Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter

It’s in the steam room that Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter meet up, and where the action in this Sweet and Raw session gets going. The boys make out, start to stroke their boners. Before long they’re sucking their cocks and Carl is fingering Ronny. With the temperature rising, they head off to somewhere more private, where Billy fucks Ronny bare. Fast forward and Ronny is riding Sam, then getting fucked by Carl and is finally left covered in cum.

Jessie Colter and Mr Kristofer

BJ0140_X_6516Porn veteran and bound jock Jessie Colter is tied to the rig and sporting just a jockstrap when Mr Kristofer arrives to deliver his edging session.

He promptly gags Colter and shoves a cold electric butt plug up his ass, switching on the power to get things moving. The effect makes Jessie yell and stiffen, while Mr Kristofer teases his dick ahead of a messy climax…

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Rafael Lords and Pedro Andreas

LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_08 LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_09 LVP214_04_Rafael_Lords_Pedro_Andreas_11

Porn god Pedro Andreas looks incredible with his beard and shaved head so it’s obvious why Rafael Lords is all over the guy when they’re in the shower, playing with his deliciously uncut cock in this Lucas Entertainment episode. By the pool under the summer sunshine, they then get down to the serious business of sucking, rimming and fucking. And on this occasion it’s Pedro who’s giving Rafael’s hole a serious pounding raw.

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Damian Black and Levi Karter

IMG_2621 IMG_2797 IMG_2736

Some boys are just heaven on legs and Levi Karter is one of them. He doesn’t have to do anything to get our cocks raging – so you can imagine what he does to us when he appears in a scene like this one with Damian Black. The older he gets, the better he looks too. Especially when he’s kicking back into a 69, appreciating a hard cock so keenly. Once he’s got Damian’s dick fully aroused, he gets on his back and takes an excellent pounding. What a star! Watch a free trailer at Cocky Boys

Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore

Two horny fuckers, one horny fuck scene. Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore look like they’re truly into each other as they make out and strip. Max drops to his knees and devours Jackson’s uncut cock, his tongue working the hood of his prick. Jackson returns the favor and then turns his attention to Max’s asshole, licking it keenly. Then they flip fuck each other, pounding hard and raw, building up a sweat. Max shoots first, breeding Jackson’s hole, before Jackson gives as good as he gets. And then they badly need to eat that cum and clean their holes… View more at Bareback That Hole

Trenton Ducati and Josh Stone

What would it be like to be a fan of gay porn but then to be given the chance to appear in front of the cameras with one of your top models? That’s the premise behind the Man Royale series Fuck a Pornstar. In this episode it’s porn god Trenton Ducati, who’s been picked as scene partner by cute Josh Stone. Josh has been begging to have his ass fucked by the muscle stud – and here’s his chance.

Guy English and Joe Hardness

Beefy blue collar guys Guy English and Joe Hardness have been hired to renovate a play space for the Bear Riders – a club for men where anything goes. Now that they’re just about done, and with a guaranteed membership of the club in their pockets, Guy and Joe are keen to put the new premises through their paces. And so we get to see this real-life couple taking turns sucking each other before fucking bareback. Lucky for them a sling was already set up from the night before… Watch more at Hairy and Raw

Vintage: Celebrating Bill Henson

As far as jocks go, Bill Henson was pretty unbeatable in his day, with his deliciously ripped physique and dreamy good looks. And then there was the mystery of whether he was gay or straight, which only added to the attraction for many of us. Bill starred in some of the great classic moviess of the era, including Sailor In The Wild and A Matter Of Size. He turned out a few times for Falcon Studios, notably in Winner Takes All.

Shay Michaels and Patrick O’Connor

6 11 9

Patrick O’Connor makes no secret of the fact that he is a huge sex pig and he can’t help but smile broadly when Shay Michaels kicks off their session together by writing “CUM DUMP” on his ass. It’s the perfect description… However, the smile gets wiped off his face when Shay starts drilling his boner into his hole. Shay takes his time, relentlessly getting everything he wants out of pushing Patrick to the limits. When he’s fully satisfied himself, he blasts his load over Patrick’s hairy arse. See a free clip at Treasure Island

Michel Rudin and Brent

Beefy and hairy Michel Rudin has been looking forward to this massage for a while, especially knowing that his masseur is the handsome Brent. And Brent has barely started his work before Michel is hard and slowly lowering his briefs. When Michel finally reveals his boner, Brent goes down on it, licking every inch, deep-throating it. And that’s the cue for their table-top fuck to begin over at Alpha Males

Dax Daniels and Danny Moore

Dax Daniels and Danny Moore enjoy kicking a ball about for relaxation but Danny seems more interested in Dax than anything else. So when they’re back inside, he seduces his friend – who doesn’t resist. They make out, jerk each others’ cocks and finally deliver a hot 69. Then Danny sits on Dax’s big dick bareback and rides it for all he’s worth. Danny gets flipped over onto his back and the intensity of the fucking intensifies… See more at Dallas Reeves

Alan Craft and Chris Fox

Alan Craft is cute and curly haired, the owner of a stiff cock that the boys just love. Among them is Chris Fox, a tall and hung lad who looks very happy sucking his mate. Alan is fully aroused, and he bends Chris over and stuffs his dick into his hole raw. He thrusts in and out, his balls slapping against Chris’s butt. Chris shoots first after that energetic fuck, and then Alan shares his load. View more at Bare Adventures

Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco

10 13 19

Hunky Jimmy Durano and Jorge Fusco are not far away from being stepbrothers. In fact it’s the next day that their parents are getting married – so time is running out if they’re gonna have some fun. Jimmy therefore offers to show Jorge how good it feels to be with another man. After a little convincing, Jorge agrees and Jimmy gets down to sucking his cock and priming his tight hole for a good pounding. Watch a free preview at

Manuel Rios and Gaelan Binoche

3 6 7

You don’t have to look too far to see that Manuel Rios clearly loves being fucked by scene partner Gaelan Binoche – just look at all that cum spurting from Manuel’s handsome cock as Gaelan rams his boner into his guts bare. Gaelan follows it up with a load aimed squarely at his partner’s hole. Not that this is all one way stuff for Manuel is as keen to fuck ass as Gaelan so they then proceed to switch roles. Another bonus with these two models – they’re both very well hung! Watch a free trailer at Bel Ami

Leo and Andre

Fun at the photoshoot…

Leo and Andre have been paired for a photoshoot – but it soon gets out of control when their desire to fuck each other takes over. When Leo kisses the blond dude, the inevitable happens. Andre stuffs his cock into Leo’s mouth and expects a serious sucking. He digs his tongue into Leo’s tight arse and then gets him on his back to fuck him good and hard… Catch more action at Cazzo

Brendan Patrick edged

13 10 6

Medical attendants Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter have sexual deviant Brendan Patrick under strict observation in the ward, watching his every move through mirrored glass. Patrick is in a straightjacket, begging to cum, which is just how the two medics like it. They enter and have Brendan swinging in mid air, swallowing his cock and bringing him to the edge with a vibrating cock sheath. They finger his hairy asshole and abuse it with various toys, constantly denying him an orgasm until they’re ready to let him shoot. Get some free clips at Men on Edge

Santiago Figueroa and Billy Warren

college-dudes-santiago-figueroa-and-billy-warren-005 college-dudes-santiago-figueroa-and-billy-warren-003 college-dudes-santiago-figueroa-and-billy-warren-012

Santiago Figueroa is a big boy, and Billy Warren is clearly looking forward to working his cock in this College Dudes session. They get down to business quickly and deliver up a fine 69 but Santiago needs to feel a tight ass on his dick and so bends Billy over the bed and slowly slides his boner inside him. Billy takes it every which way, relishing a hard fucking. Later he climbs on top and rides Santiago, jerking his cock until his cum explodes.

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Flex and Dallas Steele


Dallas Steele is an awesome example of masculinity and here he is showing off his talents at Men at Play, giving Flex a good time. Dallas looks as hot as fuck in his suit and Flex looks just as good out of his! It looks like Flex is eager to serve his new sugar daddy as well, lavishing attention on his hard American cock, gagging on all those perfect inches. Dallas rewards him with an epic rimming, getting his tongue deep in his plaything’s hole, lubing him. Then he drives his cock in and Flex sees stars… Yep, this is good stuff!

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Kielo Wolfe and Rocco Blue

Getting it raw…

Twenty one-year-old kid Kielo Wolfe has always thought about fucking another dude, but decided that his first time would be on film with Rocco Blue. At least that’s what the PR blurb says. Either way, this bi boy gets instructed in the ways of sucking cock by Rocco and then takes his turn by blowing his partner’s ample dick. When it comes time to fuck, Kielo slams his hard prick into Rocco’s hole and pounds away until he’s ready to bust his nut all over Rocco’s sweet ass. View more at Hot Barebacking

Luke Vogel and David

EB_Behind_The_Camera_and_Up_The_Ass_Sc4_Luke-David_077 EB_Behind_The_Camera_and_Up_The_Ass_Sc4_Luke-David_102 EB_Behind_The_Camera_and_Up_The_Ass_Sc4_Luke-David_108

Young English sex pig Luke Vogel likes boys with big cocks – the bigger the better. So he can’t be too disappointed with partner David here at EuroboyXXX. The boys strip and explore, teasing nipples, stroking their uncut cocks, sucking them. Then Luke encourages David to rubber up and screw his cock into his warm hole. David drives in, Luke pushes back to maximise the pleasure. They fuck hard until David pulls out and splashes goo over Luke’s face.

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Dean Daniels and Preston Lee

Playing outdoors…

Dean Daniels and Preston Lee enjoy spending a few hours in the great outdoors, especially when they can get naked and fuck around with each other. So today they’ve found themselves a quiet place at a local rest stop, where they can do what comes naturally without getting disturbed. A mouthful of cock is ordered and both of them get a generous serving. Watch more at Bad Boys Bootcamp

Dylan Thorne and Luke Tyler

BM1060_Dylan_Thorne_And_Luke_Tyler_05 BM1060_Dylan_Thorne_And_Luke_Tyler_12 BM1060_Dylan_Thorne_And_Luke_Tyler_19

Dylan Thorne and Luke Tyler pair up for this show at British porno site Blake Mason. And on the bed, they show how much they’re into the business of sucking uncut cock. Then it’s time for Dylan’s arse to get some exploring as Luke opens him up ready for his handsome boner. Fucked in various positions and with Luke’s distinctive energetic jabbing style, Dylan ends up wanking his cum out all over himself, then gets soaked in Luke’s squirting load.

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Sean Zevran and Letterio Amadeo

All we can say about these two fuckers is that they’re hot! From the new movie Sidewinder, we get Letterio Amadeo and Sean Zevran in a feast of muscle and truly masculine gay sex. But it’s a scene also notable for Letterio’s huge cock – a real sidewinder of a weapon. Sean inhales it keenly as Letterio thrusts that meat into his throat, making his sucker gag. Then the hung dude opens up Sean’s ass, snaking his tongue inside, getting him wet. He shoves his curved cock inside, and Sean gasps… See lots more at Raging Stallion

Bryce Evans and Marcus Isaacs

Handsome and muscled Bryce Evans has had a long and hard day at the office so he can’t wait to get out of his stuffy suit. And when he arrives at home, he finds his lover Marcus Isaacs is already in something a lot more comfortable – a pair of speedos. They dive into the pool together, swapping BJs in the water, before surfacing for some more penetrative action in the house. Bryce stuffs his hard dick deep into Marcus’ still-wet ass, and bangs him until both of them are shooting over Marcus’ furry chest. Catch more action at Men Over 30

Looking back: Dean Phoenix and Omer

3266_03 3266_07 3266_10

Our ‘looking back’ feature takes us into the recent past of gay porn to revive some scenes that would otherwise be forgotten and to remind us of the men who used to fuck for us in front of the camera. Today we bring you a Colt/Buckshot Studios scene featuring the talents of young Israeli pup Omer and the legendary Dean Phoenix. Dean made numerous movies over the years but this outing from 2008 was getting towards the end of his XXX career. Still Omer looks great bouncing on his cock!

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