Louis Ricaute and Milo

In Buenos Aires…
Stag Homme and director Damien Crosse take us to South America and the city of Buenos Aires for their latest adventures. And here we meet muscle-stud Louis Ricaute on his balcony watching the action in the street below and stroking his cock. Suddenly, his roommate Milo appears – and he wants that cock bad. He gets on his knees and sucks deeply, inhaling every inch of dick. Louis then fucks Milo in three horny fuck sequences.

Paul Fresh and Max Bourne

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Kitchens are for cooking, unless you’re European studs Paul Fresh and Max Bourne. For them it’s a place to kiss, strip and grope. Muscle jock Paul gets mean-looking Max on the countertop, pulls out his dick and starts sucking for all he’s worth. Max returns the favor before Paul eats his mate’s hole and then slides his bare prick in deep. He pounds him in a whole series of energetic positions, banging him balls deep. Max shoots while being fucked – Paul unloads over his man’s balls. See the movie at Cocksure Men

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Preston Cole and Connor

Brandon Jones and Samuel Stone

Tayte Hanson and Dillon Rossi

Fucked in a straight jacket

Prisoner assaulted…
Well, this one ain’t vanilla. We find our prisoner bound, incapable, unable to resist. He’s wearing a seriously heavy duty straight jacket that makes him even more vulnerable to his tormentor. Laid out in a sling, his cock and balls are exposed. More importantly, so is his ass. And that, inevitably, means he’s gonna get fucked. Catch more at Iron Lockup

Vintage: Ed Wiley and Mark Rutter

As far as burglars go, Mark Rutter and Ed Wiley make for a pretty handsome pair. Here, they’ve broken into someone’s home and helped themselves to a bottle of wine or two. Rather than making them drunk or sleepy, the alcohol makes them horny as hell. So out comes Ed’s huge dick and down it goes into Mark’s willing and capable mouth. Ed delivers a fine rimming and also serves up a mouthful of cum for his buddy. Classic gay porn it is too from Colt Studios with a handsome dose of foreskin – all in our latest vintage porn episode.

Shane and Haven

4 3 9

Shane made it perfectly clear what he wanted – a big cock to suck the cum out of. And here he gets his way. This daddy of a dude is paired with younger guy Haven, who has a cock to die for. If you’re after decent length, this guy is packing it! So lie back, grab your dicks and enjoy Shane worshiping that handsome piece of meat until the cum is pumping into his willing mouth. Treasure Island’s TIMsuck site has a free preview

Trace Kendall and Adam Tyler

Bareback in Tulsa…
The guys at Jason Sparks Live claim that this is Adam Tyler’s first time having sex on camera. In his pre-fuck interview, he speaks proudly of his body and love of sex – making a career in porn a no-brainer. He was a wrestler in school and says he lost his virginity in an orgy. Today, though, it’s just him and Trace Kendall doing it – with Adam as top and filling his hole raw.

Billy Club and Foster

zrhq0065_billyclub_foster_05 zrhq0065_billyclub_foster_16 zrhq0065_billyclub_foster_19

There’s no sign of Zack Randall in this new update at ZackRandall.Net – instead we’re treated to all-American boys Billy Club and Foster. Billy is apparently straight but he’s been persuaded to try some dick – the one belonging to gay boy Foster. The latter shows the way with some expert oral skills before Billy wraps his lips around his partner’s boner. At the climax of their 69, Billy shoots his load over an appreciative Foster.

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Aleksandr and Mahail

Jason Maddox and Anthony Verusso

Bruce and Andres

Jorge Bellantinos and Pedro Paliza

European studs…
It’s an all European clash when Jorge Bellantinos and Pedro Paliza come together for a sex show at Jalif Studio. The big and muscular men are as hungry for cock and ass as the rest of us, and certainly offer up an energetic show as they get down to the serious business of fucking. But who will come out on top? Jorge from Barcelona in Spain or Pedro from the Belgian capital Brussels?

Brad Kalvo and Josh Thomas

IMG_3416 IMG_3442 IMG_3447

Prepare yourselves for two horny muscle bears – Josh Thomas and long-time porn superstar Brad Kalvo. At the end of a long day, they’re together at home and ready to suck and fuck on the sofa. Brad, as ever, is the guy in charge. Josh is the one on all fours and on his back, taking bad Brad’s boner deep in his guts. Get a free gallery at Hot Older Male

James Castle, Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech

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Fans of double penetration sessions should celebrate this show with Mario Domenech taking two cocks up his ass at once. And it’s a bareback fuck too. Antonio Miracle and James Castle are the dudes giving it to him, and Mario seems in a different realm of pleasure as they slide their cocks into him in unison. But Mario isn’t the only bottom in this threesome. Because once they’re ready, Antonio and Mario get James on his back and fill his mouth and arsehole with their throbbing dicks. See a preview video at Kristen Bjorn

David and Ivan Rueda

Men on show…
David has a horny date with his man Ivan Rueda – on a roof somewhere in Berlin. They’re on show to the world. Will they be spotted? These guys don’t seem to mind at all, with David far too caught up in the pleasure of fucking Ivan’s hole to give a damn. A good pounding later and David decides that he wants to be banged to within an inch of his life. See more at WurstFilm Club

Zane Anders edged

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Hung southern guy Zane Anders is on the receiving end of this edging session, tied up and blindfolded. His cock throbs in his underwear so Sebastian releases it, teasing it with his tongue. Tit suckers are placed on Zane’s nipples while they jack him off, and then it’s time to attack his asshole with a dildo. Suspended, Zane swings back and forth while Sebastian’s mouth tries to work his cock, and he’s oozing precum. Still, they’re not gonna let this lad cum until they’re ready. See some trailers at Men on Edge

Palmer Lewis and Peter May

Filming fuckers…
Young lads Palmer Lewis and Peter May are hanging out in the kitchen fresh from their skating session – and Peter can’t help noticing that Palmer’s got a big bulge going on in his pants. And that gives Peter an idea, especially as he still has his camera with him. How about a jack-off session that he can film? Palmer’s up for it – but the wank soon turns into a full-on sex session with cock-sucking and raw ass-fucking as the climax. Visit the boys at Twinks.com

Tico and Tony

3 16 17

Hailing from the state of Colorado, Tico and Tony are a delicious couple who live, work and fuck their way around Vegas. They’ve been an item now for 6 years but still behave like they did when they were first going out, so fresh is their relationship. The Guys in Sweatpants team took them out to play in the desert before heading back home for a raunchy bareback fuck show. At the climax, Tony unloads inside Tico as they shoot at the exact same time.

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Max Toro and Raul Korso

02 03 06

Raul Korso and Max Toro are a handsome pair of European studs, and a pair of guys who are really into the oral. Watching Raul going down on Max’s uncut dick is a real pleasure – almost as great a pleasure as it must’ve been for Max to feel it. Anyway, these suited fuckers get well into their stride very quickly and things really hot up when Raul mounts Max like a hungry dog in heat. The video’s at Lucas Entertainment

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Colton Grey and Luke Adams

We head on over to Hot House Entertainment now for this colorful sex show starring big-dicked Colton Grey and Luke Adams. You’ll not be surprised to see young Luke as the bottom but however many times we watch him, we do love seeing him with a cock up his butt! There’s something that looks so fresh and innocent about him, which is in complete contrast to what he’s getting up to in front of the cameras. And we love that! The action comes from the new movie After Glow.

Jacob Dixon and Tyler Hill

Jacob-Dixon-and-Tyler-Hill-007 Jacob-Dixon-and-Tyler-Hill-014 Jacob-Dixon-and-Tyler-Hill-017

Jacob Dixon is a hung lad, with a cock approaching nine beautiful inches. So it’s no wonder he’s one of the most popular of twinks in town! Who wouldn’t want a crack at that? And paired with a bubble butt as perfect as Tyler Hill’s, you’ve got a winning pairing on your hands. These two are perfection, assuming you love your lads smooth and boyish. And we don’t mind that! See a free preview at Helix

Drake Tyler and J Howling

Drake Tyler plays the millionaire playboy who’s used to getting his own way in this new Nextdoor Buddies show. But sometimes he gets bored with having power and control, and calls on J Howling to help him see the other side. J likes to take charge and when he arrives today with a bag full of equipment, he certainly shows Drake some tough love. He gets Drake in a restraint, fucks his face keenly and leaves his playboy gagging. Then it’s time to fuck the helpless stud’s waiting hole…

Alonzoe Avery and Manny Baby

caydencody60 caydencody70 caydencody96

Alonzoe Avery wakes with that familiar old morning wood, but at least he has Manny Baby beside him to help him deal with it. Once he’s awake, Manny goes down on his man’s big boner, deep-throating him for all he’s worth. Alonzoe rewards him – eating his ass and then fucking him hard and raw until he’s ready to shoot. And when he does, he empties his ample load all over his dude’s used hole. Click for the movie at Raw Rods

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Adam Russo and Armond Rizzo

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Jarec Wentworth and Rikk York

NSV032_S1_JarecWentworth_RikkYork_horzAffil7 NSV032_S1_JarecWentworth_RikkYork_horzAffil9 NSV032_S1_JarecWentworth_RikkYork_horzAffil12

A new movie series arrives online called A Wicked Game and, in this first episode, we meet Detective Jarec Wentworth – who we’re told always gets his man. Today he’s after gorgeous Rikk York, who’s mixing drinks by the pool. And how does Jarec get his man? By pulling out his cock and offering it for a BJ of course! Rikk is soon on his knees sucking away, before standing up and offering his hole for a deep fuck. A wild reverse-cowboy is the highlight before the office shoots all over York’s face. Catch a trailer at Naked Sword

Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran

A clip from the new Raging Stallion movie America’s Finest now, starring Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran. We meet them sporting jock straps that focus our attention on their perfect butts. But Sean is soon showing off his throbbing dick, a dick that Ryan deep-throats keenly during the oral section of their outing. They both take turns getting their faces fucked before similarly taking turns getting their holes pounded. The highlight is seeing Sean raising his ass in the air and Ryan straddling him from above for a pile-driving fuck.

Jack Rayder and Frankie V

IMG_4433 IMG_4567 IMG_4733

Frankie V has a hot boy in tow for this movie – Jack Rayder. He’s just turned 20, a beautiful and smooth young man with all the pent-up sexual energy of a lad his age. These guys are totally versatile so they share everything – from sucking cock to getting their assholes fucked. Frankie looks great as he lies on his back and shows off his hard prick while getting drilled. Then he invites Jack to sit on his boner – an invitation few of us would be able to resist. See a preview clip at Cocky Boys

Derek Atlas and Josh Conners

Who can resist a tight pair of swimming trunks, the type that erotically hint at the treasures beneath the colorful material? They’re certainly the catalyst for Josh Conners and Derek Atlas beneath the blazing sun, leading them into an intense make-out session and some juicy BJs. Josh can’t get enough of Derek’s boner down his throat and later positions himself over the lounger – just so that his asshole is perfectly placed for Derek to fuck. When that proves too unsteady, Josh braces himself against the trunk of a palm tree to take an even tougher pounding. Watch more of the boys at Falcon Studios

Looking back: Jason Reed and Erik

Raiding the raw archives…
Back in the days when bareback sex was unfashionable, Hot Barebacking featured loads of scenes and here’s one from the archives. Of course, they continue to make movies but this takes us into recent history as part of our looking back series. Uncut Erik is joined by a man who turned up in countless sessions with them – Jason Reed. Here Jason is on all fours and getting pounded to within an inch of his life.

Warrick Cade and Rogue Status

grsm_scene02_Cade_Status_002 grsm_scene02_Cade_Status_008 grsm_scene02_Cade_Status_012

Rogue Status is working on his motorcycle – but he quickly spots that beefy Warrick Cade is cruising him. Not one to miss an opportunity, Rogue drops to his knees and drags Warrick’s extra-large cock from his pants. He’s soon building up speed as he worships that dick from root to tip, licking and sucking. The highlight is watching Rogue sitting down on the big guy’s impressive boner, feeling it deep in his guts as he rides it for all it’s worth… Watch a great preview at Titan Men

Christian Power and Max Chevalier

If you’re seriously into handsome muscle studs, we suggest you head on over to Canada to get down and dirty with Christian Power and Max Chevalier. These two are seriously built, and have sex drives to match. Congratulations, then, to the team at Men of Montreal for bringing them together for us (to wank over). At first, Christian seems to struggle as a bottom but the guys are soon into their stride, with Max sexily gliding his fat cock easily in and out of Christian’s wet hole.

Bennett Anthony and Sean Duran

67 72 95

Bennett Anthony is fucking hot! As you know, we love a redhead. And a redhead with a beard is something even better. Here, in this new Men.com movie, he plays a guy who’s over the moon when he sees that his lover, muscled Sean Duran, has tattooed his name on his chest. What better way to show his appreciation than with a sweaty bout of hot sex, some deep cock-sucking and a rewarding fuck in the ass?

** See more of Sean Duran: in a free clip with Fabio Stallone

Matt Stevens and Rikk York

Matt Stevens and Rikk York are cleaning their home before Rikk’s mom turns up for a visit. Rikk’s on edge but Matt has the perfect solution for easing stress. And you’ll never guess what it is… OK. Yep, it’s a good and penetrating fuck session. This is gay porn, after all. The two studs display their true versatility as they take turns sucking their cocks and then fucking ass in this latest episode from Men Over 30

Julian Kido and Alex Toulouse

fl_1527-2 fl_1527-6 fl_1527-9

Newbie Julian Kido is packing a seriously large and veiny cock – and Alex Toulouse can’t wait to release it from Julian’s pants and give him a deep-throating that’ll have him stiff and throbbing. Lucky for Julian, Alex is an expert cock-sucker and can take on the big boys with little to worry about. Then things heat up when these sleazy European fuckers get into some deep ass pounding action. Watch them cum at French Lads

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Kip Johnson and Yuri Stasio

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We find long-haired Kip Johnson chilling out on the deck when Yuri Stasio walks out in his tight-fitting swimwear. Yuri drops down beside the reclining Kip, and soon they’re making out. Wanting some privacy, they head indoors and take things a step or two further. Yuri has a fat uncut cock but it looks as if he has a few wood issues at times in their session together. Still, he manages to get his dick up Kip’s hole – raw. Watch a free trailer at Dallas Reeves