Jason O’Connor and Ryan Westwood

Jason O’Connor is a chavvy lad (as the Brits say – look it up if you don’t know the meaning). He’s also got a pretty big cock – one that hung bottom Ryan Westwood is happy to service. So Jason lays back on the couch and lets Ryan get to work. However, it’s a struggle! Ryan gags trying to deep-throat that boner but Jason doesn’t give in, fucking the boy’s face furiously. Later, he has Ryan settle back so he can suck him off. Then he goes to work on his arse, fingering him and then stuffing that fat cock of his deep in Ryan’s guts. After making Ryan shoot over his abs, Jason pulls out and blasts in Ryan’s face and mouth. View more at Hard Brit Lads

Kyle Evans and Nico Duvall

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You’ll normally find that Kyle Evans bottoms but the pretty blond has a big ol’ dick and the Guys in Sweatpants team wanted to see him put it to good use on ass. So here we get the boy as top, stuffing that fine cock of his into Nico Duvall’s willing hole – bareback. The boys get themselves into a variety of great positions before Kyle shoots his load and Nico tries to get as much of it in his hole as he can.

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Axel Ryder and Manuel

Fucking amid the desolation…
The abandoned buildings of Berlin have long been popular with the city’s horniest cruisers. And in this Cazzo gay porn shoot we meet muscle bitch Axel Ryder as he goes in search of cock. And he finds Manuel, a hot-blooded Spaniard who obviously enjoys their nipple play and smooching. His big cock proves a big hit with Axel, who sucks it down to the root – the start of an intense, masculine sex session.

Vintage: Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson and Dick Fisk

We can never get enough of the gay porn stars featured in this orgy – little but hung Dick Fisk, bearded superstar Al Parker and handsome blond Casey Donovan. Oh, and Chad Benson. It’s an episode from the very first of The Other Side of Aspen movie series, in which our four guys get it on. Donovan ends up getting his ass fucked by Al, while Fisk feeds him his beautiful fat cock. A true vintage classic. Watch the film at Falcon Studios

Johnny Rapid, Adam Herst, Travis Stevens, Scott Harbor and Will Braun

DSC_6362 DSC_6402 DSC_6555

If you enjoy watching porno models getting double penetrated, you should enjoy this session. Adam Herst plays that dirty minded stepdad, the biggest pervert in town. Not content with watching his stepson, Travis Stevens, getting two cocks up his ass at once, he throws himself fully into the suck and fuck orgy action. Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor and Will Braun join them for the cum-filled party. Watch a taster at Men.com

Edging Jordan Foster

BJ0134_Mr_Kristofer_Jordan_Foster_X_6099Bearded Jordan Foster is tied down to a table, sporting a vivid yellow jock strap. Mr Kristofer is there to torment him, quickly discovering that his bound stud is very ticklish.

Foster is now hard as rock, even when Mr Kristofer ties a heavy weight to his balls and lets it hang over the edge of the table. He continues by repeatedly edging the horny fucker, but then pulling back at the last moment. Mr Kristofer repeats this process 5 or 6 times until Jordan is begging him to cum.

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Nico Moratti and Denis Ruso

Toilet twinks…
We fully accept that sex in toilets is not everyones’ idea of fun but we’ve always been partial to an hour or two amid the sleaze, cocks out, locked in a BJ… Nico Moratti and Denis Ruso are no strangers to it either – although their ones are remarkably clean and free of interruption! The joys of a porn studio set… This fit and handsome pair have stolen away from training to indulge their passion for cock and end up locked in a raw fuck. Visit Twinks.com for more

Derek Scott and Ethan Slade

college-dudes-derek-scott-and-ethan-slade-007 college-dudes-derek-scott-and-ethan-slade-011 college-dudes-derek-scott-and-ethan-slade-013

Derek Scott and Ethan Slade have only one thing on their minds – getting laid and shooting their loads. In that sense, they’re perfectly suited as they get together at College Dudes. They make out, they suck their dicks. Then the fucking begins as Ethan wraps his legs around Derek and feels the guy’s cock sliding into his ass. Derek thrusts into him and Ethan’s eyes clench shut as he takes the pleasure and pain…

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Kyle Ross and Evan Parker

George Basten and Johan Volny

Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris

Brandon Moore and Seth Santoro

NSV034_sc4_BrandonMoore_SethSantoro_AffilVert_4 NSV034_sc4_BrandonMoore_SethSantoro_HorzAffil_5 NSV034_sc4_BrandonMoore_SethSantoro_HorzAffil_6

Over in Las Vegas, Brandon Moore and Seth Santoro catch sight of each other at the Hustlaball. And there’s no going back after that. The cocktails are made and drank so, both horny and wasted, they eventually find themselves in Seth’s room. The sight of Brandon’s bubble butt has Seth rock hard in no time. They greedily suck each other before Brandon surrenders his hole for a deep fuck… Catch a trailer at Naked Sword

Marcelo Mastro and Tony

Tony fucked raw…
We meet up with Marcelo Mastro and Tony as they make out on the bed, their cocks bulging in their underwear. A handsome pair they make too, especially when that underwear comes off, their cocks spring free and the boys get locked in a 69. Tony copes manfully with Marcelo’s famously thick cock before he gets rolled over and rimmed. And then it’s time to get fucked and experience that peculiar mixture of pleasure and pain… See more at Bang Bang Boys

Kameron Frost and Kyle

fl_1400-2 fl_1400-4 fl_1400-6

Kyle is new to the cameras at French Lads – and the team have sure lined up a challenge for this attractive brunette. For there on the couch is blond hunk Kameron Frost – a guy famed locally for his large cock. Still, Kyle knows what he’s doing when faced with a boner, as his expert cock-sucking skills show. Perhaps the greater challenge is opening his ass for that beast of a dick…

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Jimmy Johnson with Colby Jansen

Texas Holcomb and Max Bredwell

Logan Stevens and Adam Ramzi

Dario Beck and Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross is the type of porn star who divides opinion – you love him or hate him. Dario Beck appears to fall into the former camp, at least judging by his shag-fest with the younger, smoother model. Dario has long been a fab sub and he goes all out to get Sebastian as hard as possible with his expert oral skills. Then its time to fuck and Dario takes it on all fours and on his back. Watch more at Raging Stallion

Johnny Rapid and Scott Harbor

DSC_5486Scott Harbor is all set to be cute Johnny Rapid‘s new stepbrother. And Johnny finds him pretty attractive. So when he darts into a restroom, Johnny sees the perfect opportunity to get a peek.

But snapping pix of Scott’s dick inevitably leads to him being caught and while Scott is shocked, he’s also got a hard-on. And Johnny is the obvious candidate to deal with it…

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Luke Harding and Brock Rustin

1 6 5

Brock Rustin’s butt is a bit of a magnet for studs looking to get a load off. And Luke Harding is one of those guys with balls full of cum, a very stiff cock and a passion for arse. He definitely doesn’t hold back, tearing into Brock’s hole like it’s the last one he’ll ever have. Like a dog on heat he may be but Brock clearly loves every minute of this raw session. Catch a free preview at TIMfuck

Ricky Decker and Andrew Stark

From the new movie Tahoe: Cozy Up we find Andrew Stark offering up an interesting cure for insomnia, which poor Ricky Decker is suffering from. Andrew reckons a good old-fashioned fuck will leave him so exhausted he’ll fall asleep afterwards in no time. Ricky may be dubious but he sure uses up plenty of energy gobbling on Andrew’s impressively big dick. A little later and he’s on his back – not sleeping but having his ass invaded by his horny buddy. Falcon has the full movie

Max Bourne and Andy West

8 10 13

The massage table is all set and ready for customer Andy West, who happily strips down to his briefs before muscular masseur Max Bourne. The inevitable happens – both end up with raging boners that need sorting. So Andy turns over, Max pulls out his cock and gets his client to suck it. Not that he needs any persuasion. Fully aroused, Max slides his wet cock into Andy’s arse bare, slamming in deep, hitting the spot. In fact, he fucks the cum out of him before breeding his hole. See the movie at Cocksure Men

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Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza

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Matt takes cock after cock

Tyler Reed and Shay Michaels

Beefcake Shay Michaels and Tyler Reed have filmed fuck sessions together before but on this occasion at Breed Me Raw, there is one slight difference. Shay, you see, wanted his scene partner to wear a condom. Unusual indeed for a bareback site but Tyler agreed. Anyway, once he started screwing Shay’s freshly shaved arse, the rubber broke anyway and their session ended up as being as raw as Tyler would have wanted…

Blake Mitchell and Matt Klein

Blake-Mitchell-and-Matt-Klein-021Everybody has a hidden talent and for Matt Klein it’s hula hooping. He just loves it and wants to share his passion in the park with Blake Mitchell. Trouble is, Blake has other things on his mind – namely how to get Matt to work on his impressively large cock.

Indoors, it happens. Matt doesn’t bat an eyelid though when faced with that monster. He takes it in his stride, in his mouth and in his ass…

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Letterio Amadeo and Patryk Jankowski

1430314154026 1430314162016 1430314156020

Letterio Amadeo gets the sort of message we all enjoy receiving on our phones – an invitation complete with horny pic. It comes from Patryk Jankowski – and Letterio ain’t gonna hang around. He gets him over to his place there and then, his cock throbbing in anticipation. So when Patryk does turn up, it’s no surprise that his buddy ends up aggressively fucking his face with his uncut tool. It’s a big fucker of a dick too but Patryk copes manfully, willingly bending over to take a bare ass pounding. Letterio fucks the cum out of him, then seeds his ass with his own load. Get a free gallery at Kristen Bjorn

Jason Domino and Danny Montero

Ripped skinhead Jason Domino joins forces with boyish bottom Danny Montero in this sexy video playing now at Hard Brit Lads. They begin wearing sports shorts but they don’t last long once the boys are deep in their make-out session. Danny then drops to his knees to give Jason’s long uncut dick a good polishing. They switch so Danny can be on the receiving end, before Jason goes to work on his arse – fingering and eating him out. Finally Danny gets his hole fucked, wanking his prick until the cum is flying.

John Darling and Aspen

It all begins with a ‘get fit’ session. Aspen and his buddy John Darling are lifting weights – and Aspen is keen to share his best tips. John is grateful and there’s tons of sexual tension in the air too. So it’s inevitable that the guys should end up naked, all over each other, in this Man Royale workout. And we gotta say that Aspen looks mighty fine fucking John’s hole…

Looking back: Ross Hurston and Tony Mecelli

11699_02 11699_04 11699_12

Our raid of the gay porn archives this week takes us to 2008 and a movie called Wood Work. Yes, with a title like that, there’s enough double entendre to keep us going for a month. In this scene at the workshop, supervisor Ross Hurston has Tony Mecelli’s paycheck – but there’s a bonus in it too. Tony shows his appreciation by giving the bearded one a chance to suck his dick and ride it. And Ross, a British gay porn star who made it big in North America, ain’t gonna turn down that opportunity. Get more Hot House free pix

Hunter Page and Austin Keys

It all begins with that early morning rise and shine for young Austin Keys and Hunter Page. Then there’s the attraction of a shower, the fact that they’re naked. Together, their cocks start to swell and the boys venture back to the bedroom where they can suck and fuck in the dry. The action is filmed by the boys POV so expect some good close-ups of Hunter’s hole being screwed. Watch more at MenPOV.com

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John Parker and Chris

Chris has experts hands, the type that can really relax even the most stressed out guy – as John Parker discovers in this Bare Adventures outing. And obviously, he also has a cock that springs to life the moment those hands touch another guy’s flesh. John can’t resist a boner and soon has his masseur’s knob in his mouth, licking the shaft, slurping on the head. They 69 before Chris continues the treatment – fucking his customer’s hole long and raw.

Frankie V and Mickey Taylor

IMG_0711 IMG_0949 IMG_0981

Mickey Taylor has already made a big splash in British gay porn but now he’s crossed over to film with a North American studio. And he’s looking good, perfectly well matched with co-star Frankie V. They both sport juicy cocks and fascinating tattoos. And the chemistry between them is obvious as they start an intense make-out session. Later, Frankie is sure to give his partner a well-deserved and thoroughly penetrating fuck. View a free trailer at Cocky Boys

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