Alexander Graham and Aaron Steel

Over on Fire Island, Aaron Steel and Alexander Graham are keen to be house boys for the summer and respond to a posting out in the Pines. They’re told to meet at the house at the same time – but nobody is there to meet them. Instead there’s a note. It says the owner is watching and it’s up to them to impress him with what they’re offering. And that’s what we get – a good show of cock-sucking and ass fucking by the pool. Watch the full movie at

Nick Sterling and Brandon Moore

There are ways of distracting a man’s attention from the game at hand when you’re losing at pool, but nobody has yet used this one on us… Nick Sterling is the one who’s falling behind. So he pulls out his cock and sees whether that will distract Brandon Moore. Not surprisingly, it does. As a man who loves blowing dick and being fucked senseless, Brandon takes the bait in this Falcon Studios movie

Ennio Guardi and Stan Simons

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It’s not quite dad and son but this Cocksure Men action scene goes some way to delivering. Ennio Guardi is the more youthful of the two, famed for his giant muscles. Stan Simons is the bearded, furry-chested stud. The fuck takes place in the kitchen, when Ennio takes charge. He ends up ramming his meaty European dick up Stan’s butt good and raw.

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Craig Daniel and Johny Cruz

Is it any wonder that Johny Cruz is having a quick wank when the priest is such a hot fucker. Craig Daniel would be a subject of our wet dreams if we were ever in the young lad’s situation! As it is, Father Craig catches the boy with cock in hand and decides to do the ungodly thing and give his ass a proper workout. And Johny performs admirably, backing down on Craig’s big cock to ensure he gets the most from it in their penetrating fuck over at Eurocreme

Jace Chambers and Fernando Del Rio

Jace Chambers has hired Fernando Del Rio to clean up his yard. But this being gay porn, the work in hand soon gets forgotten as the guys discover an instant attraction. On his knees, Fernando frees Jace’s handsome boner and gives it the sucking it deserves. Fast forward and Fernando is bent over the ladder getting his ass pounded, Jace’s balls slapping against his perfect butt until they both cum. See more at Extra Big Dicks

Brandon Jones and Allen King

IMG_8275 IMG_8292 IMG_8456

Brandon Jones is a gay porn veteran, a Canadian. Allen King is a youthful Spaniard who’s rapidly growing a fan base. Brandon is often seen bottoming but here he gets a chance to fuck ass. But there’s plenty to see before that, with a fine 69 and some great ass eating. Allen looks great with a cock in his hole, particularly when he’s riding it like he does here. Watch the preview at Cocky Boys

Hans Berlin and Jack Green

A horny young lad like Jack Green knows just how to get a muscle man like Hans Berlin worked up, and it all comes down to his expert mouth on Hans’ bulging cock. There’s a feast of oral in this Hard Brit Lads session before Hans goes to work on Jack’s arsehole – lapping it with his tongue, jabbing it with his fingers. Jack follows by riding his man’s boner but there’s a switch to come with Hans getting pounded and a face full of his lad’s sperm.

Adam Ramzi and Colt Rivers

NSV037_sc2_AdamRamzi_ColtRivers_AffilVert_7 NSV037_sc2_AdamRamzi_ColtRivers_HorzAffil_2 NSV037_sc2_AdamRamzi_ColtRivers_AffilVert_2

Looks like both Adam Ramzi and Colt Rivers appreciate a good cock, going by these pix. So they should given the trade they’re in… In this Naked Sword movie (with free clip), Colt is a hooker who answers a call from Adam. And he arrives pretty stunned that a looker like Adam is paying for a fuck. Still, he delivers the goods for him (and us), bottoming like a champ and taking Adam’s load at the end. Nice reverse cowboy too.

Bear Steven and Ricky Rick

Meet Bear Steven and Ricky Rick, a handsome pair of bears who’ve delivered a cock sucking extravaganza in part one of this Hairy and Raw encounter, and who now need to get down to the business of fucking arse. Bear preps his mans hole, rimming and fingering him, and then slides home, balls deep. Ricky loves it but is also the kind of man who likes the scent of his own musky ass on another man’s cock, so he goes in for some sucking in between the pounding. Bear eventually shoots a load all over Ricky’s face.

Miguel and Deviant Otter

scene03451 scene18301 scene36451

Deviant Otter loves the attention of fans. He met Miguel on one of the hookup apps, picked him up at the train station and then discovered that he’s been living in a halfway house and is on probation. And he hadn’t sucked cock for months either. So you can imagine how hungry he was… Indeed, he ended up taking his host’s piss and cum in a typically horny shoot.

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Kip Johnson and Christian Wilde

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Kip Johnson endures real pain in this bondage session with Christian Wilde, but at least he gets a good facial at the conclusion. His torments include being strapped to an iron cage, flogged, shoved into a horizontal stock and having his long hair stapled to the wood. There’s lots more but the light relief comes in the form of some eager cock-sucking and a decent ass pounding. Watch some free clips at Bound Gods

Saxon West and Kayden Gray

American hunk Saxon West is cold and miserable on a damp night, desperate for a lift. And lucky for him, Kayden Gray is feeling generous and offers him a ride. Literally. For they hit it off immediately and Saxon is more than happy to offer Kayden the compensation he needs – cock and ass. First up he gets down to blowing that monster dick in Kayden’s pants after parking up. Then they get home, where Saxon can ride that dick good and proper. More from the movie at Alpha Males

Drake Tyler and Gage Owens

1456-pic-13 1456-pic-15 1456-pic-23

Oh for those days when sex was really athletic – when you could pick up a guy and throw him around the room as you sucked and fucked. One look at the pix of this Broke Straight Boys movie and you can see that Drake Tyler and Gage Owens have no problems when it comes to energy! These boys sure know some great positions as they suck their dicks, eat ass and fuck. Gage is the bottom and does a fine job of taking Drake’s raw boner.

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Zac Powers and Joe Parkes

This oral sex show from Europe begins with cute Joe Parkes having a particularly erotic dream, for he’s in bed playing with his ass and dick – at first in his sleep. But then he wakes up, cock in his hand. It’s not gone unnoticed by his young lover, Zac Powers, who pulls out his boner and joins his boyfriend in bed. Fast forward and we find the boys locked in a 69 (both horizontal and standing), Zac rimming Joe and a whole lot more sucking until the cum is flying. Watch more at Sweet and Raw

Vintage: Derrick Bolen and Erik Russell

Rip Colt was a truly legendary director, the main man behind the iconic Colt Studios brand. His talents brought some of the best men to us, whether in photos or on film – and few captured male beauty as well as he did. He was behind this outing called Easy Entry with Derrick Bolen and Erik Russell. Dressed (almost) in leather and straps, they suck and fuck in a scene with some wonderful close-ups of dick worship. Enjoy the show in full at Colt

Manuel Olveyra and Hugo Arenas

1439478191023 1439478193036 1439478241028

Manuel Olveyra and Hugo Arenas are planning to go out for the night – but it’s gonna take them a while to get moving because they’re both sporting boners. Needing to sort them first, they settle down to an early evening suck, rim and fuck session. And when it comes to ass pounding, Hugo takes charge, flipping Manuel over, teasing his hole with the head of his dick and then sliding it in bare. They swap positions, fuck some more and then Manuel blasts out a load. Hugo follows, coating Manuel’s cock and balls with jizz. See a free gallery at Kristen Bjorn

Andre Barclay and Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell is pretty new to this business of getting his asshole rammed raw – at least when he filmed this. But he has an expert in Andre Barclay to show him the ropes in this Bareback that Hole episode. Jason shows his appreciation in advance, slurping down Andre’s rock-hard cock and then giving his top access to his hole. Andre goes to work on it with his tongue, lubing it with spit, and then he slides his boner in deep, pounds away and has Jason oozing precum with each slam. Jason cums while being fucked and then takes a facial.

Marcus Ruhl and Roman Todd

JB_TheGaragePart1_0790 JB_TheGaragePart1_0543 JB_TheGaragePart1_0488

It’s been a while since we saw Marcus Ruhl getting his clothes off and doing the fuck thing on film. But here he is now, the latest big name at the revamped Juicy Boys, doing it raw with younger Roman Todd. Marcus doesn’t look quite as ripped as he once did and, sadly, is sporting his shaved rather than hairy look. But it’s good to see him being fucked even so!

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Kayden Gray, Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris

What is a coach supposed to do when his sexy young charges are too busy getting off with each other than getting down to the serious business of training? Well, Kayden Gray decides to join in. Once he spots Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris getting friendly on the couch, he joins them and hauls out his monumental uncut cock for them to play with. It’s always an impressive sight and the boys lap it up, treating it with the respect it deserves as they suck it and then take a good pounding. Watch more action at Eurocreme

Zeke Skye, Blake Daniels, Luke Bennett and Jake Brentwood

11Four guys, four cocks and lots of cum… Zeke Skye, Blake Daniels, Luke Bennett and Jake Brentwood are in the backroom, looking for a fuck. Luke is the star of the show, hungry to suck all those boners.

Then he lies on his back on the table, getting fucked raw by Zeke first. With his cum up Luke’s hole, he steps away to let the other two have their turn…

Watch a free clip at Backroom Fuckers

Viktor Rom and Mario Dura

IMG_1281 IMG_1795 IMG_1762

European studs Viktor Rom and Mario Dura, in leather gear, getting naked on stage in this latest Butch Dixon show. Mario’s excited to be with his partner, his fat, uncut cock swelling as Viktor performs for him. Mario goes down on his man’s handsome slab of dark meat, slurping on it like a man possessed. Viktor spins him around and eats out his hairy arsehole, pushing plenty of spit inside to get him lubed up for his dick. As Viktor fucks him, Mario pushes back to take every last inch…

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We enjoy sleazy kink as much as the next man – and there’s plenty of it going on here in this Jalif Studios session. Alex Foxhound and Sergio Mutty are just two of the guys in this celebration of boot licking, foot worship, spit swallowing, pit licking and more. And that all comes before these horny uncut Europeans get into more conventional activities – the sucking of dick and the fucking of ass.

Alexander Gustavo gang fucked

3 14 10

Porn star Alexander Gustavo is shaking his money-maker on stage, winding up the crowd and earning a few bucks. But the audience want more and descend on him en mass. They grope him, suck his boner and bind him in rope as they drag him down. At the mercy of the men, Alexander has a giant butt plug shoved up his ass, endures a flogging and has his mouth fucked with cock after cock… Watch some free clips at Bound in Public

James Castle and Zander Craze

LVP219_02_Zander_Craze_James_Castle_01 LVP219_02_Zander_Craze_James_Castle_03 LVP219_02_Zander_Craze_James_Castle_04

Zander Craze doesn’t hold back. When he likes a guy, he wants it all. And here he finds that with James Castle – a true giant of the European barebacking scene right now. They don’t rush anything – taking their time to enjoy their nakedness, suck dick and eat ass. Zander then takes James’ cock long and deep – before James takes his turn as the bottom. Watch more at Lucas Entertainment

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Rex Cobra and Jin Powers

Gay man’s sexual fantasy number 34: Being fucked by your best straight pal. That’s what Jin Powers has been lusting after and in this story from Nextdoor Ebony he finally gets his chance when buddy Rex Cobra reveals that he’s always wondered what it would be like to stuff his dick in a manhole. Jin doesn’t hesitate and willingly bends over to give Rex his journey of discovery.

JP Dubois and Duncan Black

Over on Fire Island, Duncan Black sees the ‘house boy wanted’ ad in the Pines and heads off to the house to find out more. But the master is not at home and it falls to JP Dubois to give him the update – that the position is no longer available. Duncan, however, refuses to take no for an answer. Somehow that ends up with the pair of them fucking – but then this is gay porn and dubious plotting rarely matters! Watch the full movie at

Trelino and XL

Anyone with a good knowledge of gay porn will know about the vintage movie The Young and the Hung. This clip shown here, featuring Trelino and XL, doesn’t come from that venerable film – but the title is perfectly suited to it. Trelino is the cute youngster, the one with the hole that can seemingly take on any cock that comes to him. And he’ll need that here because XL sure is hung. Great stuff from Raging Stallion

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