Doug Acre and Hunter Vance

Hunter Vance finds himself in the bathroom at the fancy dress party, but waiting for him is a masked man with an agenda. Hunter has no idea who it is but he doesn’t protest too much when he’s pushed to his knees and made to suck the mystery man’s extra large dick. Not long after, he’s manhandled around the room so the top (played by Doug Acre) can fuck him. Hunter copes, just, with the punishment his ass takes and ends up unloading jizz all over the floor. See the full movie at Extra Big Dicks

Jay at the frat

fx104a-still-33Jay’s a keen bottom boy but his frat brothers decided to make him their bitch in more ways than one.

Not only did he have to lie back and take a good fucking from his buddies, but he had Katy’s face taped onto him to make for a different fantasy.

Turning him into a little pussy, he got passed around the lads, and took a good pounding at both ends.

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Dato Foland and Craig Daniel

01 02 Dato_Foland_04

Either way – top or bottom – European superstar Dato Foland is stunning to look at  – as you can see in the picture, right. Great features, a juicy uncut cock, a fine physique. We’d bed him any day of the week. Today, though, he’s joined forces with Craig Daniel at Lucas Entertainment for a bareback fuck session. And the good news is, he not only tops, he also gets his ass fucked raw too.

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Felix Brazeau and Mam Steele

Felix Brazeau is no stranger to getting fucked. He’s even been doubled penetrated by the team of Marko Lebeau and Alec Leduc. Now, though, he has the challenge of taking on Mam Steel’s impressively large cock in a show at Men of Montreal. And Felix being Felix, he copes manfully – whether he’s sucking and licking that beauty or getting his arse rammed senseless. He takes Mam’s cock in a multitude of positions, his face betraying the mix of pleasure and pain he’s experiencing…

Conner Chesney and David Hardy

1285-pic-16 1285-pic-26 1285-pic-30

David Hardy may be a newbie at Broke Straight Boys but we think he’d struggle to find a better-looking guy to fuck his ass than Conner Chesney from the studio’s line up of models. Solidly built and with great good looks, Chesney would certainly have our dicks standing on end, and dribbling pre-cum, if he stuffed his cock into us. David takes that pounding like a man and ends up with plenty of jizz on his belly.

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Johnny Smash and Lucas Knight

With a kick-boxing match coming up, Johnny Smash can ill afford to have a wrist injury – so he seeks help from Doctor Lucas Knight. It turns out that the good Dr Knight has a number of additional therapies for men he fancies, including sucking their cocks if they’re up for it. Johnny sure is. Indeed, he promptly returns the favor, salivating over the doc’s extra-large dick. The boys follow their oral examination with a long, hard fuck in this new show at Nextdoor Buddies

Arturo and Jota

16If you’ve ever been to Bears Week in the Spanish resort of Sitges then men like Arturo and Jota will be more than familiar.

Sadly we’ve never been but we promise ourselves that we’ll visit at least once! Either way, there’s loads of chunky Spanish dads there and the cameras managed to catch this session with these sexy Spaniards.

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Sculptural shot of the week

15bAdmittedly this is not the first time we’ve seen this position in gay porn but we think Nicoli Cole and Archer Hart are looking particularly sculptural in their bareback sex session.

Archer is the bottom, and looking like he’s enjoying every minute of having Nicoli ramming into him.

Nicoli ends up cumming on Archer’s used hole, then shoves his dick back in for a little more. Then Archer gives Nicoli a load of cum straight in his mouth.

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Cage Kafig and Mishka Voxx

15bFit young lads Cage Kafig and Mishka Voxx are all ready and waiting to suck each others’ handsome cocks as the camera starts turning.

And once they start, there’s no stopping them as they lick those swollen heads and shafts, deep-throat one another, lick those balls.

At the climax, Mishka opens his mouth to receive his man’s cum.

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Abraham Al Malek and Johnny V

Abraham Al Malek is the bearded, exotic stud, paired with muscled blond Johnny V. It’s a truly explosive sex session with some great highlights, including Johnny, his cock dripping precum, squatting over Abraham’s face while his ass gets eaten. Then the blond lowers himself onto Abraham’s cock, jacking himself while riding. He experiences pleasure and pain as a bottom – and then swallows Abraham’s load. See more of the show at Raging Stallion

Jacob Durham gang fucked

10 3 6

Filmed during the Folsom Street Fair 2014 and now released for our jack-off pleasure, we bring you Jacob Durham and a whole feast of kink and porn. With Sebastian Keys leading the team of men who are gonna work him over, Jacob gets tied up and pinched with some painful medical clamps on his pert nipples and plumb balls. After amusing the watching crowd, our victim gets taken away to Dore Alley where he’s gang fucked with one cock after another and then drenched in the face with spunk. See some free clips and more at Bound in Public

Damian Black and Tripp Townsend

Damian Black and Tripp Townsend have spent the night together, in Damian’s parents’ bed. The next morning, Tripp is standing by the double doors to the backyard, feeling the air on his naked body. Damian approaches him, kisses him on the neck, grips his cock and leads him back to the bed. They kiss some more, they tenderly swap BJs and 69. Finally, Tripp takes Damian from behind, filling his hole with his engorged dick, leading them both to an explosive climax. Watch more action at Nextdoor Twink

Alan Carly and Marek Prohodil

bp_3525_AlanMarek_004 bp_3525_AlanMarek_007 bp_3525_AlanMarek_017

Gay porn directors love a barn, a farm and straw bales. Maybe it’s all to do with going back to nature, or perhaps more about the safety of being remote from the big town or city. Either way, here we have Alan Carly and Marek Prohodil, looking like a pair of scouts (although we’re struggling with this particular European uniform). Finding some privacy on the farm, these boys with big uncut cocks get into a sexy bareback fuck. The movie is available now at Badpuppy

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Paddy O’Brian, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares

HowlPart2DMH12 HowlPart2DMH13 HowlPart2DMH16

Three big stars unite for this steamy threesome – it’s Paddy O’Brian, Gabriel Clark and Jessy Ares. And for a man who never bottomed not that long ago, these days Paddy is more than happy having his arse filled with hard dick. Gabriel and Jessy swap top duties and, when they’re not fucking his arse, they’re sucking on their dicks and rimming too. And there are worse ways to spend the day… Watch a free trailer at

Sean Zevran and Paul Wagner

Sean Zevran and Paul Wagner both crave cock as they lick and grope each other’s muscled bodies. Paul buries his face in Sean’s pits and then moves south, beyond Sean’s torso, to his throbbing dick. He sucks that uncut piece, taking every inch into his throat. Sean grabs Paul’s head and fucks his face. Sean follows up with some deep-throating of his own before grabbing Paul’s jock strap and slamming his prick into his man’s guts… It’s an explosive new scene at Falcon

Troy Taylor and Jacob Gamble

college-dudes-troy-taylor-fucks-jacob-gamble-008 college-dudes-troy-taylor-fucks-jacob-gamble-009 college-dudes-troy-taylor-fucks-jacob-gamble-012

Pretty boy Jacob Gamble plays the young lad who’s not used to all this gay sex stuff – but he wants to find out more. So handsome Troy Taylor decides to show him how cocks, mouths and assholes can be put to very good use in this new show at College Dudes. Troy uses his mouth, his tongue and his hard cut cock to perfection in an effort to get Jacob shooting all that jizz stored in his balls…

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Rocco Steele and Jon Shield

There’s no getting away from it – Rocco Steele is one horse-hung fucker! So if big cocks are your idea of a dream, he’s the man for you. And in this new session at Bareback That Hole, it looks as if Jon Shield loves them big and hard. He gets the ride of his life when Rocco stuffs his big boner in his hole during their bathroom sex outing. Rocco makes sure that Jon’s hole gets plenty of cum before Jon goes down to lick his man’s dick clean of all that juice.

Looking back: Alex Carrington and Randy Storm

Our ‘looking back’ feature this week takes us to 1992 and the Falcon Studios movie My Cousin Danny – which is all about a group of men and their love of this supposedly straight guy. Among them are Alex Carrington and Randy Storm, who chat about his good looks while sunning themselves at the pool. Inevitably, this gets the boys very hard and they just have to suck each other off – before Alex bends Randy over a deckchair and gives his hole a thorough pounding.

Jessie Montgomery and Zac Stevens

hx107_scene29_021 hx107_scene29_025 hx107_scene29_026

Sexy boys Zac Stevens and Jessie Montgomery are busy with their daily yoga routine in the park, finding their center, stretching, relaxing. But then things turn a lot more sexual when they get back to the apartment, as they serve up a juicy flip-flop fuck session that will certainly appeal to fans of twinks everywhere. And if you prefer your sex raw, then this is bareback action too. It’s at Helix Studios – and there’s a free trailer here

Chris Brown and Jack Janus

All-male mechanics…
Two mechanics are working hard in their garage but it’s sweltering and they need a break. But Jack Janus’s idea of a break involves taking hold of Chris Brown’s cock and swallowing every inch of it. Chris ain’t a selfish guy and gives Jack a BJ, before prepping his ass, bent over a car bonnet. Then it’s time to shove his big cock deep into his colleague, to get him to empty those plump balls. Get more action at Cazzo

Rogan Hardy and James Chance

2 4 7

Rogan Hardy has become something of an online sex star and now this Harlem stallion has brought his buddy James Chance along to film an awesome oral session. At the time, James was holding on to a 4-day load of creamy sperm and had to really control himself when Rogan got on his knees to deep-throat him. Inevitably, the shoot happens in glorious style – and Rogan’s mouth is ready and waiting to receive. Watch the preview action at Treasure Island

Zach Lockhart and Declan McClain

Barebacking in Dallas…
Porn producer and director Jason Sparks has another model discovery, and his name is Zach Lockhart. We agree with him that Zach is a real looker and a decent performer, hopefully with plenty more shows to film. In this bareback road trip episode, the newbie is paired with Declain McClain and you can see more action at Jason Sparks Live

Ross Drake and Ashley Hayes

BM0976_Ashley_Hayes_And_Ross_Drake_04 BM0976_Ashley_Hayes_And_Ross_Drake_13 BM0976_Ashley_Hayes_And_Ross_Drake_20

Ashley Hayes seems a little shy when he gets into the bedroom with Ross Drake, but it doesn’t take long for him to get fully wound up. And he does his job so well, he makes Ross cum twice in this sex show at Blake Mason. The boys kiss and suck, but it’s when Ross gets his partner’s long uncut cock in his arse that things really get into full swing. Ashley fucks the cum out of Ross, who then wanks out another load. And yes, it is great to see another horny ginger in gay porn!

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Car-jack of the week

DRIVEN_12A stretch limo greets delicious hunks Dato Foland and Adam Champ, and all that luxury soon has the desired effect…

It’s a great new scene at Men at Play as the two studs get down to some serious sucking action surrounded by plush leather and luxury.

And later, Dato gets his ass fucked by furry Adam.

Edu Boxer and Gabriel Vanderloo

PoliceCorr_02 PoliceCorr_16 PoliceCorr_15

We’ll put up with a little police corruption if it ends like this… Here’s gay porn veteran Edu Boxer playing an officer who likes to abuse his position in a very horny way. His victim today is handsome suited stud Gabriel Vanderloo (a newcomer for us), who’s out in the wilds, cruising for sex. Sensing his chance and ignoring Gabriel’s claims of innocence, Edu gets Gabriel just where he wants him – up against the car and ready for a hard pounding fuck. Another fine new scene at Men at Play

Macanao Torres and Miguel Kiades

Spanish bulls…
Hard-driving Spanish studs Macanao Torres and Miguel Kiades like to live and play on the wild side, and that includes sex. Perfectly matched, they’re into sneakers and bondage, spit and anal hooks, tweezers and domination games. But there’s good, old-fashioned sucking, ass eating and fucking too. The testosterone truly is pouring out of every pore in this Jalif Studio outing

Dillon Anderson and Lyle Cane

11Some handsome cocks, some handsome young jocks – meet Dillon Anderson, playing the straight Marine from Virginia, and Lyle Cane as the gay bait.

Yep, it’s another of those sagas in which the straight guy is conned into thinking he’s gonna be in a scene with a girl, only for her to pull out at the last minute. So poor Dillon has to make do with Lyle and his willing ass.

And Lyle seems more than happy to take that firm Marine cock – regardless of the hole!

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James Connor and Tristin Starr

Uncut gym lads…
James Connor is lost in his own little world, taking advantage of the (limited) facilities on offer in his hotel gym. But then Tristin Starr wanders in and everything changes. The boys exchange glances, looks that say everything about what they both want and need. And in Tristin’s case, he wants to get his arse pounded hard by his new pal. Visit Fresh SX for the full movie

Ashton Bradley and Mickey Taylor

boyn0540_mickeytaylor_ashtonbradley_05 boyn0540_mickeytaylor_ashtonbradley_14 boyn0540_mickeytaylor_ashtonbradley_11

Ashton Bradley has bleach-blond Mickey Taylor right where he wants him – naked, chained to the floor, helpless. And we wouldn’t mind having Mickey in that position either, especially sporting a fine boner as he does here. Ashton lubes Mickey’s hard cock and wanks him generously but the sub doesn’t have it all his own way because he’s later subjected to some tortures as Ashton tickles him relentlessly. It doesn’t stop Mickey shooting a juicy load though. Watch the movie at Boynapped

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Levi Karter, Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande

IMG_0545 IMG_0629 IMG_0655

Levi Karter enjoys a good threesome, especially when it involves partners like Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder. And to mix things up a bit, the three of them are pretty versatile in the sack. So enjoy such highlights as Levi giving Jack a blow job and getting help along the way from Lukas; Lukas plowing Jack doggy style while Jack sucks Levi; and Lukas cumming on Jack, Jack cumming on his chest, and Levi then cumming on Jack. Fun times boys! See a free preview at Cocky Boys