Alexander Gustavo and Jed Athens

NSV033_sc4_JedAthens_AlexanderGustavo_AffilVert_3 NSV033_sc4_JedAthens_AlexanderGustavo_HorzAffil_4 NSV033_sc4_JedAthens_AlexanderGustavo_AffilVert_2

Fit young studs Jed Athens and Alexander Gustavo spot each other while they’re out on their morning run around Dolores Park. And because they’re both really horny, they race home to get into some serious exercise in the bedroom. They’ve hardly got through the door before they’re naked, sucking their boners and eating ass like there’s no tomorrow. Then Alexander flips Jed over and stuffs his dick into Jed’s ass. There’s an athletic reverse cowboy Alexander rolls over and gets fucked by Jed. View a trailer now at Naked Sword

Adam Russo and Trent Ferris

Beefy Adam Russo is a little confused. He’s been discovering his passion for younger guys and it’s unnerving him. Then he gets back to his hotel room to find horny young hooker Trent Ferris waiting for him. The lad asks Adam if he’s ever paid for the services of a male prostitute before, and Adam says he hasn’t. Still, that’s about to change. Before you know it, he’s sucking off Trent. Then Trent gives Adam a BJ before surrendering his hole for the older man. See more at Icon Male

Jack Braver and Andy West

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Jack Braver and Andy West are bored at work – and that’s something we can sympathise with. But while we’d never get away with having a full-on fuck in front of our colleagues, it’s no problem for these two – there’s nobody else around to object! So we’re treated to the pleasing sight of Jack taking advantage of his workmate’s butt, of fucking him all around the office, and doing it raw. Catch their movie at Cocksure Men

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Carlos Andre and Ivan Maia

Carlos Andre and Ivan Maia – enjoying a cold drink but knowing that both want so much more. They make out. Ivan runs his tongue down his boy’s chest and belly, aiming for the hard uncut treasure that lies below. He sucks his lover’s boner, taking it deep in his throat. Carlos rims Ivan before swapping his tongue for his hard cock. He pounds in deep, stretching Ivan’s hole, hitting the spot deep inside him. And then he pulls out and sprays his load in Ivan’s face. See more of the movie at Red Hot Latinos

Claude Sorel and Dario Dolce

9We’re well used to seeing Dario Dolce performing as a power bottom – but he’s quite happy to top a guy too.

So here he is paired with drop-dead gorgeous model Claude Sorel in an outdoor bareback fuck, drenched with sunshine, cum and hard cocks. And Claude sure looks like he’s enjoying riding that boner. Boys like this sure put us in the mood for summer…

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Jared and Mirek Ceslar

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Who wouldn’t want to suck Jared’s hard cock and fuck his muscular butt? This swarthy, bearded stud is a real dream of a guy, paired here with Mirek Ceslar. Meeting for a night of passion, they’re both sporting fine boners and eager to suck each other. But Jared is equally eager to be fucked senseless, so he gets on his back for a serious pounding from his young lover. He ends up taking that dick in a variety of positions before Mirek pulls out and coats his butt with all his jizz. Watch a free video at Kristen Bjorn

Guy English and Joe Hardness

If horny bears, fat uncut cock and lots of cum is what you’re into (and we reckon that’s a substantial part of our audience) here’s a Hairy and Raw session that will have you grabbing the lube and jerking off. Guy English and Joe Hardness are our models, and the type who really get off on role play. So the team set them up with one of their favorite fantasies: military men. With this to fire them, they set about a serious session of cock sucking and ass eating before Guy fucks his partner deep in his ass.

Tony Parker and Lincoln Gates

BM1033_Lincoln_Gates_And_Tony_Parker_04 BM1033_Lincoln_Gates_And_Tony_Parker_11 BM1033_Lincoln_Gates_And_Tony_Parker_18

They make for a truly sexy pairing, do Tony Parker and Lincoln Gates at Blake Mason. Hairy, hung where it matters and horny, there’s no stopping them as they put their cock sucking skills to test. They look hot as hell as they 69, then Tony rims his man before sliding his cock into his hole. Lincoln shows how much he loves being fucked as Tony pounds into him, and ends up shooting his load while still being screwed.

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David Harr and Victor Klicko

Bare Adventures gives us more doctor/patient action – although the doctor is alarmingly young to be practicing medicine! It transpires that boyish Victor Klicko has a pain in his cock – and medic David Harr seems to have the perfect remedy. This involves getting his patient good and hard and then dispensing a sloppy and welcome BJ. With our horny patient thoroughly worked up, it’s inevitable that the doc is soon bending over and taking a serious pounding in his bare hole.

Gabriel Clark and Darius Ferdynand

IMG_6843Some man-on-man combos just work. Take Gabriel Clark and Darius Ferdynand, two uncut studs from opposite sides of the Atlantic who nevertheless look like they were made to fuck.

Darius has a big cock, Gabriel an insatiable appetite for fucking ass. Both have bodies to die for. As a scene, it’s truly great stuff and climaxes with Gabriel shooting his load with his dick lodged in his buddy’s mouth.

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Jeff Kendall and Jessy Karson

Here are two guys who go at each other as if they haven’t had a man to fuck for a while… Jessy Karson in particular can’t get enough of Jeff Kendall’s erect cock and Jeff pounds his greedy ass over and over again in this Bareback That Hole session. They fuck on the couch, on chairs, standing up and sitting down. They moan and groan, they’re wild and they’re sweating buckets. At the climax Jeff felches out his own cream pie from Jessy’s used hole.

Jessie Colter and Jimmy Bullet

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We know it’s not everyone’s idea of fun but we find wrestling around in mud a real turn-on – although it’s rare we get the chance! Here are Jessie Colter and Jimmy Bullet getting down to a good bout in all that muck, and looking fuckin’ hot in the process. The loser finds himself bound and blindfolded, made to suck on the winner’s dick (not that that sounds like punishment to us). Having cleaned themselves up, loser Jimmy also finds himself being anally assaulted by a collection of toys. See some free clips at Naked Kombat

Frankie Stone, Shawn and Giorgio Varese

Welcome to a particularly interesting masked ball, where Frankie Stone and Giorgio Varese have found themselves a quiet spot for a fuck. Giorgio looks particularly good bent over the bar getting his ass eaten and then sucking deep on Frankie’s stiff hooded prick. That’s when Shawn appears – and joins in the fun. He must be important because he’s got a bodyguard, who hangs around watching the action while his boy gets his fill of cock. There’s lots of spit roasting too. Watch more at Sweet and Raw

Looking back: Billy Brandt and Michel Mattel

We raid the gay porn archives now to bring you a scene from the Falcon Studios movie No Way Out from back in the early noughties. It stars the studio’s then superstar, Billy Brandt – a guy with as many fans as he had detractors. Still, we always enjoyed watching him! In this episode, a guy played by Travis Wade has ordered Billy and his buddy Michel Mattel to go outside and suck and fuck each other in the sunshine – to shoot their creamy loads into a glass ready for inspection. It’s not something we’re asked to do everyday, but never mind… Billy, who rarely bottomed, was the top in this show.

Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey

GIF (2)
Handsome European lads Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey get together for a great foursome here. And the boys make sure they try out all combinations as they suck and fuck their way through to the cum shots. And those blasts are pretty impressive. Kris in particular can shoot a big load – as we’ve seen many times in the past – but Rhys sure gives him a run for his money this time round. Watch a free trailer at Bel Ami.
GIF (4)

Luke Adams and Jarec Wentworth

50 60 69

Horny jock Luke Adams and bearded stud Jarec Wentworth find themselves in LA for an awards show, which is honoring the best and most talented of porn stars. But Luke finds that his hotel room isn’t ready. Fortunately Jarec is around and invites him to crash in his. So what do two porn stars do to pass the time until the show? Yep, you don’t need to see the pix to find the answer. Luke, not surprisingly, ends up as the bottom in this pairing. Watch a free clip at

Jake Matthews and Austin Chandler

Bareback in Nashville…
Jake Matthews and Austin Chandler are an attractive pair, locked together in an intense make-out session. Jake then moves in on Austin’s proud cock, licking the shaft and balls, teasing the head, swallowing that impressive length. Austin quickly returns the favor but is more interested in giving Jake’s ass a good raw pounding. His bottom takes it like a man – and cums like a dream. Catch more at Jason Sparks Live

Cage Kafig and Tyler White

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There are raw fucks and versatility on show in this Broke Straight Boys episode, even though Tyler White is not a big fan of bottoming. Still, if he wants to dish out some ass punishment to Cage Kafig, the deal is he has to bend over in return. They kick off with oral, with Cage sucking on Tyler’s cock first. After returning the favor, Tyler guides his prick into Cage’s hole, fucking him while he sucks him off. They swap places for a while but the show concludes with Tyler once again on top.

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Fabrizio Nice and Lyam Dylan

Men in Paris…
In Paris, the men are horny and out cruising. There are invariably some hot guys to pick up whatever day of the week it is, to fuck or take home. One evening Fabrizio Nice meets Lyam Dylan, an attractive guy with a big uncut cock. Fabrizio makes his move, sucks his new admirer’s boner and together they share their love of sweaty sports gear. Only then is it time to fuck… See more at Jalif Studio

Ben and Pablo

42There’s plenty of ass play as Latino twinks Ben and Pablo get to work on each other. Yes they kiss and play with their nipples, they suck their hooded cocks – but Pablo clearly wants more.

So he offers up his bubble butt and Ben goes in to feast. He licks that smooth hole but then lubes his fingers – and tries to get as many up his buddy’s hole as he can.

How does Pablo fare? Watch in a free clip at SD Boy

Rogan Hardy and Matt Hurst

2 5 9

It’s an all-oral show but no less intense and exciting for it as hungry cock sucker Rogan Hardy gets to his knees. And he’s brought along Matt Hurst, a straight Southern boy with a handsome uncut cock. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t mind who’s blowing him – as long as he can shoot a good load. To help him along, he watches some straight porn while Rogan delivers a grade A BJ. Watch a trailer at TIMsuck

Victor and Marlon

It takes only a glance…
Victor and Marlon are two horny muscle studs oozing sex appeal. Hardly a day goes by when these two inked bulls are not all over each other. It takes just a glance, then Victor is on his knees, Marlon’s angry cock in his mouth. They swap places before Victor moves in to lick his man’s hole, making him ready for the ride. Victor pushes his cock in and Marlon feels it, pounding deep, hitting the spot… Catch the show at Cazzo

Alexander Greene and Ethan Slade

college-dudes-alex-greene-and-ethan-slade-005 college-dudes-alex-greene-and-ethan-slade-013 college-dudes-alex-greene-and-ethan-slade-008

Alexander Greene joins forces with Ethan Slade as he returns to perform in front of the cameras with College Dudes. We’ve seen a lot of Alex bottoming lately but here he gets to top – and it’s great to see that extra-large uncut and veiny cock of his being put to good use on a perfect butt! There’s all the usual oral to enjoy before Ethan gets himself into position for that prime fucking.

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Darius Ferdynand and Ryan Rose

Gutter Punks. It’s the name of a new movie from Hot House. But one thing’s for sure, Darius Ferdynand and Ryan Rose sure don’t look like punks or residents of the gutter. As physically perfect as they are, they’re more like fantasy figures. Still, it’s another chance to appreciate Darius’s pretty much perfect uncut cock – a real whopper of a dick. However, he’s more bottom than top so it’s Ryan’s penis that ends up on fucking duties here.

Kinjiro and Keita

japanboyz_keitakinjiro2-def-1_20150320163733There’s a lot more cum in this gay porn show than you see in many, and we can thank Keita and Kinjiro for that.

After Keita fucks Kinjiro, he pulls out and blows his load onto the pillow and Kinjiro’s shoulder and chest. But then Kinjiro shoots straight up into the air and splatters his own mouth and chin with that salty cream.  And that’s just how we like it!

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Max Carter, Evan Parker and Kody Knight

RealCam-Evan-shoots-Kody-and-Max-009 RealCam-Evan-shoots-Kody-and-Max-013 RealCam-Evan-shoots-Kody-and-Max-022

Evan Parker is as delicious as they come, a twink with exceptional good looks and a truly great cock. Here he’s wielding a camera to help capture the action as he gets into bed with blond Max Carter and Kody Knight. Evan, of course, isn’t just gonna film. He wants to ensure his dick gets plenty of attention from the other two boys, as Max takes a good pounding from his young buddy Kody. And as you can see from one of the pix, Max also gets plenty of cum in his face. Watch the preview at Helix Studios

Felix Tyler and Austin Chandler

Who hasn’t had a crush on a roommate at least once? It can be awkward, it can be a real turn-on. Occasionally, it leads to some real sex. Felix Tyler has been having the hots for Austin Chandler for a while now but it seems like his luck is about to change. When he discovers Austin has a big cock, there’s no stopping our man. He just has to have it and he’s not gonna take no for an answer. Fortunately, Austin isn’t the type of guy to keep his dick to himself either… Watch the show at Extra Big Dicks

Bennett Anthony and Jacob Ladder

81What could be worse than being fucked by bearded ginger hottie Bennett Anthony? We reckon it’s not being fucked by him.

As fans of redheads, he’s our type of guy. And Jacob Ladder is one lucky young man to be on the receiving end of his love and affection. Jacob shows his appreciation by gobbling down his hard cock before sitting down on that pole and riding it for all it’s worth. Switching to doggy, he ends up taking it even deeper.

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