Vintage: Chris Williams and Vladimir Correa

For our latest raid on the porn archives we head to the great outdoors and this fine Falcon Studios movie Out of Bounds. This episode stars Chris Williams and Vladimir Correa. Twinky blond Chris bore a striking resemblance to fellow porn star Kevin Williams – at least we think so – but despite some rumors, they weren’t related. Chris was often the bottom in his scenes, as he is here with handsome ranger Correa.

Nigel Banks, Dato Foland and Donnie Dean

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Oh, those cold winter nights, curling up by the fire, waiting for Santa to bring all your presents. Alternatively, things could get a lot hornier by that fireplace – especially when Nigel Banks, Dato Foland and Donnie Dean are together. These three hot fuckers deliver a passionate bareback three way – one that begins with Donnie and Dato alone. When Nigel stumbles on them, the action really picks up at Lucas Entertainment.

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Ian Levine, Jake Matthews, Owen Powers, Travis Stevens and Zach Lockhart

Raw orgy in Milwaukee…
When you get a bunch of horny guys traveling the nation together on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip, it comes as no surprise that at some point they’d all end up fucking together. So here we have the combined talents of Ian Levine, Jake Matthews, Owen Powers, Travis Stevens and Zach Lockhart – all five jammed into the hotel bathroom but making very good use of the available space as they suck and fuck. Lucky Zach gets splattered with the others’ cum in the bukkake finale. Visit Jason Sparks Live for more

Skye Blue and Ryan Price

11The usual scenario at Bait Buddies is to get a straight dude and a gay boy together – and then con the straight dude into have man-on-man sex. Today, though, we’re told that we have two straights – Skye Blue and Ryan Price.

Some things never change, though. The director tells them the girl they’re supposed to be in a threesome with hasn’t turned up. So they’re just gonna have to fuck each other.

Ryan makes it clear he’s not gonna be screwed so Skye volunteers to take a dick for the team…

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Dad and son: Chris Young and Johny Lucas

This movie from Male Reality has something for fans of dad and son action, for those who get off over suited men, for fans of men with beards. Chris Young and Johny Lucas are boss and employee, negotiating a pay rise. Not surprisingly when faced with a cute young man who’s clearly flirting, the boss decides to take advantage of the situation. He’ll get his pay rise as long as he fucks…

David Benjamin and Josh Benson

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If you were a young lad like smooth and pale Josh Benson, wouldn’t your dream be to be fucked senseless by a hot stud like David Benjamin? We sure wish we’d had such an opportunity! In this Hot Dads Hot Lads episode, David revitalises an exhausted Josh with a few kisses on the lips – and soon has him out of his clothes and raring to go. Some prolonged cock-sucking and ass-eating later, we find Josh getting his ass screwed in a wide range of horny positions.

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Mitch Vaughn and David Benjamin

Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

Mick Lovell and Claude Sorel

11We’re sure we’re not alone in missing sexy jock Mick Lovell and his perfectly proportioned cock.

But all’s not lost because Bel Ami have released this scene that sees the American babe getting his ass fucked by Czech model Claude Sorel.

That in itself is something you don’t see too often – Claude as a top.

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Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria and Gabriel Clark

This stirring threesome from Men of Montreal features Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria and Gabriel Clark, and sees them all brought together for a game of football. Filmed over Thanksgiving weekend, it sees our handsome studs celebrating, watching the game and stuffing their faces and assholes with cock. Who’s gonna be the wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end? Watch and find out…

Colby Jansen and Jacob Ladder

ColbyBreaksHimInDMH09 ColbyBreaksHimInDMH13 ColbyBreaksHimInDMH15

If you were just starting out in gay porn, making a name for yourself, there would probably be a long list of men you’d want to film a scene with. We reckon that Colby Jansen would be on the list of quite a few of us. And here is the big man giving relative newcomer Jacob Ladder, a true hottie, a good pounding in the ass. And he deserves it too for having one of the dumbest porn names we’ve heard in some time! See a free trailer at

Daniel Ross and Ace Parker

Daniel Ross is bedding himself in at his new dorm and he already has a crush on Ace Parker. So it’s more than good news for him when he wakes to find Ace in the shower, soaping his gorgeous nakedness. Daniel spies on the youngster and when Ace spots him, he’s initially shocked. But soon they are together, embracing, making out, sucking cock. Later, Daniel lets Ace slide his throbbing dick into him. Watch the story unfold at Nextdoor Twink

Fostter Riviera and Patrick Baur

11Fostter Riviera likes a good load of cum – especially in the face. And he gets it in this sex show with Patrick Baur.

He gets Patrick thoroughly worked up by giving him a seriously hard raw pounding, plundering his hole in every position he can think of. After dumping his white-hot load, he gets Patrick to climb up and jerk himself off until he sprays his jizz onto his tongue.

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Jacob Durham gang fucked

1The end of the year is approaching but let’s go back to one of the highlights of the calendar – the Folsom Street Fair – and a sex scene filmed on the day.

It features Jacob Durham being humiliated by a gang of porn studs on stage, wearing a puppy mask and enduring hot wax torture while he gets clips stuck on his nipples and balls. Sporting a puppy tail butt plug, he’s then pissed on by five guys.

Later, at a nearby Folsom sex party, he sucks cocks and gets fucked to within an inch of his life.

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Johnny V and Ryan Rose

Strawberry blond Johnny V has muscle definition to die for – but then so too does Ryan Rose. Together, they make for a fine-looking, handsome pair. Cocks hard, eager to suck each other off, the guys go at each other keenly. Highlights include Johnny giving Ryan a rimming that has him on the verge of falling over and Ryan pounding deep into Johnny’s guts. Great stuff over at Falcon Studios

Rocco Steele and Damian Gomez

IMG_9179 IMG_9327 IMG_9365

Who’s next to take Rocco Steele‘s monster cock? Meet Damian Gomez – who looks painfully skinny and rather frail compared to the big guy! But if you think that was gonna put him off taking Rocco’s star dick, you’d be wrong. He really goes for it in this new Butch Dixon episode, and he had us cumming buckets while riding that beast of a boner. He enjoyed himself so much, he happily took Rocco’s load in his hole too.

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Owen Powers and Corbin Riley

Andrew Justice, Emanuelk Rosado and Steven Ponce

Emanuelk Rosado and Andrew Justice are ready to hit the town for a great night out but when buddy Steven Ponce shows up ready to join them, they know immediately that he’s not dressed for the part. So they set to work on his outfit, but soon get distracted by the redhead’s rapidly swelling cock. And who wouldn’t be? The studs take turns sucking each other, eat ass and then get the fuck train rolling… Watch more at Men Over 30

Ian Levine, Evan Parker and Corbin Webber

Beach-Threesome--015It seems like forever since we were last at the beach. Deep in winter, we miss the sand, the sea and the sight of horny guys all around.

To remind us of the summer to come, here are Ian Levine, Evan Parker and Corbin Webber fresh from spending an hour or two by the sea.

Back at the apartment their cocks are revealed and we launch into a suck and fuck-fest for fans of twinks everywhere. Click for a preview at Helix Studios

Matt takes cock after cock

FX099B_1 FX099B_7 FX099B_9

We just wish we got invited to more parties like this – booze flowing, lads with balls full of cum, hard cocks popping out of pants. We could go on for hour after hour faced with a bunch as horny as this. At Fraternity X (with a free preview), we find Matt on the receiving end of all those dicks, sucking out the loads and getting his butt banged bareback relentlessly. Not everyone’s idea of a great night out, but certainly ours…

Adam Russo and Draven Torres

Love this show at Bareback That Hole, in which beefy Adam Russo gives it good and hard to colorful and youthful Draven Torres. Perfectly matched, they look great as they 69, appreciating the hard inches of meat throbbing between their legs. Adam slides his cock into Draven’s hole and fucks him to within an inch of his life, swapping positions and building up a real sweat. Our top shoots his load all over Draven’s hole and then moves in face first to eat and felch him clean.

Kai Sparks and DJ

04 05 06

Ravenous top Kai Sparks needs a hairy arsehole to fuck and fill with cum, and it’s DJ who offers him the chance to satisfy his lust. At first, there’s the small matter of oral to get out of the way, and these hungry men both give it as good as they get. Then DJ demands to be screwed, riding Kai’s boner like he’s going for an award. Later, he lies back and lets Kai do all the hard work, pounding deep into his guts, balls slapping on his butt. As a reward, DJ gets an ass full of spunk. Click for a free trailer at Backroom Fuckers

Kayden Gray and Cameron Wilson

Kayden Gray is sporting a new pair of trainers and his buddy Cameron Wilson is impressed. In fact, Cameron has a real fetish for trainers and can’t resist getting a good sniff of that new leather. He licks them and buries his face where Kayden’s feet were, his cock stiffening with every moment of appreciation. It’s inevitable that they’re gonna fuck and Cameron takes every inch of his mate’s long, uncut cock like a star. This celebration of feet, socks and trainers, as well as man sex, is available at Bulldog Pit

Looking back: Chip Daniels, Marc Saber and Scott Bond

In this week’s looking back feature, in which we look at porno from years gone by, we focus on three men who were big names in 90s gay movies. Chip Daniels, Marc Saber and Scott Bond are in this threesome from the movie Backdrop. Scott is the one in the middle, sucking on Chip’s boner while Marc fucks him up the ass. Of the three it was Marc who had us harder, although Chip was probably the bigger star. Jocks Studios has more of the action

Raul Korso and Leo Domenico

lucaskazan_09There are some studios that you know are gonna produce quality gay porn – and Lucas Kazan is one.

Specialising in Italian men but with a broad cross-section of European models, their latest movie is The English Tutor.

Handsome and veteran model Leo Domenico takes the title role – and will stop at nothing to ensure his students master the language.

What particular things does he need to use on Raul Korso to get him speaking English perfectly? From the picture, it looks like a quick suck and fuck does the trick.

Watch a free preview clip here

Adam Dacre and Sergi Rodriguez

He’s late to work and inked Spanish stud Sergi Rodriguez has to face the wrath of foreman Adam Dacre. But Sergi knows just how to calm the situation and get Adam back on his side. Peeling off his boiler suit, he reveals a tanned and hairy chest, perfect abs and then a stiff cock. Adam responds, pulling out his own dick and getting Sergi to take it. Sergi deep-throats like a champ and then offers up his ass for a serious pounding… Watch the show at Alpha Males

Dato Foland and Jimmie Slater

LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_01 LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_05 LVP200_02_Dato_Foland_Jimmie_Slater_08

When you see Dato Foland‘s uncut cock slapping on Jimmie Slater’s face, wouldn’t you want to be on the receiving end of it? Our European stallion sure does have a fine prick – and Jimmie makes the most of it in this session at Lucas Entertainment. Not only does he gorge on that meat orally, but he then takes it up his ass in a range of positions – raw. That’s not to say that Dato doesn’t reciprocate – he may not be bottoming here but he gives Jimmie’s dick a meaty deep-throating.

** See more of Dato Foland in a free clip, fucking with Tommy Defendi

Sven Laarson and Shane Hirch

After a challenging day at the studio, there’s nothing Sven Laarson and Shane Hirch like more than getting home and relieving all that stress with a good sex session. And that’s where we join them, dark-haired Shane teases his blond lover with his handsome cock before getting his tongue and his lips to work on Sven’s boner. They swap BJs, flip into a 69 and then fuck. A game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ determines who bottoms first – and it’s Sven who takes Shane in this bareback Sweet and Raw show

Sebastian Kross and Anthony Verusso

07One look at the pic and you could probably guess the theme that lurks behind this porno scene.

The clue is in the glistening physiques of Sebastian Kross and Anthony Verusso – all oiled up and slippery. Yes, these two have been engaged in that familiar porn staple – the massage session that turns into a full-blown suck and fuck session.

And because these two are a sexy pair, we’re more than happy with that outcome. Watch a free trailer at Man Royale

Riley Tess and Drew Kingston

BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_06 BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_13 BM0996_Drew_Kingston_And_Riley_Tess_18

We had the good fortune of watching a solo not long ago with handsome black dude Drew Kingston – now we have the pleasure of seeing him in a hardcore sex scene. Blake Mason brings us this show with hairy-chested Riley Tess getting a serious pounding from Drew. Riley is a great bottom and perfectly suited to a guy like Drew – someone who really knows how to hit the spot with his erection!

Harley Jordan, Levi Stephans and Jacob Daniels

Jacob Daniels is troubled. He needs to behave himself while working in the hotel trade. He must stop getting sexually tangled with the guests. Which is all very well until the guests themselves decide that they wanna get to know Jacob a little more intimately. So it is with redhead Levi Stephans and brunette Harley Jordan. So persuasive are they that Jacob suddenly finds himself naked, being spit-roasted. But he looks very happy with Harley’s thick cock filling his ass and Levi fucking his face. See the full movie at Eurocreme

Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza

15bHere’s a festival of barebacking starring bad boy Sebastian Young and Johnny Forza, with both doing the ‘straight dudes who just have to do something together to relieve their hard-ons’ gig.

So in the bedroom, Sebastian gives it good and hard to Johnny, who bottoms like a champ. In fact, he looks particularly impressive when he’s riding Sebastian’s handsome boner. And for his reward he gets a load on his hole.

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Nick Tiano and Owen Powers

Stick your cock in a glory hole and just enjoy what happens. Who knows what the guy sucking your dick is like – a Greek god or a real no-hoper? Nick Tiano sticks his through and hopes for the best, while enjoying the moment. It turns out that the guy on the other end – Owen Powers – is an expert at deep-throating. And when he reveals himself, Nick’s more than happy with his looks. In fact, he’s so happy that he gives Owen the sort of punishing raw fuck that we all dream of… Watch more at Breed Me Raw