end up in an awesome round of fucking that leaves you breathless!

The action comes from the 2005 movie Skuff 3: Downright Wrong and gives us a chance to recall Collin’s glory days. He was, of course, a noted director as well as performer.

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Jerome Exupery and Tom Pollock

4 7 14

Tom Pollock is well known to us a Bel Ami porn star – Jerome Exupery less so. He’s been working with the studio’s twinkier outfit, the Kinky Angels, but now gets a chance to aim for the top rank! What follows is Tom giving his partner a demonstration of how to fuck ass raw. Jerome takes it like a champ, as well as Tom’s creamy jizz. Watch a free trailer

Sebastian Kross and Brandon Moore

After a busy day on the slopes, Sebastian Kross has one thing on his mind – a good fuck. And when Brandon Moore returns to the cabin saying that he needs a good workout, Sebastian tempts him with his cock. Why? Because a hard fuck is a good way of burning calories and building tone. Brandon needs no persuading to get to grips with that hefty cock, slurps down on it and takes every inch. Sebastian returns the favor, delivers a rimming and uses his fingers on that hole to work his buddy into a frenzy. Watch more at Falcon Studios

Seth Santoro gang fucked

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Seth Santoro is dragged from the back of a vehicle by a gang of horny men, bound and gagged with electrical tape. He’s bundled into a nearby building, where he gets passed around from man to man and cock to cock. Stripped, Seth endures real punishment as the zapper torments his flesh. But it doesn’t stop him feeding on those dicks or submitting to a serious fucking. Then the gang lines up to shower him with cum. Watch free clips at Bound in Public

Ian Levine and Connor Maguire

When we were at school, we had plenty of fantasies about being seduced by an experienced and older guy. And we guess we’re not alone. Who wouldn’t want to be instructed in the ways of sucking cock, eating ass and fucking at an age when our dicks are permanently hard and we’re shooting cum like it’s never gonna stop? In this Icon Male production, we find boyish Ian Levine having his way with an experienced older guy – in the shape of Connor Maguire.

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