Deacon Hunter and Dan Broughton

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There are many places we’d like to have Dan Broughton – and many situations. This is one – tied to a bench, naked, at our mercy. He just looks fucking awesome wherever he is! Today, Deacon Hunter is his tormentor at Boynapped, pegging his beautiful skin painfully and then dropping hot wax all over his body. As he’s dispensing the torture, Deacon is riding Dan’s throbbing dick and wanking a load over his chest.

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Pascal and Zack

Zack has appeared before the cameras at Maskurbate before but then site boss Pascal asked him whether he’d be willing to be on the receiving end of some serious body worship. He finally agreed – and agreed to do it unmasked. A bodybuilder and full of testosterone, our model certainly looked the part as the cameras started rolling. Treating Pascal to something special, Zack came in a condom before giving it to him to savor… And it really is horny!

Buddy and the frat boys

FX098_3 FX098_10 FX098_4

Losing yourself in an orgy of sex, an orgy of cocks. Abandoning yourself to the desires of your fellow men. Letting them use you sexually like a plaything. Filling you with dick, fucking your face and your ass. Spraying their loads over your naked body, in your face, in your arse. It’s what goes on a lot in this frat. Take Buddy – he’s the latest toy for these horny boys. See the show now with a free trailer at Fraternity X

Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O’Reilly

NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_3 NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_4 NSV029_HotelHookup_AleksBuldocek_SeamusOreillys_affilVert_5

One of bestest things now – seeing a redheaded dude in action. Yep – we love a boy with ginger pubes – and Seamus O’Reilly has plenty! Just seeing him sitting astride Aleks Buldocek, impaling himself on the daddy’s cock, is enough to have us leaking precum by the bucket. Seamus is a big boy too and Aleks makes the most of that dick. They meet in a new series called Hotel Hook-Up – it’s from Naked Sword and there’s a free preview

Damian Brooks and XL

Damian Brooks has heard some good things about a massage therapist and so he heads out to pay him a visit – a guy called XL. The name alone should be the giveaway… Once in a towel on the massage table, Damian quickly discovers just how talented XL is. And when he moves round to the front of his face, Damian removes XL’s shorts and starts sucking on his boner. We’re then treated to some great ass eating, a reviving 69 and a great fuck, with XL giving Damian’s hole the punishment it needs. Watch more action at Nextdoor Ebony

Nigel Banks and Jimmie Slater

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Lucas Entertainment continues its adventures at Lucas Knight’s erotic photography studio. In this episode we meet Jimmie Slater, who’s hired along with Knight by Nigel Banks – who wants some new photos taken. Jimmie meets him to sort out the arrangements but both of them are instantly taken with the other… Jimmie drops to his knees and sucks off Nigel’s boner before they get into some serious raw fucking.

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Rio Francisco and Zak Hazzard

Valuing property has its perks – at least for Rio Francisco and Zak Hazzard. They’re at an empty house and the two horny real estate agents have only one thing on their minds – a good, hard fucking. Rio is the bottom, taking the full force of Zak’s ample cock in a multitude of positions. And to conclude matters, Zak is sure to shoot his load in Rio’s mouth. Visit Bulldog Pit for more of the boys

Jim and Henry

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One of several things we appreciate in a sex partner is a willingness to take a load in the mouth or face. There’s nothing better than being sucked off to the point where we’re filling some lucky stud’s throat with jizz… So it’s good to see our skinny boys Jim and Henry delivering just that. These boys are in the park, snapping some horny photos – a photoshoot that soon turns into a hot fuck. Henry’s cock is particularly impressive, as is the cum-in-the-mouth conclusion. See a free trailer and the full movie at SD Boy

Tomm and Mayer

05 08 12

Here’s muscle man Zack Hood (billed here as Tomm) showing a colleague what happens when you anger him. That colleague is Mayer, who’s dropped a pallet on Tomm’s foot. Admittedly Mayer doesn’t protest too much when Tomm grabs him and shoves his crotch in his face. Indeed, Mayer just can’t get enough inches of Tomm’s cock down his throat. Fast forward and Tomm is ramming his dick into Mayer’s ass, blowing a load on his hole and then fucking that jizz back into his colleague… Click for a preview and more at HDK Raw

Jordan Fox and Kamyk Walker

Muscular top Jordan Fox shows what he’s made of when he’s paired with boyish Kamyk Walker at Hard Brit Lads. On the couch, Kamyk licks and sucks Jordan’s nipples, massages the bulge in his shorts. Kamyk sucks Jordan’s ample cock, and gets his throat fucked aggressively. Then Jordan prises Kamyk’s hole wide, eating the boy out. Lubed up, Kamyk prepares for a good pounding, groaning as Jordan thrusts deep into his hole. And when he’s ready, Jordan pulls out and moves round quick to shoot into Kamyk’s mouth.

Zeno Kostas and Vadim Black

1264-pic-12 1264-pic-17 1264-pic-20

We’re getting used to seeing Vadim Black having his ass fucked – and sometimes he looks just great on the receiving end of a hard cock. But there’s something missing in this new Broke Straight Boys scene. It’s not that his scene partner Zeno Kostas isn’t a hot guy, it’s that Vadim seems to be going through his paces by numbers. Vadim’s uncut cock seems to betray his lack of enthusiasm in the scene, often soft as Zeno pumps him. Oh well, you can’t be on top form every day…

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Zac Todd and Boris Orla

Boris Orla is doing his crunches. But unusually he’s doing them in bed, sporting a sexy red tee and white underwear. Zac Todd enters, teasing him about his unorthodox moves, admiring his flat belly and taught abs. Boris responds by offering up his uncut cock, which Zac swallows keenly. After more mutual sucking and rimming, Zac straddles Boris and rides his thick boner, impaling himself raw. Ending up on all fours, arse in the air, Zac takes Boris deep and slow until his hole is sprayed with jizz. Watch more of their fuck at Sweet and Raw

Vintage: Bill and Ted

Our special vintage gay porn feature this week sees Ted and Bill playing fraternity brothers at a university somewhere in the US. They’ve been getting on real well for months but both know, deep down, that their relationship is gonna become sexual. They’re drawn to each other despite never having had sex with another guy before. Their cocks free, they know just what to do with them when it comes to sucking and fucking… See more of this movie at Falcon Studios

Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande

IMG_0164 IMG_0973 IMG_0262

So Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande met on a dating app and have been in a relationship for 8 months. Both had also appeared in porn movies before they met, although they never knew it at the time. Now they’re mixing business and pleasure – and making for a really cute pair of performers too. Jack enjoys bottoming the most, and Lukas indulges him in this new scene. And when they’re close to cumming, it’s Jack who helps his lover shoot with a sexy hand job. See a free trailer and more at Cocky Boys

Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

We head to Sweden to find Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue giving us a lesson in all-man sex. And a handsome pair they make. Tomas has become a real star in Europe in the last few months, and here happily receives a blow job from his lusty lover. He wanks himself as Logan deep throats him, before they get into a horny fuck. Logan is first to bottom and rides his man like a pro. Then the tables are turned and Tomas takes over, getting rammed good and hard until they’re both ready to shoot their loads. Watch more of the show at Alpha Males

Enzo Bloom and Joe Bush

bp_3513_EnzoJoe_002 bp_3513_EnzoJoe_009 bp_3513_EnzoJoe_021

We’ve never wanted to serve in the military. In fact, we could think of nothing worse! However, sometimes we get tempted by the idea of spending life surrounded by other men, testosterone pumping through the air in an uncontrolled way, of offering ourselves as outlets for all that sexual frustration. Enzo Bloom and Joe Bush illustrate how we’d like to spend our days in the army – naked and hard, fucking ass and sucking cocks. And there’d be plenty of cocks to choose from! Visit Badpuppy for this scene on video

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Brent Corrigan and Brian Bonds

Brent Corrigan continues his gay porn comeback in this new Falcon Studios scene from the movie Jacked. And he’s paired with Brian Bonds. Together they make good use of an exercise ball – with Brent laid across it as he offers up his ass to Brian. The latter gives his boy a great rimming and then penetrates his ass, his cock throbbing and glistening. Brian shoots jizz across Brent’s ass and licks it up; Brent unleashes giant ropes of cum that fly across Brian’s face.

Riku and Kaoru

11 13 15

Three young Japanese lads are spending the day on a beach but two of them find that the sunshine and heat has an unexpected effect on their cocks. So we follow Riku and Kaoru as they seek out a quiet spot to kiss and explore each others’ bodies. They begin in their car, with Riku sucking his mate’s uncut dick. And then they adjourn to a nearby park for some more oral, which concludes with Kaoru unloading his balls in Riku’s face. Click for more action at JapanBoyz

Sebastian Young and Andrew Collins

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What would you do if you found a young man asleep in your bed? Well, as befits his bad boy image, Sebastian Young gets mighty pissed when he finds Andrew Collins curled up on his mattress. Fortunately (surprise surprise) Andrew is only interested in getting some cock and Sebastian’s mood rapidly changes. He fucks Andrew’s face aggressively and then turns his attention to the lad’s hole, fucking him hard and raw. Andrew rides it like a true power bottom, moaning and grunting with each thrust – get the idea in this free Dallas Reeves preview

Billy Santoro and Tony Orion

Billy Santoro loves hanging out at the strip club, to see whether he can get it on with any of the dancers. Normally he has no luck, but today Tony Orion is on stage and looks interested. Dance over and now out back, they get it on, they blow each others’ cocks and Billy fucks his new buddy. And when he’s ready, he blows his creamy load all over Orion’s mouth – moving in then to lick the cum off of Orion’s face. Watch more of the movie at Men Over 30

Jarec Wentworth and Landon Conrad

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It’s always good to see Landon Conrad getting fucked, his muscular frame shuddering as a man drives his cock into his guts. Here, the task of top falls to Jarec Wentworth – who gets Landon to ride his boner before fucking him on his back and all fours. Want to see them on video? They’re in action at

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Nick Tiano and Nick Andrews

Two Nicks, two hard cocks, two arseholes, one bare fuck. That’s what we get with Nick Andrews and Nick Tiano. And if you like foreskin, watch as Tiano savors every inch of his partner’s loose hood, glistening with precum. Tiano, in turn, has his ass eaten before Andrews slides into his hole, easing him open with his wet boner. He pounds deep and raw, giving his bottom a fuck to remember. Click through to Bareback That Hole

Three in one: Twink sex

jadhq0200_phillip_krist_20 IMG_1415 bigimage

Today we bring you three twink sex scenes in one post. And we begin on the left with a show from Jizz Addiction, in which Krist Cummings and Phillip Ashton deliver fine facials after sucking each other off in the pool.
The pic in the center shows Steve with his legs spread wide apart and Aaron Aurora riding his hard cut cock – and that’s at EuroboyXXX.
And finally, we get three flatmates getting to know each other rather more intimately – with a bare fuck. Watch a free preview at

Kip Johnson gang fucked

13 2 4

This funky episode was filmed in San Francisco during the annual Up Your Alley Street Fair. And it features Kip Johnson as the sex slave, who’s paraded around and made to worship leather boots while an electric butt plug charges his ass. Watched by an appreciative crowd, Kip is flogged and tortured with medical clamps and a cattle prod. Away from the street, Kip is put to work, sucking off a crowd of men before being fucked against a bar and drenched with cum. Watch a free trailer and more at Bound in Public

Dirk Caber and JP Richards

A mighty clash of white daddy and black stud at World of Men as Dirk Caber and JP Richards get down and dirty. They’re supposed to be at work in the garden but instead end up indoors, locked in each others’ arms, celebrating their nakedness. We particularly enjoyed watching Dirk bent over the couch, JP moving between eating his hole and sucking his dick. Later JP swaps his tongue for his cock and fucks the living daylights out of Dirk, before Dirk takes his turn on top.

Joey and Alex

19 13 22

Guys in Sweatpants bring us Joey and Alex – and they say this scene is a good example of their studio’s mantra: “we don’t film porn, we film sex”. We’ll let you decide whether that’s the case or not but they placed the camera in the room, and let the boys get on with it. Alex has a particularly big cock and Joey gets the chance to ride it. But Joey also gets his turn to top too.

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Damian Black and Tripp Townsend

Damian Black is alone at home, his parents away on vacation. And while he may be unhappy that they didn’t take him with them, there are consolations. One is that he can invite his buddy Tripp Townsend round for a party – a party that includes some skinny dipping in the pool. Tripp joins in and, before he knows it, has Damian sucking on his boner. Lucky Tripp! Later, Tripp lies back and lets his friend fuck him, watching that cock penetrating his hole in the bedroom mirror… Watch more of the boys at Nextdoor Twink

Looking back: Gus Mattox and Jason Crew

Our latest ‘Looking back’ feature takes us to 2006 and the Colt Studios movie Big Rig. Our stars were two big names of the time, Gus Mattox and Jason Crew. Gus is the beefy truck driver who takes advantage of a cocky (and hung) Crew. It’s all very vocal, with Gus barking out the orders and Jason moaning, groaning and begging his top to fuck him harder and harder (‘shove it in my hole’ etc etc). And who wouldn’t?

Double penetration of the week

LVP196_04_Toby_Dutch_Tomas_Brand_Alejandro_Alvarez_08Who can resist a double penetration?

Certainly not Alejandro Alvarez, who ends up on the receiving end of two fine cocks when he gets into bed with Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch.

It’s truly hole-stretching, raw stuff and may well make your eyes water.

To see the movie, visit Lucas Entertainment

Billy Blanco and Eric Bateman

3 5 7

Billy Blanco is always hungry for a guy to suck his cock. But in this scene, the guy doing the servicing supposedly doesn’t have much experience. He’s former military stud Eric Bateman – a guy with a real urge to suck dick. Well, Billy didn’t really care much about his lack of experience or not and really assaults Eric’s mouth with his hard-on. And Eric’s reward? A mouthful of the Puerto Rican’s jizz… Click through to TIMsuck for a free clip